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Jochamp is an expert pick fill seal machine supplier in China. These machines are perfect for packing almost anything into a pouch. It can pack granular products, snacks, or pet foods into a pouch.

  • High-speed machine: 60 packs/min
  • Made of hygienic stainless steel
  • Custom models and designs as per require
  • Increased efficiency
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Jochamp Pick Fill Seal Machine

Pick fill seal machine is used to pack products into a pouch. These machines are destined to control the market with one-touch changeovers, a small overall footprint, a large variety of bag sizes, reduced downtime, and efficiency gains. They are also efficient and easy to operate machines.

Jochamp created each machine to be extremely adaptable to different product requirements. With our pick fill seal machine, you can save money on labor while boosting accuracy and lowering error rates. These machines serve packaging needs for cosmetics, foods, medicines, healthcare, and commodities.

If you need reliable packaging solutions, our pick fill seal machine is your better option!

Pick Fill Seal Machine Benefits

High Speed
High Speed

Accommodate small to large-scale production batches. It can make up to 300 bags/ min. and approximately 150 cartons/60 sec.

Simple to Use
Simple to Use

Features a human-machine interface that makes it simple to set. Little to zero training is required. You can save labor costs and energy-saving.

Simple Transition
Simple Transition

The custom machine allows for quick and easy product switching. It can handle everything from tiny quantities to large production.


Any model of pick fill seal machine is tailored to fit your operational needs. No matter the size, features, or number of products.

Custom Pick Fill Seal Machine: Packaging Speed

Pick fill seal machine is a must-have packaging machine for your manufacturing facility. It has a speed capacity of up to 60 packs every minute. Integrated with a broad array of validation equipment, OEM filling systems, and coding systems, which contributes to the speed of the pick fill seal machine.

Jochamp customized packaging solutions with high-quality standards. If you need to pack your business commodities on time, a pick fill seal machine is your best option! Our engineers designed them to provide the best deal for forming, filling, and sealing pouches. Be one of our partners!

Tea Bag Packing Machine Specifications

Hygienic & Long-Lasting Construction

We carefully construct pick fill seal machines from waterproof, durable, and hygienic stainless steel frames. Due to their hygienic design, they can be used for industries that require sanitation packagings, such as medical/pharmaceutical products and food products.

Its construction is also composed of branded components from popular manufacturers. With this, our team can guarantee the machine’s long lifespan.

One Machine. Different Pouch Sizes

The pick fill seal machine is a single machine with the capacity to handle different pouch sizes and items. In less than 30 seconds, you can automatically change to any pouch design you need.

Despite the material finish, the machine can accommodate a wide range of pouch types. Custom method presets enable immediate 30-second push-button changeover. Say farewell to downtime and hello to effective pouch packing!

Choose us to be part of your successful packaging projects.

Stand-up pouch packaging machine

JOCHAMP – Leading Pick Fill Seal Machine Factory in China

stand-up pouch packaging machine
Advantage of Cup Filler Pouch Packing Machine

For over 15 years, Jochamp concentrated on the production of pick fill seal machines. Our 3000 m2 workshop ensures that manufacturing runs smoothly. You can guarantee the highest packing machine solution by combining technological innovations and a technical team. We can provide all of the production support you require.

We put each machine through rigorous testing to ensure that it meets CE, SGS, ISO9001, and cGMP standards. In addition, we offer free sample tests. Every stage of production is overseen by our experts. Starting with raw material selection and ending with machine testing. You can rely on Jochamp for detailed quality control of your machine. In addition, we offer a 12-month warranty and lifetime after-sales service.

In addition, we offer a 12-month warranty and lifetime after-sales service. Jochamp has your back with a 24-hour, quick response service.   Please contact us immediately!

Highlighting Features

Jochamp is a trustworthy manufacturer of pick fill seal machines in China. We ensure each unit has complete features, such as:

  • Servo control on multiple axes
  • All servo automation for reliable and high outcomes with the market’s shortest changeovers
  • Food safety design with all stainless steel body
  • With the smart intervention system, it is extremely simple to operate and retain.
  • Packs snacks and sweets, grains and granular, pastes and liquids, animal foods, powders, and legal cannabis products.
  • Integration with various filling systems, infeed and outfeed conveying equipment, inspection systems, and secondary packaging machines is simple.
  • Rapid, precise sealing system
ideal bags

The custom-made models of pick fill seal machines can accommodate pouches/bags. The bags make sure your products are safe from contaminants and bacteria. The bags or pouches you can use include:

  • Preformed/premade bags
  • Doy pouch
  • Zipper pouch
  • Standup
  • Flat bottom
  • 3 Side Seal
  • Gusseted
  • Paper bags
  • Spout pouches
  • Press-to-close pouches, etc

In addition, Jochamp can custom print your logo or texts on the pouches for effective brand promotion.

