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Jochamp Machinery is a top Cartoning Machine manufacturer in China. Our cartoning machines are favored in the market for their high cost performance, flexibility, superior quality, and user-friendly operation.

  • User-Friendly: Easy operation.
  • Strong Design: Reliable and efficient.
  • CE Certified: Ensures safety standards compliance.
  • Global Experience: Expertise in export and after-sales support.
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Leading Innovation Since 2005

Since 2005, Jochamp has been a pioneer in cartoning machine innovation. We started with the release of our first independently developed semi-automatic cartoning machine and have since continued to innovate. Our product line now includes fully automatic cartoning machines, vertical cartoning machines, horizontal cartoning machines, high-speed cartoning machines, and the Case Packer series.

Jochamp’s products are meticulously designed to meet a wide range of production needs and expand the application scope of cartoning machines. Our diverse models cater to different carton structures, product forms, production scales, and more.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to explore our comprehensive range of solutions tailored to optimize your production processes!

Explore Our Cartoning Machine Types

Automatic Cartoning Machine

This cartoning machine loads products from the side of the carton and is typically suitable for solid, regularly shaped products.

An intermittent cartoning machine with products placed on the head, more suitable for scattered products, such as washing powder, candy, milk powder, fasteners, etc.

High Speed Cartoning Machine

A continuous running horizontal cartoning machine with fast speed and stable operation, which is more suitable for medium and large production enterprises.

Also known as a one-piece carton packaging machine. It is suitable for multi-pack carton packaging, yogurt, instant noodles, beer, etc.

Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine

The lowest cost cartoning machine. It uses manual loading of products. It is mostly used in small factories or laboratories.

Products are loaded by flexible robots, offering product positioning, defect product removal and lower requirements for production line docking.

Cartoning Machine Application (3)

  • This Blister Cartoning Machine is an automated packaging system used to secure small items such as capsules, tablets, patches, and candies in boxes. It features an assembly line and a forming machine, and can automatically perform operations such as collecting, transporting, boxing, bonding, filling, sealing, printing, and forming. The machine is also capable of packaging items of various sizes and shapes with the help of a mold change.

  • Vial Cartoning Machine

    This Vial Cartoning Machine is an advanced automatic pharmaceutical packaging machinery designed to apply 124 vial cartoning with structural replacement and adaptive customization. At the front end, it can be connected to a turntable bottle feeding system or directly connected to labeling machines, filling machines, and other equipment as part of a production line. Its advanced features and customization options make it perfect for efficient and accurate packaging results.

  • Food Cartoning Machine2

    This Food Cartoning Machine is designed with an enlarged body and relaytype carton suction for stability and accuracy. It is equipped with components for operating in cold storage, and all body and contact surfaces are foodgrade. The machine can accurately complete operations such as collecting, transporting, boxing, bonding, filling, sealing, printing and forming. It can also automatically package items of various sizes and shapes with mold changes.

JOCHAMP Cartoning Machine Advantages

Safety Features
Safety Features

Safety doors and guards, as well as door safety switches, are installed on the cartoning machine. Pinch points and electrical hazard spots are clearly defined.


Hand wheels, fast-release handles, and ruler tapes are available at all adjustment locations for perfect positioning. Excellent quality is your best choice and your next choice.

Outstanding Quality
Outstanding Quality

The cartoning machine has a heavy-duty, sturdy structure and high-performance pneumatic components. And every enhancement should be thoroughly examined. 

Customer Focus
Customer Focus

JOCHAMP customizes to the most suitable for each customer requirements or application. And personalized support for the mechanical structure of different cartons.

Cartoning Machine Purpose

JOCHAMP cartoning machines are a particular sort of packaging machine. It is only used to form cartons. A cartoning machine creates cartons that stand upright, close, fold, side-seal, and finally seal. According to the position in which the carton is fed through the machine, cartoning machines are classified as either horizontal or vertical.

  • Vertical cartooning machines: On vertical cartoning machines, the carton is fed vertically through the machine, and the product is put in either manually or automatically, usually from the top.
  • Horizontal cartoning machines: The product is introduced from the side of the box on horizontal cartoning machines. These cartons can work in continuous or intermittent mode, with automatic lateral loading of the product into the carton and hot-melt application or flap insertion for end closure.

