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Jochamp is an industry-leading provider of premade pouch packing machines. We offer an extensive line of pre-packing machines such as models, types, features, etc. Built with 304 stainless steel frame with a food-grade contact surface.

  • One-touch changeovers
  •  cGMP, CE, ISO9001-compliant
  • Intelligent fault diagnosis system
  • Custom upstream and downstream options
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Jochamp Premade Pouch Packing Machine

Pre-made pouch packing machine is an innovative packaging machine that fills and seals pre-made custom pouches. No roll stock film is required. It helps you streamline your operations. Plus, enhances output by up to 50%. Packed products appear convenient, current, and stand out from the crowd.

Jochamp premade pouch filling machine feature stainless steel construction. It allows long-lasting use. The machinery is equipped with infeed and outfeed conveying equipment, scales, and other devices. Every piece of equipment is created to meet your needs. You can select from a variety of features that can be added for additional capabilities and functions. Customize your pre-packing machine now.

Premade Pouch Packing Machine Advantages

Robust Design
Unique Design

Our pre-made pouch packing machine features a distinctive straight-line design. It allows an operator to watch full bag opening, filling, and sealing operations. Easy to operate.

Easy setup and changeover
Easy setup and changeover

The pre-packing machine is quick to set up. It has one-touch changeovers that can run a multitude of pouch types. Quick 30-second push-button changes.

Swift Sealing
Swift Sealing

Jochamp premade bag packing machines are designed for medium-high output rates. Up to 2,700 bags per hour at mechanical rates. Provide good performance in terms of speed.

Versatile Solution
Versatile Solution

Designed to package anything from liquids, dry goods, and food products. Pre-made pouch filling machine is commonly used for pet food, frozen foods, spices, fruits, vegetables, cheese, etc.

Pre-made Pouch Packaging Machine Advanced Features

Jochamp innovative premade pouch fill and seal machine levels up the production performance. It incorporates the latest automation and control technology. Which, allows for greater operational efficiency. The following are unique aspects:

  • PLC intelligent control system
  • Intelligent fault diagnosis and direct screen display
  • Moving parts are equipped with a protective cover
  • Automatic bag detection (no bag, no filling, no sealing)
  • Internationally-renowned brands components
  • Optional automatic feeding perfect automation
Pre-made Pouch Packaging Machine Advanced Features
High-Speed Pouch Packing Machine Performance

Jochamp Pre-packing Machine Models

At Jochamp, you can find a variety of premade pouch packing machines to suit your company. We offer simplex, duplex, and quadruplex-type of machinery for you. Now, let’s get into details.

  • Single Lane Premade Pouch Machine – It fills and seals custom-produced pouches. Composed of six or eight stations. Features easy connection with volumetric, cup fillers, infeed system, etc.
  • Dual-Lane Pre-packing Machines – It can fill and seal two ready-made pouches at the same time. Composed of eight stations. Can package any goods.
  • Four Lane Premade Bag Packing Machine – This flexible packaging machine can fill and seal up to four ready-made pouches at once. Contains six to eight stations.

Why Custom Premade Pouch Filling Machine from Jochamp?

Being in the industry for 15+ years, we can make unique pre-packing machine solutions. Jochamp has completed various projects in the past years. Our customers come from different industries. And so, we knew what solution would particularly fit you. Here’s some reason why us.

  • Professional research and development team
  • Over 50 strategic cooperation machinery factories
  • Provide complete turnkey automated pre-packing lines
  • SMC, Mitsubishi, Panasonic-Brand accessories
  • Strict quality control in every production step
Custom Premade Pouch Filling Machine

Jochamp: Your Source for Premade Pouch Packing Solutions

Premade Pouch Packing Solutions
Premade Pouch Packing Machine Supplier

Jochamp owns more than 3000 sq.m workshop where all operations happen. We deploy professional staff in different departments. They support each production step of your pre-made pouch packing. More than 15 mechanical engineers, 10+ technical sales team, and 20+ in the after-sale service department. You can guarantee the efficient and smooth manufacturing operation of your pre-packing equipment.

Additionally, quality is guaranteed as each machine is tested to various standards. SGS, CE, cGMP, and ISO9001 certifications, to name a few. European-quality yet Asian price is another advantage. One-year warranty service yet lifetime after-sales service. Jochamp has more to offer. Send us your requirements now and let’s get started.

