Comprehensive Customer Support

We aim to build long-term relationships. Supporting our customers is a process in which we grow each other.


How Our Services Boost Your Success

High Speed Filling
Fast Delivery

To ensure your continuous output and sales, we promise the shortest lead time of 1 week for regular bag packing equipment.

Quality Assurance
Professional Service

A specialized engineer team with 20+ years of mechanical experience to solve your challenges and speed up your production.

Packaging Efficiency
Efficient Parts Supply

The prompt supply of standard spare parts in 2 days and custom ones in 1 week is ensured by reliable local material resources.

Rapid Response

Immediate response to your demands of packing machine inquiry, fabrication, inspection, and equipment repair.

Installation Instructions and Training

Most packaging machines are very easy to use and come with complete operating instructions.
For simple machines, we tend to provide online help.
If on-site installation is required, we will assign professional engineers to the site to install the packaging machine until the machine runs stably.
In addition, our engineers provide on-site training on machine care and maintenance.

Customized Support

Based on your product, we will adapt the machine to achieve optimum machine performance.

In addition to standard packaging machines, we accept customized orders, packaging machines for docking production lines and complete turnkey automated packaging projects.


Fast Response

We attach great importance to your pre-sales consultation.
For this link, we will arrange a very professional technical sales to respond quickly, which will help your project to advance quickly.
After-sale is very important.
We respond to customer’s after-sales requirements at any time. For this link, we are equipped with 2 online troubleshooting customer service, more than 5 after-sales engineers who can go abroad, and global agents can provide localized after-sales service.

Technical sales team responds quickly

Freight Support

We use multi-layer film to pack the machine, and fix the machine on a wooden frame with a thickness of more than 15cm, and a wooden board with a thickness of 10mm will form a wooden box to fully protect the machine.
With our point-to-point freight support, we are able to assist customers in presenting the customs clearance documents required by any destination country.

Rigorous Machine Running Test

By adding intelligent remote modules, Jochamp manufactures packaging machines capable of supporting:
Online system upgrade
Remote Troubleshooting
Remote troubleshooting
remote status display
Possibility of ERP docking
We will ensure the ease of use of the packaging machine through more advanced technical means.

We provide a variety of installation, training and after-sales support including:
Video and instruction manual support
Online Meetings and Network Communication
Engineer come to the door
Support through a sales outlet near you
We are constantly growing to ensure that your support is the most responsive.

Need A Custom Automated Packaging Solution
Need A Custom Automated Packaging Solution?
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