JOCHAMP Cartoning Machine Characteristic

  • The machine runs smoothly and easily switches between different carton sizes.
  • Setup parameters quickly and conveniently with the intelligent touch interactive system.
  • A transparent lid allows for easy monitoring of the machine’s status.
  • All the motors are servo motors that accurately control each step of the cartoning process.
  • High-resolution display of speed, quantity, and machine status; maintenance program built-in.
  • The use of high-quality core parts ensures that the machine runs smoothly.
  • One machine can handle a variety of box sizes.
  • Switch between manual and automatic modes.
  • Batch No, production date, and valid date printing device.

Cartoning Machine Operation Procedure

Feeding, constructing, and folding cartons: The carton blanks are gripped and erected from the feed column, with some flaps folded to close one edge or tucked in.

Loading of products: The product or items are loaded into the erected carton blanks from the carton opening side.

Closing of filled cartons: At the machine closing step, the carton flaps are closed and/or closed after filling.

Why Choose JOCHAMP for Your Cartoning Machine

JOCAHMP is the leading manufacturer of cartoning machines. It is made of good quality materials. The machines provide high-performance and deliver excellent output. We produced it in accordance with the most recent requirements of the cartoning industry.

With over 15 years of expertise, JOCHAMP is the premier cartoning machine manufacturer, providing complete packaging solutions.  A simple but powerful industrial control system controls the cartoning machine. The integrated control is more user-friendly, and the defect is the visible and simple maintenance. Contact us with your request, whether it’s for your packing company or a project.

When selecting a cartoning machine, the following features should be examined:

  • The productivity of the cartoning machine
  • Speed 
  • Travel Range
  • Dimensions
  • Power and air pressure requirements
  • Material specifications
  • Level of automation

Below are some cartoning machine advantages of JOCHAMP that we list such as:

  • Support customized to the mechanical structure of various cartons.
  • Excellent quality at a reasonable price.
  • Standard cartoning machines are available from stock, and customized machines can be provided in as little as 15 days.
  • Free packing sample test.
  • Quality assurance for one year and lifetime after-sales service.
  • A one-stop source for cartoning machine solutions.
  • An advanced overload protection system to minimize failure loss and improve safety.

JOCHAMP Cartoning Machine for a Wide Range of Industries

Cartoning for Foods

The cartoning machine is a common device for packing food products into cartons. Foods will be packed into a plastic bag first, then fed into the box by the single pack or multi-pack as a secondary packaging process.

Cartoning for Pharmaceutical

In the pharmaceutical sector, capsules and tablets were initially packed. Then it will be sold singly or in a group, with the leaflet placed into the carton box. The cartoning machine series can be used independently or in conjunction with the blister packing machine. Typically, an automatic feeder is used, which allows the control panel to directly manage the feeding volumes. 

Cartoning for Cosmetic

Cartoning machines are often used to pack cosmetics into paper cartons. Face masks, lotion jars or bottles, tubes, vials, and many more. Using the equipment can save labor expenses and boost productivity.

Cartoning for Daily Necessities

Cartoning machines are suitable for packing daily needs such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, toys, batteries, and other items into boxes. Tuck-in and glue sealing are the two types of box sealing. As a linkage line, it can be connected to the front production machine, which increases efficiency.

Professional Cartoning Machine Supplier in China

JOCHAMP can offer packaging options for a wide range of items. With our significant knowledge, we can custom-build cartoning equipment to meet the needs of our customers. The cartoning machine uses electrical appliances and accessories of internationally renowned brands, such as SMC, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Siemens, Schneider, etc. Send your Inquiry now.

  • “JOCHAMP has a solution for our demands; they modified our perfect cartoning machine for good quality and production, excellent quality and competitive pricing; we are appreciative of the JOCHAMP services .”

  • “JOCHAMP has a highly professional manufacturer that delivers high-quality cartoning machines for our business, with 304 stainless steel bodies, all-metal surface treatment, greater corrosion resistance and longer life, and have an excellent performance. Thanks, JOCHAMP.”

  • “From concept to design, production, and installation, the JOCHAMP team assisted us with our required cartoning equipment. To reduce failure loss and improve safety, an advanced overload prevention system is used. The excellent work that JOCHAMP did for us was greatly appreciated.”

Cartoning Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing a suitable cartoning machine involves thorough understanding of features, components, specification, working principle and applications, amongst others. In this guide, you will find all information about cartoning machine – keep reading.

What Is Cartoning Machine?

A cartoning machine is a packaging machine you use to erect, fold, side-seam, close and seal cartons. You use this machine to convert a carton blank into a case, fill it with product and seal both ends.