More Beneficial Characteristics
  • Super compact design
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ultra-low operating noise
  • Support various bag types
  • Dustproof and easy to clean
  • Heavy frames allow for longer life
  • Extensive packaging film support
  • Food-grade product contact surface
  • Easy to use and maintain simple action
Multiple Feature Options
  • Auger filler
  • Date coding
  • Nitrogen flush
  • Vacuum station
  • Multi-head weigher
  • Volumetric cup feeder
  • Inclined belt conveyor
  • Z shape Bucket elevator
  • Single Channel Linear Scale

OEM Premade Pouch Packing Machine Key Markets

Food Packing Industry

Jochamp can offer premade pouch packing machine for food packaging solutions. It can operate different bags like a stand-up pouch, gusset pouch, flat bags, spout pouch, and more. Features can be customized to meet your accuracy needs.

Non-Food Packaging Industry

If you are in the non-food packaging sector, this premade pouch packing machine also suits you. They can support the packaging of medical goods, disposable goods, hardware, etc. The machine can be customized as per demand and can be delivered within 15 days.

Granular Packing Industry

Jochamp premade pouch packing equipment is also ideal for the granular industry. We provide grain packing solutions that passed cGMP, CE, ISO9001, and other certifications. Available at a competitive price.

Liquid Packing Solution

Our premade pouch filling machine works for liquid product packaging. Available with more operation stations. It provides fully enclosed operation, cleaner and safer. Features intelligent fault diagnosis system.

Powder Packing Solution

We provide premade bag packing machine for powder products packaging solutions. The horizontal operation mode makes it more friendly to powders. It has a robust stainless steel structure which makes it corrosion-resistant.

Premade Pouch Packing Machine Manufacturer
Your #1 Premade Pouch Packing Machine Provider

Offer One-Stop Pre-made Packing Equipment Solution. Supplies All Kinds of Pre-Packing Machine – Standard and Custom. Fast Delivery Time within 15 Days. Provide After-Sales and Training Support. 24/7 Fast Response Service.

  • “Jochamp is awesome. From day 1 of cooperation, they help us in all ways. Our company has the best addition to our production line. The pre-made pouch packing machine suits are simple to operate, and composed of excellent features like intelligent fault diagnosis. Crazy how it detects and displays directly on the screen. Highly recommended.”

  • “If you’re start-up, Jochamp is your ideal partner to be. Their high-performance premade bag packing equipment is your good investment. Very affordable price yet no compromises on quality. As they say, European quality but Asian price. Very great equipment.”

  • “Jochamp premade pouch packing machine works the best. Had to double or should I say triple production efficiency with this machine. Fast ROI! This is the best investment we had in our company. I’m planning to purchase more as we expand our product line.”

Premade Pouch Packing Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing reliable premade pouch packing machine requires and in-depth understanding of every components, specification, applications and working principle, just to mention a few. This guide explores all information you are looking for about premade pouch packing machine.

What Is Premade Pouch Packing Machine?

It is a machine that fills and seals substances of granular, solid or powder natures into premade bags that are customized.

The machine is automated thus self-continual and steady control during the entire packaging and portion control processes hence high accuracy levels.

Due to zero required efforts on the machine handling, both consumers and manufacturers have experienced lots of flexibilities and conveniences.

premade pouch packing machine

premade pouch packing machine

Why customized premade bags? They need to be used since they are attractive thus they stand out on the shelves.

Therefore, the machine is a plus in the processing and manufacturing industries because of the numerous advantages it has created.

Advantages Of Premade Pouch Packing Machine

Workers Are Protected

Workers get protected against harmful products which compromise their health.

Reduction Of Labor Costs

The machine being automated, minimal labour is required in operations.

Improved Value And Product Appearance

Products from this packaging are more appealing to the consumers.

Automatic Detection Functions

Any problem on the machine is detectable hence timely repaired.

Creates An Easier Management At Company

Due to the machine’s presence, special skills are not needed.

Saves On Time

It packages products in seconds thus maximizing on production.

Versatility Of The Machine

It has the capability of packaging a wide range of products.