Industries We Serve

Food Industry

In the food industry, the pick fill seal machines are good for folding bags, loading food products, packing, filling, and sealing. Available at affordable rates, these machines are easy to operate, user-friendly, easy to maintain, and highly efficient. It also ensures high speed and smooth packaging operations. They handle liquid or granular foods.

In the cosmetic industry, the machine is used to pack, fill, and seal products into pouches and bags. These machines are made of the reliable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel bodies. They are very hard-wearing and hygienic, great for cosmetic products, whether in liquid forms, powder, and more.

JCH-180 Flat Pouch Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine 1

Pick fill seal machine made of hygienic stainless steel is mostly used in the pharmaceutical industry. It has GMP features and custom models ranging in size from 500mm to 1500mm. These custom machines are appropriate for a wide range of pharmaceutical commodities, tablets, blisters, and more.

Your Reliable Pick Fill Seal Machine Supplier
Your Reliable Pick Fill Seal Machine Supplier

Supplies Complete Turnkey Pick Fill Seal Machine Lines. After-Sales Customer Services and Specialist Mechanical Technicians.  Quality System ISO9001. FREE SAMPLE.

  • Working with Jochamp on my project was the thing I’ve ever done.” The staff knew what was best for my situation. They provide me high efficient and very productive pick fill seal machines!

  • Jochamp pick fill seal machines are an excellent addition to our manufacturing system.  Maximum orders are no longer a concern in our company because we already have a high-performance packaging unit. Highly Recommended!

Pick Fill Seal Machine: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you are looking for about pick fill seal machine. Whether you want to learn about features, parts, working principle, filling options or sealing mechanisms – all information is right here.

Advantages Of Pick Fill Seal Machine

Quality Of The Product

Products are well managed and controlled in a clear and effective manner to avoid all possible contamination effects.

Machine Speed Level

Machines work very fast and are capable of packing multiple bags over a short time limit.

A high-efficiency level will produce more products or capsules over time.

Flexibility Of The Working Machine

Pick Fill Seal Machine can pack different liquids, powder products and even grains.

Packing of all these products is achieved as the machine is controlled by the operator based on the product being fed to the machine.

pick fill seal machine

Processing companies prefer using machines that cut the costs of purchasing other machines that can perform same function by having a flexible pick Fill Seal Machine.

It can pick packing bags, fill them, and seal them.


Pick Fill Seal Machine is able to pack more bags compared to human labour over a limit time frame, hence less costly compared to employing workers.

Reliable To Use

It can be used to pack powder, liquid products, grains and even nuts in their respective packing bags.

Packing is based on the product to feed on the machine. A control system is used to manage products being fed to the machine.


It is made of stainless steel hence safe against rotating parts that might cause injuries to the operator.

An operator will not easily be affected by the moving parts as they are well enclosed and safely designed.

Adjustable Speed Limits And Levels

Speed is managed based on the efficiency set to be achieved. High frequency results from high speed within a specific time limit.

It can be reduced or increased based on the number of products to work on within a given period.

High Accuracy

Capsules filling process is highly accurate, and the quality of the product is maintained.

Quality of the product is well managed due to less handling processes involved.

Maintenance Is Less Costly

Cleaning its parts and maintenance during parts repair or replacements is easily achievable because of its simplicity nature.

Its parts can easily be accessed and managed based on the deformity included.

Easy To Detect Defects

Alarms are well fitted to monitor or sense faulty operations within the machine.

An alarm can also detect the presence of any disorder, for instance, the failure of its components while in use, aiding in the accuracy of its actions.

Products You Can Package Using Pick Fill Seal Machine


Solids comprise granules and seeds.

Solid food products like snacks, salt, sugar and tea leaves use a pick fill and seal machine to fill and seal the products effectively.


Milk, drinking water, juices, beverages and other liquid packing industries use pick fill and seal machines to fill and seal their respective products.

It is used in liquid agricultural products like packing of foliar fertilizers, chemical sprays and liquid


Powder products of seeds, coffee, tea, flour, and medical supplements, among other powder products, are packed using a pick fill and seal machine.

Types Of Pouches Pick Fill Seal Machines Uses

Pouches With Spout

Pouch placed on the collar.

A volumetric filling machine will detect the product volume.

The filling is done by pressing the button.

pouch with spout

pouch with spout

Nitrogen can be forced into the packing bag to increase shelf life.

