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JOCHAMP factory makes a certain big production ability with durable & quality food packaging solution by conducting quality inspection and strict control for the manufacturing process. We have an experienced and professional R&D team with the innovative technology in our equipment. We also dispense great technical support for every client’s needs. Here are some JOCHAMP capabilities and advantage offers:

  • 15 years of professional experience in providing packaging solution
  • With experienced foreign-trade-team and technicians
  • High-quality products, 100% stable, precise, and rugged
  • Provides on-time delivery
  • We can customize your exclusively designed solution

JOCHAMP Food Packaging Machine

Various types of packaging machines depend on the type of food to be packed and depending on the product’s storage life, there are also changes in packaging styles. JOCHAMP food packaging machinery is professionally manufactured in China. Our packaging machine products are certified ISO14001, ISO9001, and CE.

Our focus is to supply food packaging machines with high-end industrial-grade for our customers worldwide. Considering market needs, we have succeeded in a whole series of both semi-auto & automatic packaging machines that combine all packages of product functions. Because of this, our company reaches the high packing efficiency, better product presentation, and labor cost-saving for our food packaging equipment.

Why JOCHAMP Food Packaging Machine


JOCHAMP food packaging machine uses only a small space and provides minimization or elimination of additional equipment.


The material and high-end construction of JOCHAMP food packaging machine will provide and allow long hours of operation.


With JOCHAMP photoelectric switch features, our food packaging machine can able to trace color points and cut them accurately.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Our food packaging machine can be operated by any person through advanced PLC controls. That’s why our machine is easy to operate.

Advantages of Food Packaging Machine

In every food system, the packaging is a very essential part. Some food products are eventually packaged more than once before delivers to every customer. That’s why using food packaging machine are truly a great advantage to every food production company. Food packaging also can cater a various flexible package forms such as:

  • Bags
  • Boxes
  • Cups
  • Trays
  • Cans
  • Pouches
  • Tubes
Strong R&D Strength

Strong R&D Strength

By considering deeply the demands of our customers and improving our current solutions of packaging, we and our professional engineers work hard to develop and gain more progress in terms of advanced technology and continue to provide more intelligent solutions.

With our ongoing innovations and research, maybe soon – our food packaging machine become more automated in terms of feeding systems and may apply some high-technology features like adopting the robotic arms technology system.

Quality Assurance

JOCHAMP can assure a quality food packaging solutions with the following guaranteed standards and ratings such as:

  • High demand and high standards
  • The inspection passing rate of parts is 98%
  • 97% passing rate of product delivery
  • 100% passing rate on manufacturing finished products
  • 99% processing rate of customer feedback
Quality Assurance

Company Capabilities and Services Offers

As a leading manufacturer of packaging solutions, JOCHAMP has many capabilities and services to offer. Here are some of the lists:

  • High-tech enterprises for packaging equipment
  • Repair service and field maintenance
  • Provides video technical supports
  • Commissioning & Training, and field installation
  • Perfect after-sales service

Leading Food Packaging Machine Manufacturer in China

JOCHAMP food packaging machine can be customized to meet the individual needs of our clients. We provide a complete line of food packaging machines for dry food, dry fruit, ice cream, biscuit, bread, coffee, vegetable, and many more. Our automated food packing machine is fabricated from drug-grade, food-grade, and corrosion-resistant materials, including 304 stainless steel. Being a leading manufacturer in China, we aim to provide our clients with hygienic and safe packaging machines.

JOCHAMP is a quality-oriented company in China with over 3000 square meters of manufacturing area. We achieve excellence and adhere to strict quality standards in our series of machinery. Every detail of our machines is meticulously tested by our experienced quality controllers through our modern testing facilities. Additionally, the electrical appliances and accessories of our food packaging machine are imported from the famous brand – Schneider, Omron, Panasonic, Siemens, etc.

JOCHAMP Food Packaging Machine

Optimized Food Packaging Machine

JOCHAMP is offering a fast and reliable packing solution with our food packaging equipment that can manage to package consumables like milk powder, coffee granules, oatmeal, chocolate, and more. With excellent capabilities and an experienced team, we can produce a large quantity of food packaging units annually that pass different certifications and are trusted globally.


Company Highlights

As a professional provider and manufacturer, JOCHAMP invested in management systems and high-end facilities. We can design and create packing machines that exceed the quality performance and clients’ expectations. Here is the main key to the success of our company in providing solutions for packaging machinery:

  • Management System – the management system with the integration of innovative Chinese technology let us produce a large quantity of packaging machine yearly.
  • Factory – we have a 3000 sq meter area for manufacturing our packaging machinery and are CE certified in producing high-class packing machines.
  • Talents – almost 100% of our staff has 20 years of experience in the packing industry.

Why Choose JOCHAMP Food Packaging Machine

Food Packaging Machine in Various Industries

Different food industries need food packaging equipment, we highly recommend to used our food packaging machine to achieve efficiency, packaging quality, and cost savings. Our food packaging machines are:

  • Can fit in every production environment
  • Provides lower production cost
  • Offers customized packing system
Food Packaging Machine for Contract Packing Industries

The packaging versatility and flexibility are the features that a contract packager’s focusing on. JOCHAMP food packaging machines will help the different food industries to meet their different packaging needs and pursue market space. JOCHAMP can provide every contract packing industries the following.

  • High-Efficiency Packaging Machine
  • Multifunctional Packaging Machine
  • Flexible Packing Machine
Materials and Customers

JOCHAMP follows a strict screening process for its raw material. We need to maintain the consistency of the quality of our processed parts, electrical components, sheet metals, and other materials. We also conduct strict sourcing when using 304-grade stainless steel to ensure a food-grade type of packaging machines.

We ensure a steady supply of food packaging machine solutions to ensure a long-lasting and strong partnership with our customers worldwide. JOCHAMP also strives for the best service as long as possible and we truly valued every customer.

JOCHAMP – Your Leading Provider of Food Packaging Machine

JOCHAMP is a retailer, wholesale trader, importer, and exporter of food packaging machines. We have reached the catering expertise and we customized the specifications of the food packaging solutions to provide a fulfillment feeling for our clients.

  • The food packaging equipment of JOCHAMP is very flexible, it can cater to packaging different kinds of goods without using another machine.

  • The packaging machine from JOCHAMP is easy to operate and easy to maintain. Thank you for the wonderful machine.

  • In our production company of candies, we use the packaging machine of JOCHAMP without any trouble even for long continuous packaging operations.

What is the common equipment needed for packaging?

There are various types of packaging machines, but the most common are the following:

  • Pallet Wrappers
  • Sealers
  • Shrink Tunnels
  • Carded Packaging Machines
  • Case Erector
  • Seal Machines
What are the Main Types of Packaging?

There are 4 main different types of packaging methods, this includes:

  • Flexible Packaging
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Pharma Packaging
  • Anti-Corrosive packaging
What are the Benefits of Using Food Packaging Machines?

Aside from packaging purposes and maximizing the production output, food packaging machines also can give the following important functions:

  • Protection and preservation of food products
  • Food waste reduction and containment
  • Provides marketing information by its label
  • Provides traceability function
  • Tamper Indications
  • Other Functions
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