Custom Shrink Wrap Machine Supplier in China

JOCHAMP manufactures a shrink wrap machine that is perfect for the industrial packaging of non-food and food products. We can customize each machine upon request.

  • Offers perfect shrinkage
  • Offers high efficiency and accuracy for packaging
  • Provides firm sealing
  • Offers a one-stop solution for your shrink wrap needs

Customized Shrink Wrap Machine Solution for Your Business

JOCHAMP offers a one-stop shrink wrap machine solution in a complete range of sizes. Among our machines are entirely and semi automatic shrink wrap machines. We manufacture these machines with advanced features such as shrink delay, high-speed sealing time, adjustable temperature, magnetic hold down, and more.

It can use a wide range of shrink films such as PVC, PP, polyethylene, Polyolefin, and more. It comes with a compact structure to fit tight spaces. We designed shrink wrapping machines that can be easily installed in your production area. JOCHAMP also has engineers to customize shrink wrap machines according to your needs.

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Why Choose JOCHAMP Shrink Wrap Machine

Customized Solution
Customized Solution

We can manufacture shrink wrap machines according to your specifications and requirements. JOCHAMP has a qualified R&D team to provide you with customized solutions.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Here in JOCHAMP, we implement up to 36 quality control processes for shrink wrap machine production. We are equipped with complete testing and raw material inspection.

Fully Certified
Fully Certified

All our shrink wrap machines are manufactured in adherence to different international quality standards such as cGMP, ISO9001, SGS, CE, and more to ensure quality.

Excellent Services
Excellent Services

JOCHAMP can provide you with excellent after-sales services, warranty, quick-wear parts, and more services upon your purchase of shrink wrap machines from us.

How Does a Shrink Wrap Machine Work?

Shrink wrapping machines functions by applying the shrink wrap with heat through its integration with heat source and sealers. This machine works by closing the shrink film’s open ends. The shrink film shrinks down to the product by applying heat.

Heat guns are also used as the heat source for the low output operation of shrink wrap machines.  If you are looking for a shrink wrap machine for your business, don’t hesitate to choose JOCHAMP as your supplier. We offer to shrink wrap machines available in different sizes and types. Low to medium operations and fully automated machines are available.

High-Speed Shrink Wrapper Capability

Different Types of Shrink Wrap Machine Sealers

L-Bar Sealers. These sealers are used for efficient and simple sealing of centerfold shrink film. It is mostly used for manual shrink wrap machines.

I-Bar Sealers. These are primarily used for shrink tubing and shrink bags. It is equipped with all necessary accessories for shrink-wrapping different products.

Foot Sealers. Foot sealers are used for wrapping shrink polybags at a very fast speed.

Features of Our Shrink Wrap Machines

JOCHAMP manufactures shrink wrap machines that are equipped with optimal features such as the following:

  • Welded heavy-duty construction
  • Speed modulation programming
  • Tool-free changeover
  • Repeatability and high-speed accuracy
  • High-speed performance
  • Smooth operation
  • Low height film rack
  • Offers maximum control and precision
Different Types of Shrink Wrap Machine Sealers

Your Trusted Shrink Wrap Machine Manufacturer in China

Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine Performance

JOCHAMP offers a wide range of shrink wrap machines that are ideal for packaging full pallet loads or small items. It comes with different components such as unrolling device, hot air blower, safety stand, and more. These machines are suitable for different film options such as polyolefin, polyethylene, and more in a variety of thicknesses.

Here in JOCHAMP, we can design a shrink wrap machine according to your specific details. Fully automated machines are also available for heavy-duty applications. JOCHAMP is a trusted manufacturer for more than 12 years. All our machines are certified by international standards such as SGS, cGMP, ISO9001, CE, and more.

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If you purchase a shrink wrap machine at JOCHAMP, we can provide you with the following options:

  • Rotary top seal
  • Customized infeed for different applications
  • Roll film centerfold (single or dual)
  • Powered product bypass

All our shrink wrap machines are suitable for a wide range of films such as:

  • Flat or centerfold films
  • Polyolefin (45-90 gauge)
  • Low-density polyethylene (1-3 mil)

Different Types of Shrink Wrap Machine Tunnel

Hot Air Shrink Tunnel

It is the most common shrinking device used in a shrink wrap machine.

  • Filming the product uses hot air
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Offers wide range settings of for temperature
Steam Shrink Tunnel

This tunnel used in a shrink wrap machine offers advantageous features such as:

  • Controllable heating
  • Uniform heating
  • Can be used for shrink-wrapping products with different shapes
Infrared Shrink Tunnel

It is a shrink wrap tunnel that utilizes heat through heat bulbs.

  • Consistent and fast results
  • Offers uniform heat level
  • It also provides low noise operations
Your Reliable Shrink Wrap Machine Source from China

JOCHAMP is a world-leading shrink wrap machine manufacturer that offers consistent durability, innovation, and engineering. We also offer technical support from our expert technical team. You can assure lifetime after-sales support and quality assurance.

  • “Thank you, JOCHAMP for the high-quality shrink wrap machine. My business has increased efficiency since I have purchased your machines.”

  • “JOCHAMP has been my no.1 supplier of shrink wrap machines for almost three years. They never failed to provide us high-quality and electricity-saving machine.

  • “JOCHAMP has been my no.1 supplier of shrink wrap machines for almost three years. They never failed to provide us with high-quality electricity-saving machines.

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