Tissue Paper Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

JOCHAMP expertly manufactures tissue paper packaging machines according to customers’ requests. We design them using high-quality materials that last for an extended period. There are multiple machines option available. We can assist you in choosing the most suitable ones for your production factories.

  • Performs with low rate and noise
  • Equipped with a standard servo drive system
  • Saves labor cost
  • Easy to maintain
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JOCHAMP Tissue Paper Packing Machine

The tissue paper packing machines are in-demand machines used for various business industries. These machines have vacuum suction folding and advanced counting function sack. The machine components contribute high-speed, easy operation, and neat folder features. JOCHAMP provides tissue paper packaging machines with adjustable tension devices, ensuring precise finished product sizes. Moreover, these machines have an automatic shutdown system to prevent broken paper waste.

You can always count on JOCHAMP assistance whenever you need to choose the most suitable ones. But we always prioritize the preference of our customers. We manufacture custom machines for producing tissue papers, like facial tissues, handkerchief papers, hand towels, toilet paper rolls, and paper napkins. JOCHAMP can help you make excellent machines that suit your product requirements.

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Tissue Paper Packing Machine Benefits


The tissue paper packaging machines are automated equipment with high-speed performance. And packaging products with speedy features indeed increases efficiency.

Large Volume
Large Volume

Using such automatic packing machines can manufacture an immense volume of tissue papers. This advantage satisfies a lot of industries and fulfills their business purposes. 

Saves Time
Saves Time

The packing machines can produce tissue papers according to the requirement without wasting time. Employees can spend extra time on other factory work and enhance productivity.


The efficiency is the outcome of having speedy tissue paper packaging machines, resulting in profitability. We customize the suitable equipment for particular tissue papers.

Tissue Paper Packing Machine for Business

The tissue paper converting production line is affordable but provides high return business. In purchasing suitable tissue paper packaging machines, it is recommended to make a serious business plan for making wise decisions. JOCHAMP has more than 17 years of experience in manufacturing tissue packaging machines. You can get free assistance from our team to create a business plan. 

JOCHAMP can provide all the necessary information, from choosing the accurate machine to the following processes. We also offer services for maintenance and operating techniques after purchasing the equipment. Keep on touching us if you want to benefit from our satisfying services!

Tissue Paper Packing Machine

JOCHAMP Value Added Services

JOCHAMP provides dedicated assistance from our experts, helping you get through the primary option and designing to installation without any hassle.

  • Video technical support
  • Online support
  • Spare parts
  • Repair services
  • Field maintenance
  • Lifetime assistance
  • Production assistance

Tissue Paper Packing Machine Options

A wide range of packing machines is suitable for different tissue paper products. The following are some of them:

  • Packing Machine for Bathroom Tissue: It is a machine that wraps the bathroom and toilet tissue with a speed of about 120 rolls per minute.
  • Packing Machine for Facial Tissue: This automatic machine packs facial tissue papers into boxes or cartons. It has a capacity of about 150 packages per minute speed.
  • Packing Machine for Table Napkin: It is a machine that fills the table napkins and cotton tissues using plastic bags.

Customize Your Tissue Packing Machine with JOCHAMP

JOCHAMP has a complete set of equipment and skilled workers customizing customers’ desires. We manufacture custom tissue equipment solutions to enhance business and create tremendous impacts for tissue paper products. As a responsible supplier, we walk through the entire process from prior guidance to aftersale-service support. Moreover, JOCHAMP specializes the qualities and bespoke services.

We gather various features to enhance the performance and functions of the packing machines. Our multiple quality-control tests ensure robust, high-quality, easy-to-operate tissue paper packing machines. JOCHAMP includes the box packing machines, bundle packing machines, shrinking packaging machines, and paper film packing machines for the production line.

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JOCHAMP Tissue Paper Packing Machine

As a professional manufacturer, JOCHAMP always includes qualities and factors of tissue paper packing machines during production. The equipment should have qualities like the following:

  • User Friendliness: JOCHAMP ensures that the machines offered are user-friendly. All production owners always want hassle-free and easy-to-operate devices.
  • Quantity of Produced Tissue: We also consider the devices’ capacity during manufacturing. Most customers always want the most of the equipment. 
  • Price Involvement: JOCHAMP assures affordable machine cost involvement. Multiple industries bulky purchased them and looking for cost-effectiveness.

JOCHAMP manufactures various machines for packing tissue papers with typical features and performance. Consider the following:

  • Adopts the compact packing solution of folding, film wrapping, and sealing.
  • Designed with a PLC control system and touch screen
  • Come with complete servo control and a single adjustment button
  • It has direct feeding and discharges conveyor for production line attachments.
  • Features with automation and low failure rates
  • Accommodates an immense range of packaging and speedy switch between different sizes

Why Choose JOCHAMP Services

Quality Assurance

JOCHAMP facilities have fulfilled track records in quality controls. We ensure the enhancement process details to provide our customers with stable tissue paper packing machines. Our team performs dynamic balance testing, hardness treatment, and measuring accuracy.

Supported by professional

Our company, JOCHAMP, has dedicated professionals that organize the entire project cycle. We are always ready to assist our customers in customizing suitable machines. Furthermore, we have more than fifteen experienced mechanical engineers and multiple after-sale service teams.

Manufacturing Excellence

JOCHAMP has formed a strong partnership with various factories. It helps us quickly coordinate the concept procedures to manufacturing processes. Our over fifteen years of manufacturing expertise guarantees high-quality, accurate, and high-performance machines. 

Production Line

Our customers keep o trusting our services, knowing that JOCHAMP has a stable production line. We manufacture different tissue paper packing machines that suit customers’ particular products. Additionally, we customize devices that are easy to operate and satisfy your factory needs.

tissue paper packing machine
Your Trusted Tissue Paper Packing Machine Provider

JOCHAMP is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality tissue paper packing equipment in China. Along with our skilled workers using high-technology equipment for manufacturing, we guarantee satisfying machine performance. We can be your reliable business partners. Communicate with our team now!

  • “We finally found a trusted manufacturer for our company’s tissue packing machine supplies. JOCHAMP really satisfies and reaches our expectations from before sale guidance to delivering our requests with complete components.”

  • “JOCHAMP has become our constant provider for the last two years until now. They also professionally customize our requested tissue packing machines that suit our production necessities. Thank you, JOCHAMP!”

  • “Our purchased a series of tissue packing machines have arrived safely. We are amazed by how JOCHAMP secures the equipment with sturdy packaging. The machine qualities and cost from JOCHAMP overwhelmed and gained the trust of our customers.”

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