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JOCHAMP specializes in manufacturing advanced packaging and sealing machines, including case sealers. We made them with sturdy and thick frames, last for a long time, and have maximized noise. Our complete manufacturing equipment ensures smooth sealing effects and stronger corrosion resistance.

  • Designed with durable motor
  • It comes with adjustable chassis
  • High wear-resistant belt
  • CE, ISO9001, and SGS certified approved

JOCHAMP Case Sealer

Seals produced by automatic carton sealers are incomparably more excellent quality than those made by hand alone. Putting tape on boxes by hand takes time and material waste. And does not guarantee a secure closure that will remain intact throughout the entirety of the supply chain. The frequently repeated actions that your staff does have the potential to result in strain injuries.

Square boxes are easier to pack, pile, and preserve. If the cases aren’t straight, they can’t be stacked well and are more likely to get crushed, hurting the product during shipping. Cases sealers lock in good shape to protect the time and money you put into making a square case and packing it well.

No doubt utilizing either a fully automatic case sealer or a semi-automatic carton sealer will benefit your business in the long run. It allows you to increase production, save money, cut down on material waste, safeguard staff, and other benefits. Get in touch with us right now to find out more!

Case Sealer Benefits

Increased Productivity
Increases Productivity

Having an efficient case sealer machine indeed increases productivity. JOCHAMP designs the mentioned machine that doubles the edges gauges. That decreases broken risks and increases the relative energy required for breaking the tapes.

Saves Materials
Saves Materials

Packaging processes that save materials reduce environmental footprints and costs. Increased and secured seal strength can consume about 72mm tape wide for typical applications. Using these machines for case sealing can save about 26% of materials. 

Easy to Set Up
Easy to Set Up

JOCHAMP manufactures case sealing machines that are easy to install and set up. They have an easy switch plug to start the sealing product processes. These machines come with casters that provide greater mobility and reduce extra operator training.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

JOCHAMP designs case sealing machines with solid features with only a few wearable parts, including knives, drive belts, springs, and rollers. They are also accessible on our spare component kits with manuals for repair directions.

Case Sealing Machine Types

JOCHAMP manufactures and customizes your requested case sealing machines. Below defines some of the types you may need for your warehouses or production factories.

  • Fully Automatic Case Sealer

-Uniform: Constantly moves the boxes of the exact sizes and doesn’t require an operator for folding flaps.
-Random: Starts and runs the boxes in random sizes. Setting up and folding flaps operators are not required.

  • Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

-Uniform: It requires a worker to fold box flaps and then place the packed items in the machine. It seals the case both at the bottom and top. It also runs the case with the same sizes continuously.
-Random: This case sealer type is designed with automatic height and weight adjustments. An operator supports the sealing processes. Plus, it also seals the box or case the top and bottom.

Case Sealer 2

Case Sealer Key Features

JOCHAMP case sealing machines’ typical features include the following:

  • Major flap control: The high-quality case sealers require a mechanism to control significant flaps. JOCHAMP made them with standardized materials to prevent damage cases.
  • Touch screen control: It helps increase work efficiency. This modernized feature delivers satisfaction for automatic system controls. They are placed at the proper fingertips.
  • Guard doors: This guard door has full-length with secured switches. It provides the operator’s safety when stopping the machine in full access.
  • Seals’ tape head: JOCHAMP designs the case sealer with easy tilt tape heads. It supports superior removal and access processes.
    Spring-loaded side belts: This machine feature helps achieve a precise amount of grip. It allows the width variances case range all over the required production run.

Case Sealer Buying Factors

Consider the following factors when purchasing a suitable case sealer for business.

  • Case size: Check all case sizes you utilized, from small to large. Make sure you buy a case sealer that suits all your used sizes.
  • Case weight: Find a sealing machine that can handle your case weight capacity. You can consider your products’ weight and industry necessities.
  • Types of cases: Think about your product cases; they may have different sizes. Random type is advised if you seal different case sizes, while the uniform one is ideal if sizes are all the same.
  • Sealing Environment: You can also choose a suitable case sealer, depending on the working environment. The stainless steel case sealer is ideal for working in a high-humidity environment. And enameled steel is perfect for typical sealing surroundings.
  • Production Volume: Make sure you have case sealers to seal 150 or more cases per day. You can also check the maximum volume to improve your production.