The machine inserts the product into a carton’s open end before sealing flaps by tucking or applying adhesive.  An automatic cartoning equipment finds use across different industries for packaging purposes.

cartoning machine

Types Of Cartoning Machines

You find the following types of cartoning machines:

Vertical Cartoning Machine

Here, you feed the carton vertically through the machine, manually or automatically placing the product, usually over the top.

Vertical cartoners are ideal for packaging products presented by volume or weight and gravity supplied such as rice.

JCZ-130 Automatic cartoning machine

vertical cartoning machine

Automatic Cartoning Machine

The design of an automatic Cartoner machine seeks to minimize the need for human intervention.

Some of the automated processes in an automatic cartoning machine include: erection, folding, loading, closing, stamping and printing of the cartons.

Additionally, the automatic cartoning machine’s control unit is exclusively responsible for controlling, managing, and regulating all packaging processes.

The machine can also inspect the carton’s integrity after the procedure and determine the damage level.

Automatic Cartoning Machine

automatic cartoning machine

Continuous Motion Cartoning Machine

Continuous motion cartoning machines are high-speed cartoning machines that execute high-speed production processes.

You find their use common for standard shaped and solid inventories that do not necessitate special treatment.

Guide rails and conveyors drive the chain process enabling for the sequential execution of every packaging process.

continous motion cartooning machine

Horizontal Cartoning Machine

In a horizontal cartoner, you introduce the product is introduced from the carton’s side.

You can work this machine both continuously and intermittently.

You can also execute automatic lateral product loading and flap insertion or hot-melt application for closing the ends.

Use of this machine is common in packaging food items like cakes and pizzas.

horizontal cartoning machine

Semi-automatic Cartoning Machine

A semi-automatic cartoning equipment lacks an automatic infeed system, which makes operations easier, thus reducing throughput and production speed.

Additionally, with this machine, to make production effective, you require a large number of operators.

It contains design elements that let it to handle blister packs, bottles, sachets, tubes and pouches cartoning.

Some advanced designs allow you to include other items like: carton magazines, box conveyors and automated folding.

Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine

semi automatic cartoning machine

Intermittent Cartoning Machine

Intermittent automatic cartoning machines are such that they halt operation to allow the boxing cycle to complete.

As a result, you find these machines up to 150 times slower than continuous motion cartoning machines.

You pack products in cartons laterally with the intermittent cartoning machine, before sealing them with hot-melt glue or a lock fastener.

A synchronized mechanical or electronic device controls product insertion.

intermittent cartoning mavhine

What Are Cartons Made Of?

The main component of cartons is carton-board, which is a semi-flexible paper composed of wood-based fiber layers.

Carton-board is heavier and sturdier compared to paper, but lighter than stiff, heavyweight board employed for cases.

You find an impermeable laminate added to drink/beverage cartons. You can add a pre-cut opening with a see-through laminate when the product needs to be seen.

Applications Of Cartoning Machine

You find cartoning machines useful in the following instances:

Food Industry

How you package food matters with quality and hygiene, in addition to product display being the most important aspects.

Additionally, the design of most food cartoning machines is such that it emphasizes on tender product handling during loading. Also important is maintaining the box’s integrity and shape.

The following are some of the areas where you employ cartoning machines in food packaging:

Grain And Seed Packaging.

You find both vertical and horizontal cartoning machines suitable in packaging seeds and other grains. When feeding product in entirety, you can achieve bulk filling or pre-packaging.

Pastries And Biscuits Packaging

Packaging food in cartons is appropriate as they maintain no moisture inside.

You can employ a horizontal cartoning machine due to its reliable and safe packaging approach.

biscuit packaging

Packaging Ingredients And Ready Meals

A vertical cartoning machine is sufficient in packaging ready meals such as fast foods or ingredients.

You can employ trays to form compartments such as a cardboard sleeve allowing lateral loading of products.

Sweet And Chocolate Packaging

You find packaging more expensive and of greater quality in the case of sweets and chocolate due to prestige. Additionally, these cartons’ artwork and forms contribute to their luxury appearance.

Pharmaceutical Industry

You apply cartoning machines in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for packaging bottles, capsules, blisters, blisters, vials, sachets, and blisters.

pharmaceutical packaging

pharmaceutical packaging

Advantages Of Cartoning Machine To Your Business

There are numerous advantages to adapting and using a cartoning machine. Some of the reasons why you need a cartoning machine are:

Handle A Wide Range Of Products

You find cartoning machines can handle multiple tasks such as packaging toothpaste and toothbrushes, in a single package, for instance.

Product Protection and Transport Ease

A carton secures its contents and given their regular shape, they are ideal for bulk packaging for transit purposes.