Sealing is done as the cap is tightened and as the use of torque is adjusted.

Zipper Pouches

Packing material is placed on the silicon moving conveyor that allows the cutting of the packing bag into desired shape and size.

Since the machine blows zipping lock film bag in a spiral way, various clients’ specifications determine the kind of locks to use.

zipper pouches

zipper pouches

The packing bag is then filled and sealed through the processes.

Stand Up Pouches

It is designed so that the packing bag being filled is upright; hence, the name stands for pouch packing.

stand up pouches

stand up pouches

A packing bag is picked at the filling point, moved to the filling point as the bag is filled and moved to the sealing point.

Paper Pouches/Packing Bags

The film is used to turn it appear into a paper bag shape.

After the paper bag is shaped, it is filled and sealed at specific points.

A spindle holds the filming roll.

The film moves on to the dancer avoiding tension.

paper pouches

paper pouches

After the unwinding process, the film goes through the printing and then to the mark registration points.

The bag moves to the tube forming point, which overlaps as the film gains the bag shape.

Bags are then filled and sealed with products.

Premade Pouches

It comprises parts designed in a pre-set manner since they work on the already made bags with a single opening of the bag ready for filling and sealing.

Its parts move in a pre-set kind of sequence.

The machine picks an already made bag in the sequence of operation, passed to be filled at the filling point.

premade pouches

premade pouches

After the filling is done, the bag is moved to a sealing station for sealing to be done

Pick Fill Seal Machine Filling Technologies

Auger Filling

It is a system that majorly fills powder products like flour and milk powders.

Free-flowing kind of powders like salt particles and non-freely flowing powders like milk powders and flour powders are used.

Powders of free flowing nature cannot easily be dispensed and hence cannot be pressed further.

Auger fillers use an auger screw part that dispenses the products.

Its screw moves materials ahead in a rotating manner.

Settling The Required Parameters

A control system is used by an operator to manage the machine.

Empty Vessels Feeding

Empty vessels are fed to the machine by an operator for semi-automated auger fillers and manual auger fillers in the process.

Conveyors are used to arranging the empty vessels for filling.

Filling The Containers

Feeding to the drill is done by a hopper to offer accurate results in the long run.

Augers have weighing scales which are always exempted as the machine uses volumetric powder filling machines.

An Auger screw is rotated by its drive while feeding powder to the hopper’s tubing.

An agitated blade moves opposite the screw to break inconsistent materials, hence a free-moving powder product.

Net Weight Filling

Weighing scales are used by filler machines to measure the exact product before filling it into the machine in the process.

Semi-automated and automated methods are included as well.

Semi-automated method puts containers below the fillers as a button pressed.

Button stops immediately after a given-sized weight is achieved.

Process repeats itself over again.

Automatic machines methods are fast and offer reduced operator activities.

While using automated fillers, the process starts to the end as the vessels move below the fillers.

Its slow movement offers an accurate process, but fast movement offers quick results.

Three different set points controlled are the target weight and the dribble weight as the final one is preacted.

Fast movement of the filling cycle moves to the dribble, after which, when it arrives at the preact, the valve closes as the vessel reaches the targeted weight.

Different nozzle types are used based on speed selection and the type of container to use in the filling process.

Volumetric Filling

It occurs in three different filling mechanisms.

Pump Filling Mechanism

Pumps transfer products from tanks to containers.

Pump filling mechanism is well suitable for highly viscous products to avoid clogging pump parts.

Peristaltic nature pumps have flexible tubes and rollers that help separate the products from the pump parts in motion.

It is suitable for dangerous fluids and also pharmaceutical fluids.

Gravity Kind Of Feeding System

Gravity, in this case, is used to force through the products to the vessels.

It is well designed for foaming kinds of products.

It is well used for a thin kind of viscosity.

Besides, it works in different temperature ranges and also it offers a quiet working environment

Piston Type Mechanism

Piston’s fillers open valves flowing directly from a hopper straight to the cylinder.

Full piston forces the product into the container via the nozzles.

It suits different products of different viscosity and densities.

Pouch Dosing

It is powered using an electric motor, hence the pump, after retaining a weighed amount of liquid in its chamber, is injected into the tank or even a pipe having the fluid dosed.

It manages the flow rate of the fluid being dosed

Pick Filling Sealing Machine Sealing Mechanisms

Capping Sealing

Inline Screwing Capping System Machines Or Spindling Method

Three to four discs are used to spin a container cap tightly as the sides’ belts tightly hold the container to avoid rotations on the conveyor.

It is a method that offers simplicity nature while in use.

Retorque Kind Of Machines

It works similar to inline capping system.