Uses Of Premade Pouch Packing Machine

This machine is used in the following areas;

Chemical Industry

This industry utilizes the machine in packaging of their products.

Mining Industries

Some minerals are packaged by this machine in the industry.

Food Industries

It’s widely used here to package food products like crisps.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Here, drugs can also get packaged by the use of the machine.

Pet food Industry

Pet foods like pellets are packaged using this machine.

Types Of Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

Automatic Pouch Filling And Sealing Machine

This is a machine working on a principle of detecting and holding a pouch, fills and seals it with the intended product.

By the use of grippers, the pouch is moved at different places with each station performing a different packaging task.

automatic pouch filling and sealing machine


With this kind of machine, it is able to fill around 200 bags in a single minute thus proving it is fast and saves on time.

This Type of Machine Can Be Used in the Following Applications;

In the packaging of pets food

Coffee packaging

The filling and sealing of cheese that has been shredded which contains nitrogen gas that maintains its freshness.

In the packaging of the pre- workout powders that are bulky.

Working Principle Of The Machine

  • The machine works under the following process;
  • Loading of bags into the machine
  • Gripping of the bags after being sensed by a proximity sensor
  • Detection and opening of the bag
  • Filling the bag with the product
  • Settling of products if required
  • Sealing
  • Cooling and discharge

Stand Up Pouch Filling Machine

It is a type of machine that is used in the packaging of different varieties of goods to the consumer.

stand up pouch filling machine


At the same time, the machine has lots benefits especially when it comes to the speed of production and labor costs.

Additionally, with this type of machine, both liquid and solid products can be packaged.

Applications Of Machine

  • Medical industries
  • Food industries where food products like vegetables, fruits, nuts and snacks are packed.
  • Pharmaceutical industries

Machine’s Working Process

  • Loading of the pouches into the machine into the machine by the operator which are then conveyed by the rollers.
  • Gripping of the pouch which ensures it is safe while moving at the different stations during the entire process.
  • Printing of the batch codes and dates if necessary.
  • Opening of the bag and filling it with the correct measure of the product thus ensuring accuracy and avoiding any wastage.
  • Sealing of the pouch by the help of a hot sealing bar to ensure it is tightly closed.

Rotary Pouch Packaging Machine

It is an eight station machine that fills and seals its products with a speed of 80 bags in a single minute.

Rotary pouch packing machine

Rotary pouch packing machine


Ease of use

Superior aesthetics of their products that are finished

Machine Application

It is widely used in the packaging of seeds

It is used in the packaging of food in the food industries.

Working Mechanism

  • Feeding of bags, the bags are placed manually by the help of a machine operator in the storage chamber.

The pouches are loaded onto the machine clumps by robotic arms that use vacuum suckers.

  • Coding of dates and opening of zippers, if they are necessary, this is the right station you need to install them.

If the pouch is a zipper one, then the zipper openers are going to be installed at this station too.

  • Opening of the pouches is the done.
  • Filling of the product into the bag with the help of a bag funnel to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Depending on the type of product being filled, different fillers are used for instance liquid filler for liquids.

  • Heat sealing on the upper part of the bag
  • A final heat sealing is done to strengthen then seal and flatten it.

Zipper Pouch Filling Machine

This is a filling machine which is only exclusive for only filling and sealing pouches with zippers only.


The sealing quality of this machine is good

There is higher speed in production hence numerous packages can be attained within a very short time.

The rate of production is always stable.

It is cost effective.

Besides, it is easier and simpler to use.

zipper pouch filling machine

Applications Of The Machine

The machine is mainly used in the packaging of products that are bulky.

Machine’s Working Mechanism

  • Loading of the pouches into the machine into the machine by the operator which are then conveyed by the rollers.
  • Gripping of the pouch which ensures it is safe while moving at the different stations during the entire process.
  • Printing of the batch codes and dates.
  • Opening of the bag using zipper openers and filling it with the correct measure of the product.
  • Sealing of the pouch by the help of a hot sealing bar to ensure it is tightly closed and air free.