Tamper Proof

You can protect items from interference and adulteration by using a cartoning machine which also prevents tampering.

The distinctive sealing executed by cartoning machinery can help determine any tampering efforts.

Time Saving

When it comes to packaging, high volume production processes are prone to time wastage when manually done.

However, using a cartoning machine fastens the process achieving a high throughput while minimizing labour input.

Unlike humans, machines do not tire, thus production continues for longer periods without breaks resulting in higher output.

Parts Of Cartoner Machine

You find cartoning machines are an assemblage of devices including electrical and mechanical components. You find these components set up such that they can effectively generate and/or transform the system’s mechanical energy.

The main parts of a cartoning machine are:

Control Panel

The control panel allows you to manage and regulate the production process of a cartoning machine.

You find modern machines combining the frequency converter, PLC and HMI allowing an operator to instruct or cancel actions.

Using the HMI, you can alter the production process parameters to attain a desired outcome within a specified time frame. Aside from managing the machine, the control panel can notify you if any other sections of the machine fail.

Electric Panel And Motors

The electric panel is the central nervous system of the cartoning machine which also powers the pneumatic system.

Having a schematic diagram for a cartoning machine’s electrical components is handy in case of an electrical failure.

Motors are exclusively responsible for all movements generated by the machine when in operation.

Automatic Lubrication System

Consistent lubrication influences the longevity of bearings, gears and belts with performance effectiveness of the moving parts down to adequate greasing.

Factors such as high temperatures, moisture, humidity, and contamination, reduce the usefulness of gears, belts and bearings.

Failing to lubricate your cartoning machine parts may negatively influence performance, maintenance costs and schedules.

Pneumatic System & Cartoning Pack Tooling

When picking blank cartons to commence the cartoning process, the pneumatic system’s vacuum suction is essential.

Other components flow in order from the feeding chambers with the leaf folder connected to the conveyor before carton sealing.


Usually an ink-jet printer, it allows you to provide relevant information regarding the contents in a carton.

Such information includes: the manufacture and expiry or best before dates, batch number, conformed standards and certifications, etc.

Safety System

You need to be cautious when using any machine including the cartoning machine. An important safety feature on this and any machine is the emergency button.

Also, you find these buttons at intervals along the machine for convenience of reach in the event of an emergency.

You should press the emergency button when you notice strange sounds or unwanted motion emerging from the machine.

Pressing the button cuts the machine’s power supply preventing disaster or losses as a result.

Another precaution to take is to ensure that the cartoning machine’s electrical circuit is properly earthed and grounded.

You prevent incidences if shocking derived from the machine’s body which are unpleasant and potentially fatal.

Carton Chute, Conveyors, Guide Rail And Rollers

Conveyors connect to the rollers to facilitate movement of cartons deriving motion ability from running motors that.

You note that these motors connect to a gearbox that controls the motors’ speed.

The carton proceeds to the next phase after product packaging making this process critical. Meanwhile, the guide rail directs the carton along the conveyer runway.

How Cartoning Machine Works

You can break down the working of a cartoning machine as follows:

i. Gearing System

When you power the motors, a mechanical movement occurs at the primary drive.

It then transmits it to additional gearing components by the gearing axis, threaded shafts, and support axis.

While dependent on the machine design, it causes a reciprocating action in the machine’s central part.

Along the chain process, you observe communication and intermission movements by the carton chain.

ii. Blank Carton Section

A carton suction process unloads the blank cartons stored in the storeroom. The sucker also absorbs broken carton or those blocked between the blank carton suction point and the storeroom.

iii. Feeding Mechanism

The feeding mechanism varies with a turntable finding use in positioning items onto a conveyor in bottle cartoning, for example..

The goal of a feeding mechanism is to connect to a feeding screw or the carton tooling machine.

The cartoning machine’s three entrances transport all materials to the feeding structure, which includes a material feeder and a feeding tank.

iv. Folding Mechanism

As the leaflet conveyor runs, the leaflet folder forms up the leaflet. Thereafter, you have stacking, paper separation, and suction adjustment.

You place a paper piece on the feed-table, and set the machine-wheel to position.

This causes the suction nozzle to rise to peak position in the adjustment of the stacker.

Setting the suction nozzle to the highest position allows easy carton access to the blank’s bottom. This leaves a space between the remnant stack and the picked paper.

v. Product Insertion

At this stage, the machine fits the items into the carton boxes. The feed mechanism accepts products before transferring them to the base where insertion occurs.

vi. Carton Sealing

Here, you find a tongue (tiny and large) carton closing device.