Ideally, it works on retightening.

It does not require the use of a feeding and sorting system like the inline system.

Rotorque method is mainly used where aluminium foil sealing is done, causing loose caps.

Snapping Mechanisms

It is more related to inline method.

It presses the cap using an overhead design.

Chuck Method

Chuck is mainly used as it grips a cap while spinning it on the bottle.

Contain a clutch for the torque method to work, as the machines use one or more heads to fasten production.

Heat Sealing

Has a medium of sealing the materials by use of heat.

As it has the ability to produce a high impulse currency on the device surface, bags to be sealed are pressed and sealed as the bag is melted due to the strong heat provision.

Heating sealing bags to certain temperatures melt materials that stick together similarly to a bag containing zip liners.

Ultrasonic Sealing

Vibrations are used from the acoustic to provide heat inside a film in a molecular form.

Due to vibrations, molecules are forced to move to create a way in which a seal is achieved by rounding the container in place.

Welded materials in the process are for sealing process.

It is best used in food companies.

It is also applicable in Pharmaceutical company.

Parts Of Pick And Fill Sealing Machine

Touch Screen

All system operations are controlled at the control unit which determines the speed and efficiency of the machine rate level.

Any defect or failed part is detected and shown over the screen.

Filling Point

At this point which contains a cup, the filling bag is fed with the respective product and moved into the machine for sealing process.


Sensors are commonly detectors which work closely with alarm system to confirm the accuracy of the machine and any negative outcome that require attention.

Sensors also detect the presence or absence of fillings in the receiving cup.

Heat Sealing Point

Heat is applied at this point in order to help seal a packed bag.

Heat is used to seal the capsule for testing and ensure proper tightness is achieved by the machine.

Air Cleaning System Point

High pressure cleaning system cleans the machine as it also cools the running parts due to the heating process.

Glass Cover

Glass coverage offers safety and clean environment to the machine.

Discharge Point

At this point, packed products are expelled from the machine to the conveyor belt.

How Pick Fill And Seal Machine Works

Filling Machine

The process starts by pressing the machine start button and that of the conveyor.

Filling bags or containers are spaced equally.

Movement is in a circular layout.

Filling and Sealing Point

After the sensor detects the bag, it is picked to the grippers.

By use of high positional accuracy and a tracking system, the presence of bags or containers automatically causes the fillers to release the product of the packing bags or containers.

Printing can be done if need be.

A bag is opened when enclosed at the lower end.

An opened bag is filled with the product in place based on the operation

Settling of some products is allowed before sealing is done.

Cooling of the product is done to products that require a cooling system.


After sealing, a moving conveyor expels the product from the machine environment.

Industries Using Pick Fill Seal Machine

Food Industry

Food producing companies use pick fill, and seal machines in completing the process of packing grains, ready meals to eat, seeds, powders, and liquids like milk, spices, salt, and tea, among other feeding products.

Cosmetics Industry

Shampoo packing and other cosmetic products rely on pick fill and seal machines to effectively market their products and increase shelf life.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Packing, filling and sealing pharmaceutical products like medical drugs, tablet packing, capsules, liquid dosages, and even medical powders largely depend on the machine for the process to be effective.

Agricultural Industries

Packing agrochemical products, fertilizers, liquid products, and powder agricultural products use a pick fill and seal machine.

Painting Industries

It is used to pick, fill and seal painting liquids and powders.

Dye products and pigments are also filled and sealed using the pick fill and seal machine.

Cement Industries

Cement and wall putty products are packed and sealed by the pick fill and seal machine.

Motor Industries

Packing of varnishes, types of lube oils and coolants use the pick fill and seal machine.

Are Pick Fill Seal Machine Available In Horizontal Form Fill Seal Designs


In the horizontal form fill seal design, a roll of film is run on a plough hence the gusset bottom.

The film is flat-folded, hence moving to different seal points.

horizontal pick fill seal machine

Filling of the product is done on the top.

Sealing is done, and the bag is expelled from the machine.

Features To Look For In Pick Fill Seal Machines

Filling Product Type

Products to be filled determine the machine to consider.

A beverage company dealing with liquids alone will not need a multipurpose pick, fill and seal machine.

Container To Use For Filling

Different machines are designed to work on certain containers or packing bags, while some are capable of multi-tasking.

Machine Rate

A machine’s speed is important in carrying out various tasks over time.

Automation Type

An automatic machine is way faster and more accurate than a manual machine.

Legal Requirements

Some countries might be strict about the importation of certain machines.

Control System

A complete automatic control system reduces labour intensity compared to manual machines.

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