Horizontal Premade Pouch Packing Machine

This is a type of machine that is able to work by forming, filling and it can seal a single package on a single machine.

horizontal premade pouch packing machine


The machine has photoelectric sensors thus ensures accuracy

It has a longer lifespan

The filling pistons are unique with filling nozzles

The design of the machine is user friendly

Its structure is of high precision thus enabling operations being simple


The machine is used in numerous industries which include;

  • Beverage industries
  • Medical industries
  • Agricultural industries
  • Electronic industries
  • Cosmetic industries

Working Mechanism Of The Machine

  • Feeding of bags, the bags are placed manually by the help of a machine operator their chamber.
  • Coding of dates
  • Opening of the pouches is the done.
  • Filling of the product into the bag Heat sealing on the upper part of the bag
  • A final heat sealing is done to strengthen then seal and flatten it.

Vertical Premade Pouch Packing Machine

With this machine, it is automated and it is designed in filling, sealing and packing of products in a position that is vertical.


The machine operates at higher speeds in a single minute thus making it ideal for sticky products like candy.

It is easier to use and operate compared to the horizontal one.

Due to various feeding systems, it has a wide range of packaging applications.

Heavy packaging efficiencies

vertical premade pouch packing machine

vertical premade pouch packing machine


The machine is mainly used in the food packaging industries to package the following; Sugar

Spices, Powdered milk, Granulated coffee, Beans, Flour and Rice.

Working Mechanism

A film is placed on guiding roles

The film after getting detected by the photoelectric sensors is rolled into a cylinder by the lapel former wrap.

At the interface potion, it is sealed by heat longitudinally hence getting a sealed tube.

The cylinder is the transversely sealed to create package bag.

The packaging bag is then filled with the product then heat sealed and cut to have a package body.

Liquid Pouch Filling And Sealing Machine

This is a machine that can fill and seal pouches with liquids of different levels of viscosity.


It is consistent compared to filling liquids by hand

The operating systems are simple

There are increased production speeds

liquid pouch filling and sealing machine

It is scalable


It is mainly used in the pharmaceuticals and the cosmetic industries.

Working Mechanism

It can be split into level filling, weight filling and volumetric filling.

Level filling is when a certain level is set on the machine which allows filling only to that level.

Weight filling, a certain weight is predetermined hence the machine will only be able to fill up to a certain weight.

Volumetric filling only works based on volume; a flow meter is used to measure the volumes.

Powder Pouch Filling Machine.

This machine is used ion the filling of powdered products into pouches.

form fill seal coffee powder packaging machine

powder pouch filling machine


Due to its control of light and spiral feeding technologies, the machine is accurate during the filling process.


Cosmetic industries

Food industries

Chemical industries

Pharmaceutical industries

Beverage industries

Working Mechanism Steps

  • Loading of pouches into the machine
  • Gripping of the pouches
  • Printing of dates and codes
  • Bag opening
  • Filling the powdered product into the bag
  • Settling and dust collecting
  • Sealing of the pouches
  • Seal cooling and discharge
Features Of Premade Pouch Packing Machine

Features of the machine include the following;

It Is Simple

When it comes to operation, the machine is simple to learn and use as it contains few key functions.


It works with different types of premade pouches like the 3 sided and 4 sided pouches, whether with zippers or not.

It Undergoes Stainless Construction

Due to stainless steel, the machine can handle a variety of industries like food, chemicals and cosmetics.


The machine’s automation makes it possible in the detection, filling and sealing of the bags.


Products are fully packaged within a very short period of time hence scaling up the rate of production for companies.

Premade Pouch Packing Machine Maintenance Process

On the preventing aspect of machine maintenance, the processes involve the following;

  • Inspection of the machine
  • Changing worn out parts of the machine
  • Making sure high wear parts are normally available in the event of replacing
  • Machine lubrication to reduce the wearing off

Additionally, for proper maintenance, you need to have lists of spare parts which have been recommended by the OEM.

These spare parts include;

  • High wear parts- these ones, they have a shorter life span thus they should be monitored and replaced regularly.

An example of the high wear parts on the machine is the grippers.

  • Medium wear parts- there are the parts with a life span that is promising hence they are not likely to fail.

The stainless steel base of the machine is not likely going to fail due to its toughness nature.

  • Lower wear parts- these kinds of parts should never get allowed to fail.

Examples of these parts include the touch screen control system and the sensors.

Moreover, you need to make sure your machine software is up to date thus close communication with the manufacturer is essential.

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