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JOCHAMP is an expert company that has 15 years of focusing on the Research & Development and manufacturing of various types of packaging machinery. As one of the leading packaging machinery providers, we would like to share our experience in the field of automated packaging lines. We can provide a one-stop solution for different types of packaging equipment. All our packaging machines have passed the following certifications and standards:

  • SGS
  • cGMP
  • ISO9001
  • CE
  • ISO Standards
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JOCHAMP Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine

JOCHAMP horizontal pouch packing machine has adopted the new small pocket packaging solution. This type of equipment has features of sealing multi-layers material in small bags. This fully automatic machine for packing is built with a combined process line of filling, bag making, sealing, and printing. This type of machine is ideal for the packing industry like sachet coffee, agrochemical, milk powder, cosmetic samples, and pharmaceuticals.

The high-quality and advanced technology horizontal pouch packing machines of JOCHAMP becomes possible because we have our high-quality staff, strict testing methods, and high-accuracy production equipment. We also have our modern facilities environment. The technical personnel, high-quality scientific research, and management team are working also with us.

JCH-180 Horizontal Pre-made Pouch Packing Machine

A pre-made pouch packing machine in horizontal operation mode. It is suitable for granular, liquid, powder and other products, and is more friendly to small bags.

  • Horizontal operation mode, more friendly to liquids, pastes, powders and granules
  • Faster
  • Cold and hot two sealing systems to ensure 100% air tightness
  • Compared with the rotary pouch packing machine, it has a larger size adjustment range
  • 1-4 Optional bag pick-up station
  • More available for operation station
  • Competitive price
  • Fully enclosed operation, cleaner and safer




Min bag (W*H)65×130mm90×130mm110×140mm120×150mm110×150mm
Max bag (W*H)180×250mm210×330mm240×350mm280×400mm330×500mm
Max filling 1000ml1500ml 2000ml 3000ml 4000ml
Speed (ppm)≤6060-120≤60≤45≤40
SpecificationsMachine size (L*W*H)2300×980×1400mm2550×1100×1400mm2760×1100×1400mm2900×1100×1400mm3475×1215×1600mm
Total weight1100kg1200kg1400kg1500kg1800kg

Horizontal operation mode, more friendly to liquids, pastes, powders and granules


Cold and hot two sealing systems to ensure 100% air tightness

Compared with the rotary pouch packing machine, it has a larger size adjustment range

1-4 Optional bag pick-up station

More available for operation station

Competitive price

Fully enclosed operation, cleaner and safer

Fully transparent acrylic door covering, intuitive view of the entire operation process

Safety door function, the machine will stop when the door is opened

Seamless connection with various automatic feeding mechanisms, suitable for most products

Servo-controlled parallel reciprocating bag clamping structure, more stable operation and low noise

IP55 waterproof, the front can be washed directly with water

Intelligent fault diagnosis system

Optional remote system diagnosis, maintenance and upgrade

Automatic circulating lubrication system

Standard auxiliary bag opening mechanism, higher bag opening efficiency and more complete bag opening

Open bag detection, no bag opening, no filling, reduce waste

Optional electric adjustment, it is easier and smarter to change products

All 315 stainless steel, PTFE, alumina and other food and drug grade product contact surfaces, with aseptic packaging conditions

Optional horizontal vacuum packaging machine, seamless docking

Rich extended applications (date coding, easy tearing, special-shaped bag die-cutting, nitrogen flushing, etc.)

Using Mitsubishi, Siemens, Schneider, SMC, SICK, Omron and other internationally renowned brands of electrical appliances and accessories

Humanized man-machine industrial control system, powerful and simple function operation

Applicable to most of the international packaging materials (paper-plastic composite, aluminum-plastic composite, PE composite and other materials)

Standard machines are in stock, and customized machines can be delivered within 15 days at the earliest

Passed cGMP, CE, ISO9001 and other certifications

Compact design, smaller space occupation

Multi-head Weigher

Auger filler 

Volumetric cup feeder 

Z shape Bucket elevator

Inclined belt conveyor

Screw conveyor

Nitrogen flush

vacuum station

date coding

punching device

online checkweighing

metal detector

Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine Benefits

Faster Production
Faster Production

Using JOCHAMP horizontal pouch packing machine can provide a cheaper and faster production process. The stages and production are incorporated automatically.


JOCHAMP pouch packing machine is a very flexible solution for packing different products. Our machine can fill & seal liquid, solid, and dry products without facing any problems.

