Packaging Machine FAQs

General Questions

Do you accept customization?

Yes, we can customize solutions according to your exact requirements.

What payment do you accept?

We accept 30% T/T deposit before production and 70% T/T balance before shipment. Of course, we accept your available payment type, and it can be discussed according to the special incoterms conditions, such as EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR.

What information does the quotation require?

Some of the basic information we need is what product do you need to pack what are their dimensions. Additionally, we would need to know the type of packaging you need, the desired output, and area available for our machinery.

Do you provide overseas after-sales services? Is it free or extra?
  1. For technical training on adjustment and operation of the equipment abroad, the seller shall send technicians to the buyer’s factory while the buyer shall be charged for such service cost including round-air ticket, boarding & lodgings, visa fee as well as a daily service fee of USD150.00.
  2. For damaged spare parts resulting from quality problems, the seller shall supply the buyer free of charge for replacements within the warranty period. Otherwise, the buyer shall buy parts at their own expense.
What does your after-sale service entail?

For our customers, our machines are very durable and have a 1-year warranty. Some machines provide remote program upgrade services. Also, after-sales services include maintenance, on-site training, and more.

What is a packing machine? What are its benefits?

A packing machine is a machine that completes the commodity packing processes, including mainly automatic filling, bag forming, sealing and coding, and so on. The following related processes include cleaning, stacking, and disassembling. Besides, packing also entails metering and stamping logos. Using this packing machine can improve production rate, as well as alleviate labour intensity to meet large scale production and sanitary demands.

How to choose the most suitable packing machine?
  1. Confirm what products will be packaged
  2. Examine high-cost performance
  3. Choose an experienced packing brand factory with a high-quality guarantee
  4. If you have the plan to visit the factory, try to pay more attention to the whole machine, especially machine details. Machine quality always depends on detail, so better run machine tests with real samples of products.
  5. Examine after-sales services. They should have a good reputation, especially in food production industries. You need to choose a superior after-sales service machine factory.
  6. Do some research about the packing machine that another factory is using.
  7. Try to choose the machine with simple operation and maintenance, but one that also has your required accessories. For instance, a full continuous automatic dosing system can improve the packing rate and decrease labor costs for the long-term development of your company.
What is Jochamp’s advantage compared to other suppliers?
  1. Packing technology experience of 17+ years
  2. Stable performance
  3. Common parts branding, easy for local market purchasing
  4. Professional engineers provide 24/7 after-sales services
  5. Constantly testing equipment
  6. Jochamp has its own technical group keeping track of technical developments and improvements in the market. We are at the top of the Chinese market
What is the production process of the packaging machines or packaging lines?

According to confirmed production lists, the process follows these steps:

  • Machine type development
  • Drawing
  • Spare parts matching
  • Purchasing raw materials
  • Machining
  • Assembling
  • Testing
  • Debugging
  • Testing
  • Machine product filling testing
  • Cleaning
  • Packaging
  • Delivery

What are the delivery time conditions of the packaging machines or packaging lines?

Under normal circumstances, the packaging machine delivery time is within 7-30 days for non-customized machines that are usually available in stock. Customized machines or packaging lines generally ship within 20-60 days. The exact shipping time depends on your destination.

How can customers track their machines?

From assembling to debugging to delivery, we will send related pictures and video for customers to track the production process. We will also update you when our engineers complete the development of special requirements.

Do you provide a set of operation and maintenance instructions?

Some customers buy our machines and would like to set them up independently. For this, we provide a detailed instruction manual and an instructional video. It shows how to wire the machine, and the function of each wire, how to adjust the parameters, and more. If you need, you can also contact us any time.

How to maintain the machine?

Our operating instructions will outline the maintenance methods of each component according to different machines.

Under normal circumstances, we recommend that you check the screws once a week, check the bearings and add lubricating oil every three days, clean the machine and add grease to wheels before getting off work every day, and conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine every month.

Warranty Policy

Our warranty covers only those defects which arise as a result of the normal use of the product, and it does not apply to any:
  • Improper or inadequate maintenance
  • Misuse and mishandling
  • Damage by a wrong voltage use
  • Physical damage (for example, dropping the parts on the floor or into the water, broken case, etc)
What is the repair, exchange & refund policy?

We offer exchanges and refunds only on big defective units—those beyond repair. For buyers’ used machines, we can only support repair services.

Repair: We provide free spare parts (just include the main board and motor) within the warranty period. The buyer should provide serial numbers and photos of defective machines, but the buyer should pay the shipment charges and return the broken parts.

Exchange: If you reported the problem to us in one month upon arrival of the machine, we accept the exchange. The buyer needs to pay for shipping back to our factory via sea freight, as well as the sea freight for the new machine.

Refund: If you reported the problem to us in one week upon the arrival of the machine, we accept the refund, but we only refund you the payment after receiving the returned goods.

What happens when the warranty time is over?

We still offer our repair services to you even when the warranty time is over. This service does not have an expiry date.

How we support you when you purchase our machine for the first time?

If you encounter any problem with our machine, we can offer:

  • User manual in English
  • Operation video
  • 24/7 online support


You can also send your technician to our factory to attend the skill training to operate and maintain your new Jochamp machine.

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