Why Choose JOCHAMP Case Sealer

Case Sealer 4
Your Trusted Hot Melt Case Sealer Supplier1

Too much work is one of the worst challenges a business can have. Business owners can improve a company’s efficiency and throughput by automating some of their warehouse’s tedious and time-consuming duties. It allows team members to focus on the essential tasks that demand additional attention or participation. Carton sealing is an excellent example of this concept.

A case sealer is a piece of packaging equipment that is not overly complicated in its operation. During the application, it transports a case or box through a conveyor and then through two cartridges. A tape dispenser occupies one of them. The tape is then applied to your item by the cartridges as it travels down the line, doing away with the necessity for any manual tape application.

As an alternative to personally taping each box before shipping it out, you may have your employees do something else. Workers can enlist the assistance of an automatic case sealer, which completes the task in a more timely and accurate manner. The first step in achieving this goal is to select an appropriate case sealer. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

JOCHAMP - Your Expert Case Sealer Manufacturer in China

Case Sealer 6

The following are some of the reasons that will assist your company in being more effective, operating more securely, reducing expenses, and maximizing profits.

  • Improved packaging
  • Improve product safety
  • Reduce product damage
  • Reduce workplace accidents and downtime:
  • Reduce workers’ compensation premiums
  • Remove inconsistent tape lengths and positions
Case Sealer 7

Daily, businesses are under growing demands to accomplish sustainability objectives and generate better revenue. Decreasing packing materials may have a substantial impact, especially for those that ship in large quantities. In addition to seeking equipment that assists in achieving their sustainability objectives, many businesses also want efficient, dependable, and adaptable equipment.

The JOCHAMP case sealer, with its Total Control System, can provide flawlessly squared and sealed items despite the fragile corrugate and case manufacturing differences.

Custom Case Sealer for Various Industry

Food and Beverages

The automatic case sealer machines are in-demand in the food and beverage fields industry. They seal the packaging of various food products. These machines transfer the packed goods into the conveyors that reconfigure and deposit the case into a second belt. Using these machines, your business food and beverage products maintain packaging stability and hygiene.

Medical Production

JOCHAMP ensures the built-in modular steel structure with corrosion resistance and lightweight, heavy-duty case sealers for medical products. Different case sealer types are ideal for this industry, including the uniform for the same case packaging sizes and the random one for various pharmaceutical packaging dimensions. Using these advanced machines enhances medicinal productivity.

Machine & Hardware

The machine and hardware industry use case sealers to transfer goods efficiently and achieves secured sealing solutions. Various packaging processes are performed for this industry, including shrink wrapping, skin wrapping, case sealing, stretch wrapping, etc. This heavy-duty machine indeed lessens material costs and operator injuries.

Textile Production Industry

JOCHAMP manufactures flexible versions of case sealing machinery that seal the huge textile boxes. This machine utilizes gummed paper, hot melt glue, or adhesive tapes. We supply well-established and high-quality case sealing machines that represent the long-term business investment. Multiple models are available to suit the cases’ sizes and capacity.

Commodity Industry

Having a specific model of case sealer machines for raw materials optimizes power consumption. They are in demand for sealing the goods with high efficiency, low investment cost, and easy operation. JOCHAMP assures fast and convenient case sealing processes, which improves productivity.

Case Sealer Supplier
JOCHAMP - Your Global Case Sealer Supplier

Over more than a year of working in this sector, JOCHAMP has developed and manufactured a comprehensive packaging solution for various applications, including case sealers. The use of our machinery results in higher production levels, enhanced aesthetic packaging appeal, decreased waste, and increased revenue.

  • “Whatever our requirements, JOCHAMP has a solution. Their skilled engineers have developed specialized packaging solutions, including case sealers. In addition, they may create packaging solutions based on our specifications.”

  • “The JOCHAMP crew aids us with everything from project conception to the design, production, new case sealer installation, and the necessary after-sale services. The excellent work that JOCHAMP did for us was very much appreciated.”

  • “JOCHAMP is outfitted with a highly professional marketing and after-sales staff that supplies high-quality automated case sealing machinery for our company and robust technical support and prompt after-sales service. A big thanks to the whole crew!”

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