Space Saver
Space Saver

Our horizontal pouch packing machine design can provide more space within the area of installment. With this design, there is a more spacious area for graphics and writing.


JOCHAMP pouch packing machine protects the goods from unwanted damage, moisture, and dust. It ensures product hygiene without hand contact with the medicine and food products.

Advantages of Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine

The JOCHAMP horizontal packing machine uses film to build a type of sealing poach. The machine folds the poach and automatically fills and seals the product. The poach contains both dry and wet products. The pouch packing machine helps to improve the inventory as the packaged products are united together. These capabilities of our machine make less time & easier counting.
Aside from the user-friendly features of our packing machine, it’s very easy to use after given the orientation, and easy to maintain and clean. Our horizontal packing machine has also a checking function. The machine easily detects if the pouch is open or not present, this function can reduce bags or material wastage.

Operation of Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine

A horizontal pouch packing machine can pack powder and liquid products for different industries. A packing machine is very helpful for some manufacturers to pack their finished products. The JOCHAMP design of the horizontal packing machine saves floor space and can give perfect and excellent results.

Our machine can seal any packs without using an extra-large pouch packing machine. No need for highly-qualified operators to operate the machine as it is simple to use and maintains. JOCHAMP horizontal packing machines can operate similarly to multilane pack machines.

Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine Filling Process

During the filling process, a horizontal pouch packing machine fills from the top the specific goods into the film while the bag is fully open. It provides a 100% volume of filling when used, and either ¾ to 2/3 of the horizontal bags become full.

Our horizontal pouch packing machine has a bottom gusset that is fully opened, this makes the filling more accurate. A horizontal packing machine is easy to fill than a vertical packing machine, it can simultaneously be filled through the top of the bag.

Why Choose JOCHAMP Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine

JOCHAMP is a leading solution provider for different product packaging machines. Our packing machine can cater pouch, stick pack, and a sachet of different goods and products. All equipment of JOCHAMP for packing meets the demanding requirement of different packing industries like chemical, detergent, pharmaceuticals, beauty care, cosmetics, foods, and other industries.

The capabilities of JOCHAMP to provide powerful packaging performance for packing machines is because of our mindset to deliver quality output and service. As a large-sized enterprise, we can guarantee a quick decision when conspiring a machinery solution or packaging system. Our horizontal pouch packing machine has established a good reputation and good image through our excellent design, best after-sales service, and meticulous manufacturing.

JOCHAMP Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine

JOCHAMP horizontal pouch packing machine is composed of some parts with different functions to perform. Here are some of the lists:

  • Pull film former – a multi-linked film that performs pulling of the film. It also allows the rolling of film smoothly.
  • In-feed conveyor – uses 304 steel powder stainless injection code and allows packing products safely and hygienic.
  • Smart touch screen – a colored touchscreen that helps set the parameters of the machine before use.
  • Coding machine – a part of the machine that uses a printer to print logo, date, or any text desired to put on the pack.
  • Automatic sealing – it rotates air incision to ensure the two ends are sealed correctly.
  • Product discharge area – the area where the finished packed products are discharged.

We know that some industries are relying on horizontal packing machines to pack their different products both in liquid and solid forms. These are the list of uses and applications of the horizontal pouch packing machine.

  • Food Processing Industry – companies that manufactured egg-dried fried, bread, biscuits, milk, candies, and other food products.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry – companies that produce syringes, blister, gauze bandages, drips, and others.
  • Cosmetic Industry – companies produce wet wipes, baby products, pet products, and others.
  • Agricultural Industry – a company that provides chemicals and different seedlings.

Why JOCHAMP Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine

Maintenance and Service

Different types of machines have also different rates of power consumption. Some of our horizontal packing machines require a phase 500W power consumption and consume 2 kW.

JOCHAMP pouch packing machines are designed and made according to the quality standards set internationally and the quality components of our machine are supervised by some experienced professionals. Our horizontal packing machines have met the CCC, CE, ISO standards, RoHS, and cGMP.

Our company uses advanced technology in manufacturing our horizontal machines which can continually operate 24/7 without interruption. JOCHAMP horizontal pouch packing equipment has a simple and easy to operate design. Our technology is globally accepted because of its delivery accuracy.

JOCHAMP – Your Leading Provider of Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine

As a specialist and expert in pouch packaging machines, JOCHAMP can provide a comprehensive packing machine solution for the selection of goods in different kinds of industries.

