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With vast experience and advanced technology, Jochamp will create exclusive customized orders for you.

Why Choose Jochamp?

Easy to Operate
Rich Experience

We provide more than 1000 kinds of packaging equipment every year. Our team of 100+ employees have an average of more than 3 years of experience in the industry.

Simple Maintenance
Powerful Machining

We have introduced a German five-axis machining center, as well as a large number of high-precision measuring tools into our factory—and we purchase new tools every year.

Quality Assurance
R & D Capabilities

Our chief designer with more than 20 years of experience and our business partners (Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, etc.) continue to develop for us.

Integrated Function

More than 50 cooperative manufacturers provide additional functional equipment for packaging machinery, including checkweighers, printers, labelers, etc.

Professional Packaging Solutions

Our extensive capabilities and expertise allow us to discuss and design your packaging line including the following basic information:

  • Product information
  • Packaging
  • Yield
  • Front-end production line
  • Factory layout


Once this information is obtained, our engineers will customize a preliminary draft of the perfect packaging machinery solution for you.

Feasibility Study

After developing a specific packaging solution, we will discuss each of the following aspects:

  • Raw materials
  • Processing technology
  • System development
  • Electrical components
  • Assembly process

This will ultimately determine the feasibility of the project, as well as summarize the specific manufacturing steps and calculate the performance of the program.

Powerful Processing Technology

We have added a German five-axis machining center to our factory equipment. A certain proportion of the budget will be used to replace new gauges every year to ensure the precision of the accessories.

At the same time, through the following strict testing methods, we ensure that there is no flaw in any part of the machine:

  • Raw material testing
  • Accessories inspection
  • Purchased parts inspection
  • Standardized assembly process
  • Aging test of the whole machine
Horizontal Cartoning Machine

Diversified Packaging

Jochamp manufactures and sells a variety of packaging machinery. The main packaging forms we can supply machinery for include:

  • Film packaging
  • Bag packaging
  • Paper packaging
  • Blister packaging
  • Carton packaging
  • Case Packaging


Our packaging automation makes the first packaging of a product as well as the end-of-line packaging.

More Than Automation Packaging

Jochamp Machinery is one of the few manufacturers in China that has the ability to build turnkey projects on its own.

Jochamp believes that a good automated packaging solution is not only reflected in the packaging, but also in the optimization of the factory production process to create a sustainable production ecology for the company.

Need A Custom Automated Packaging Solution
Need A Custom Automated Packaging Solution?
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