The tiny tongue consists a folding pad and box guide, and positioned on both conveyor sides.

When running the carton on the box track, it can only happen for a specified range.

The paddles derive power from the close device, which duplicates movement at a set angle range.

The large tongue derives motion from a pair of revolving cranks that flatten the plate resulting in folding, tongue, and sealing.

You note another printing process that assigns date stamps, texts, environmental protection labels, among others.

vii. Chute

A pressurized arm at the carton chute aids in the ejection of packed cartons. Furthermore, when the carton’s integrity falters, the action cover labels the carton as accepted or rejected.

Features Of Carton Packaging Machine

You identify the following features of a carton packaging machine:

i. A cartoning machine can detect cartons of different sizes within a defined range without the need for parts replacement.

You find this feasible by the system’s simple adjustability.

ii. The machine contains sensors that guides the operation with automatic stopping capability. Instances where the machine can stop are:

  • When there’s little or no load.
  • When the suck leaflet is absent for an extended period.
  • When compressed air is low or you there’s a negative vacuum pressure.
  • Also present with this machine are photoelectric monitoring and detecting systems for overload protection and machine failure detection.

This system can also execute a system diagnosis to discover and resolve issues.

iii. The cartoning machine has a comprehensive servo system as well as a synchronous belt drive system devoid of lubrication.

iv. The cartoning packaging machine contains PLC system with a human machine interface for seamless operation.

Using this system, you can automatically set your parameters including speed and count.

v. You find this machine with a servo motor that’s adjustable, useful in material feeding and carton packaging.

Carton Packing Machine Vs Case Packer Machine

A cartoning packing machine creates and erects cartons for use in the packaging of items or products in a production line.

The main component of cartons is carton-board, which is a semi-flexible paper composed of wood-based fiber layers.

A case packer machine packages items into a case which is considerable larger than a carton. A case employs strong corrugated board that is heavier and rigid than carton’s cardboard paper.

Usually, you pre-form a case before using a case packer machine. You can package several cartons into a case thus finding use in transportation of goods.

Carton Packaging Machine Maintenance Process

Maintaining your carton packaging machines is essential in reducing downtime and ensuring your equipment runs at peak performance for years.

You can follow these maintenance actions on a recurring cycle based on your needs:

  • Inspect filters and, if necessary, replace them.
  • Inspect for wear, and clean hot melt hoses and tanks.
  • Clean hoses and nozzles, replacing them where necessary.
  • Before employing a new hot melt adhesive, clean and drain the carton gluer by running a cleaning solvent.
Closing Techniques In Cartoner Machine

When closing cartons, you note that there are different applicable criteria plausible with a cartoning machine. The following are the most common carton closing procedures for cartoning machines:

i. Tuck-in Closure

The tuck-in closure makes use of the carton’s flaps to create a long-lasting closure. With friction fit or shore locking, the flap sticks. You can find the tucks on the carton’s panel one or two.

ii. Closure with Hot Glue

This method includes applying hot glue to the carton’s flaps to form a permanent closure. Hot glue closures finds use on boxes containing heavier contents at the base.

iii. Combined Tuck-In and Hot Glue Closure

Combining both the tuck-in closure and use of hot glue serves to strengthen the carton.

You can find a carton with hot glue closure employed for the carton sides and bottom.

Consequently, the tuck-in technique finds use at the top making opening and closing of the carton easier.

Troubleshooting Carton Packaging Machine

While operating a cartoning machine, you may encounter several difficulties. Here are some of these issues and how you can solve them.

i. Aging Suckers

Solution: A replacement exercise is necessary.

ii. Limitation in the machine’s speed at the lowest manual setting.

Solution: Improve the design of the drugging board, allowing easier speed adjustment.

iii. At the carton magazine infeed you have flat blanks drawn.

Solution: A photoelectric sensor helps you detect and describe the kind of malfunctions you are experiencing with the equipment.

iv. Vacuum suction in an inconvenient location.

Solution: You should remove the vacuum system and reconfigure it appropriately.

v. Machine instability after extended high speed runs.

Solution: Employ servo systems to ensure that the machines work smoothly.

vi. The carton storage space not properly adjusted.

Solution: After stopping the machine, make any adjustments to the storage area to ensure appropriate carton delivery.

vii. Carton malfunction resulting from sucker tubing blockage or leakage of air.

Solution: You can carry an unblocking exercise or replace the tubing.

viii. Carton blanks that are inseparable.

Solution: Stop the machine and replace the inseparable carton blanks with superior ones.

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