  • JOCHAMP never failed to impress me with their good quality horizontal packing machine. It helps me to have more profits as I can now maximize the production of my products.

  • The machine we’ve bought from JOCHAMP is very easy to operate. It helps us minimize the manpower needed for packing our products.

  • When we started using the horizontal packing equipment from JOCHAMP, the price doesn’t matter to me as we can now double our production with the help of this machine.

Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you want to learn about parts, specifications, working principle, or applications of horizontal pouch packing machine – you will find all information right here.

Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine Vs. Vertical Pouch Packaging Machine

Horizontal pouch packer is a continuous packaging machine that makes, fills, and seals pouches for products packaged in a horizontal orientation.

Often, this piece of equipment is most suitable for solid products such as food items that are less likely to spill during packaging.

It comes with robot counting and feed systems modified with various options and finishing based on production demands.

horizontal pouch packing machine

horizontal pouch packing machine

This pouch packing machine variant can adapt to various types of products since it is available in versatile designs.

It is also relatively fast, and efficient thus can pack several pouches within shortest time possible.

The accuracy level of this equipment is also quite high, thus gives the final product a polished and professional look.

However, it is often limited to the types of products it can package and seal in a pouch due to the horizontal orientation.

It is also unsuitable for fragile items, and the horizontal bandwidth adjustment can be quite inconvenient.

vertical pouch packaging machine

vertical pouch packaging machine

Vertical pouch packer, on the other hand, is a packaging machine designed for filling and sealing different products in pouches in a vertical orientation.

It is mostly suitable for liquid, granular and powdery products since such items need to be packaged in a manner that ensures their stability and prevents leakage.

This pouch packing variant can also be outfitted with feed systems robot counter and modified with numerous options.

Seal making and bag filling in a vertical pouch packing machine occur simultaneously.

Besides, the duration taken on any additional pre-heating, heating, or cooling is established by time spent on a single cycle.

Thus, it is likely to end up producing a less polished and professional final product appearance.

Nevertheless, it is easy to operate and offers high pouch packaging and sealing efficiency.

It is also moderately faster but slower than horizontal pouch packer and has numerous feeding units.

Even so, it can barely pack solid items such as food products.

Advantages Of Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine

The benefits of this pouch packing equipment include the following;

High automation degree

It has an easy-to-customize production line based on the pouch packaging and sealing demands.

Essentially, you can complete the feeding, forming, filling, and sealing operations all in this machine.

a) Broad applicability

This machine can pack a wide range of products in different industries.

You can adjust the length of wrapping paper arbitrarily since one machine is multi-purpose.

b) User-friendly

It comes with an intelligent color touch screen with a more intuitive parameter display and a human-machine interface.

This offers more convenience for modifying the different functional parameters, which is ideal for operators, and easy maintenance.

c) Stable control system

Horizontal pouch packing equipment adopts an independent temperature regulating system that you can apply to numerous packaging materials.

As such, it makes the entire packaging process relatively seamless, efficient, and more reliable.

d) Computerized detection mechanism

If a specific failure occurs in a machine, it triggers the alarm automatically, and the failure display becomes clear at a glance.

When there is an empty package, the equipment shuts down automatically and picks up without sealing and cutting.

In essence, this prevents wastage of packaging film.

e) All-software control

All mechanisms in this machine are controlled by software, which easily adjusts the functions and upgrades technology based on application demands.

This improves the machinery functions.

f) Faster packaging rates

The average speed of an ordinary horizontal pouch packing equipment is 30-150 pouches per minute.

Ideally, this increases the production output, which is vital in maintaining supply to meet demand.

Besides, it reduces operating and labor costs, thus increasing the enterprise’s profitability.

Filling Mechanism In Horizontal Pouch Packing Machines

The main filling techniques and systems available in this machine include the following;

Auger Filling Mechanism

It is a product filling mechanism that fills the precise volume of the item in the pouch as predetermined.

Essentially, it is controlled by corresponding pulses from the equipment’s auger shaft driven by a servo-motor system.

Hence, the filler metes out a specific predetermined amount of product into the package.

Net Weight Filling Mechanism

This filling mechanism utilizes gravity, pressure, or vacuum to determine the product filling effectiveness.

The desired product fill level is influenced by the equipment to allow it to fill the pouches accordingly.

Volumetric Filling Mechanism

It is a product filling mechanism which allows the machine to fill pouches with uniform product volume via a time-based filling principle.

Technically, it means the volumetric fillers dispense accurate and uniform product filling regardless of discrepancies in pouches’ sizes or shapes.

Pump Dosing Mechanism

This filling method involves using a pump to draw a set amount of liquid product into the chamber and injecting product while at it.

The pump is powered by an electric motor fitted in the machine with a regulator that controls the flow by switching the pump on and off.

Horizontal Pouch Packaging Machine Sealing Mechanisms

Some notable sealing methods that this equipment uses include the following;

Capping Sealing

It primarily uses chuck cappers, which place a cap on pouch bag.

This mechanism sends the cap through the machine and allows the moving components to spin and seal the cap tightly.

Capping sealing enables the pouch to maintain an uninterrupted motion rather than halting at a spin station.

Heat Sealing

It is a mechanism that involves sealing the pouch using heat and pressure.

This sealing technique provides direct material contact that uses a continually sealing bar or heated die to apply heat to a specific path for material welding.

Ultrasonic Sealing

It is a sealing method that uses audile vibrations to generate heat at molecular level inside the film itself.

These audile vibrations technically trigger the molecules in pouch material to start the motion.

Hence, it is the dynamic shear stress formed by the ultrasonic vibrations that deform and produce heat as a result of friction between contact parts.

Parts Of Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine

A typical horizontal pouch packer contains numerous parts and components combined to perform various roles but ultimately offers a single functional unit.

However, the vital parts of this machine, which you should know, are as follows;

Pouch Feeder – It is a part designated for laying continuous pouches in ideal quantity for subsequent product filling in the machine.

Frame – This is the mounting component supporting the different parts of the equipment and guaranteeing stability.

Material Pump – Also known as hopper, it is used in feeding materials into the equipment for subsequent filling and packaging processes.

Vibrating Tray – This component shakes the packaged product as it conveys it to the packaging and sealing phases within the machine.

Control Keys – These are buttons used for activating or disengaging different functional operations of the machine.

Dust-Proof Cover – It is primarily designed to safeguard this equipment from dust, dampness, and dropping of any type.

Turntable – This refers to a rotary table designed for clamping pouches during filling by ensuring their indexing positioning.

Pneumatic Control Unit – It offers the means to actuate valves often used in regulating airflow in the pneumatic system of the equipment.

PLC Touchscreen – This is a display touch panel that shows graphical representations of incoming data from different electronic counters and encoders using PLC software.

Drive System – It is a combination of power and motor units designed to ensure the machine is powered appropriately to move efficiently.

Printer – It imprints different details on the surface of the pouch at relatively high speed with ultimate accuracy.

Roll Film Setting – It gives films used pouch sealing after product filling.

Photoelectric Sensor – This device has an inbuilt light-emitting feature that prompts a light beam that detects availability or unavailability of pouches during packaging.

How Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine Works

This is the step-by-step process of how horizontal pouch packing machine works;

Pouch Feeding

This process begins with loading the pouch bags into the equipment manually through the feeding unit.

Essentially, the pouches are fed into a relatively easy-to-load magazine.

A roller in this machine then feeds the pouches automatically for advanced processing.

Pouch Gripping

The photoelectric sensor detects the availability of a pouch at the furthest end of the magazine.

Vacuum suction pads have arms that grasp and load the pouches into the turntable before the fan sets in.

Optional Pouch Printing

In instances where the pouches are imprinted with different details on the surface material, a printer is set to execute the action.

Pouch Opening And Detection

Vacuum suction pads grip and pull the bottom section of the pouch to open.

The top section of the pouch is grasped with an arm, and it opens fully.

At this phase, the station has a sensor detecting if the pouch is filled with the product correctly.

In case it fails to detect the bag, filling and sealing steps barely engage for the next specific pouch.

Voluntary Gas Flush

Ordinarily, many different manufacturers often desire to maintain the ideal product texture, efficacy, and extended shelf-life.

Therefore, in most instances, they tend to flush out oxygen from the pouch bags before filling and sealing the product.

In this case, a gas flush station pumps inert nitrogen gas into the bag to displace ambient oxygen gas.

Pouch is then sealed to ensure oxygen is suppressed further and form an ideal atmosphere suitable mostly for perishable products.

Pouch Sealing

The product-filled pouch moves to the sealing station containing two hot seal bars combining over the top of the bag.

These seal bars bond and packs the material to form a strong seal.

Pouch Discharge

Once the pouch is sealed, it moves to the next station for further processing.

Considerations When Buying Horizontal Pouch Filling And Sealing Machine

When shopping for an ideal horizontal pouch packer, it is important to consider a wide range of elements, such as the following;

Technical Specifications

Different horizontal pouch fillers and sealers variants come with a wide range of technical specifications based on the specific model.

Hence, you must ensure that the specific one you pick offers the right provisions ideal for your products.

Type Of Machine

This equipment is available in two major variants, which include fully automatic and semi-automatic units.

Fully automatic unit grips the pouch fills the product then seals the container.

It is comparatively fast and with an average speed of 40-200 bags per minute.

Semi-automatic unit, on the other hand, offers some manual operations, while others are automated.

Nonetheless, it is relatively slow than fully automatic but ideal for small and medium packaging solutions.


You will always find this equipment in different models and some with up to four servo motors that enable faster and simple changeover.

Some are also available with five servo motors that provide quick and easy changeover.


The specific product you intend to pack using this machine is a vital determinant when shopping for one.

Technically, some of these machines are ideal for packaging relatively small products but can barely be effective for larger items.

Types Of Horizontal Packing Machine

Horizontal pouch packing equipment is available in two major types based on operation mode as follows;

Semi-Automatic Horizontal Pouch Packer

It is ideal for packing various products in mutable pack size in small batches.

Besides, you may consider it for filling and sealing non-free flowing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages, chemicals, and food products.

It also features a PLC-based controller with an in-built pulse for accuracy.

Essentially, most of its functional parameters are automated, but it has a few operations affected manually.

semi automatic horizontal pouch packer

semi automatic horizontal pouch packer

It has a modified and adjustable auger rotation pulse via a touchscreen unit for accurate weight compensation.

Fully Automatic Horizontal Pouch Packer

As the name indicates, this machine has fully computerized functions; thus, it hardly requires operator’s intervention.

Hence, it is immensely speedy and often fills and seals an average of 40-200 pouches per minute.

Moreover, it has a rotary layer where the pouches move intermittently to different stations for specific filling, packaging, and sealing functions.

The operator controls all the functional parameters of this equipment from a user-friendly PLC touchscreen through an easy-to-understand human-machine interface.

automatic horizontal pouch packer

automatic horizontal pouch packer

Most fully automatic horizontal pouch fillers and sealers have 6-10 stations, and they can be designed with single, double, or four lanes.

You can also modify different settings of this equipment to suit your application specifications.

Nevertheless, it is most suitable for large-scale and industrial pouch packaging solutions.

Applications Of Horizontal Pouch Packaging Machine

It is common in different applications across various manufacturing industries, such as the following;

Pharmaceutical Industry

Different pharmaceutical products are packaged in a wide range of pouch packages.

Ideally, this machine offers accuracy, reliability, safety, and efficiency, which are ideal for achieving desired packaging solutions.

Personal Care And Hygiene

A wide range of companies producing personal care and hygiene products use this equipment in filling and sealing processes.

Confectionery Industry

Breads, chewing gums, lollipops, biscuits, and chocolates are a few products commonly packed using horizontal pouch packing equipment.

Dairy Products

Cheese, milk, and powdered milk are among the notable dairy products often filled and sealed using this particular machine.

Food And Beverage

This equipment is integral in food and beverage industry, especially in large-scale production.

Ordinarily, it offers high accuracy, reliability, and safety for such food products and ensures they attain desired shelf-life.

FMCG Industry

Horizontal pouch packer is common in FMCG because it fills and seals different products into various pouches.

It offers high accuracy, speed, and reliability, all critical aspects of the FMCG sector.

Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine Maintenance Process

The common maintenance processes for this machine include the following;

Preventive Maintenance

It refers to routine maintenance tasks often undertaken regularly to prevent the equipment’s potential breakdown.

Some processes include diagnosing the equipment, changing worn-out parts, routine inspections, and reporting malfunctions.

Corrective Maintenance

This type of maintenance process entails repairing the equipment’s parts and systems with malfunctions.

It is a common maintenance process in automatic units that need software and system upgrades occasionally.

Breakdown Maintenance

This is a type of maintenance process that occurs when there is a major breakdown on the machine or if it encounters serious downtime.

But this is usually rare on this type of equipment since it has sturdy and simple design construction.

Routine Maintenance

It mainly involves the daily check-ups that ensure machine run efficiently and seamlessly.

Some routine maintenance processes include lubricating contact parts and cleaning the equipment.

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