Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine Manufacturer in China

Automatic plastic wrapping machines are characterized by outstanding quality. JOCHAMP has grown to become a professional manufacturer in the wrapping machine industry. We have managed to stay flexible and customer-oriented. With JOCHAMP, you have a large choice of wrapping machines that meet your production requirements. 

  • Rich extension applications, applied to various devices
  • Excellent quality and a competitive price
  • One-stop plastic wrapping solution supplier
  • Easy to use, high efficiency

JOCHAMP Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine

The automatic plastic wrapping machine is a high-powered tool used for wrapping and sealing products. It is a process that safely wraps good items from dust, dirt, and moisture and securely packs them ready and placed on a shipping carton. This machine is applicable for all sorts of products — either solid or liquid, bottled or canned. 

JOCHAMP automatic plastic wrapping machine has a compact mechanical structure that guarantees reliable and high wrapping speed and performance. It lasts for more prolonged use and requires less maintenance. Besides, JOCHAMP has professional skills and knowledge in customizing automatic plastic wrapping machines. Whether you need it to pursue wrapping business and projects, reach us for your request. Every staff in our company is held accountable.

JOCHAMP Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine Features

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Optional remote system inspection, maintenance, and upgrading. Complete testing facilities and raw material inspection. JOCHAMP has over 50 technical patents. 

Rich Experience
Rich Experience

We have an excellent team of high-quality talents and rich experience in product operation. Product contact surfaces that comply with food hygiene and drug safety.

Extensive Expansion
Extensive Expansion

JOCHAMP is an expert manufacturing company specializing in the production of R&D machinery with a wide range of products. Extensive industry support, suitable for all industries.

Operational Stability
Operational Stability

Automatic plastic wrapping machines feature a well-designed construction and provide accurate and long-lasting functionality. Equipped with a safety feature to avoid risks.

Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine Ergonomic Structures

The automatic plastic wrapping machine is handy for packing and preserving plenty of industrial products. Due to its consistent function and firm productivity, it has become the sought-after machine for massive packaging production industries. Additionally, this machine comes with ergonomic structures that are suitable to wrap in any product, including:

  • Foods and beverages
  • Cosmetics products, medical drugs, tobacco 
  • Hardware parts, electronic and automotive components
  • Electrical appliances, stationery products
  • Magazines, notebooks, books
  • Personal hygiene kits and essentials
  • Fruits and vegetables
Ergonomic Structures of Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine
Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine Performance

Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine Performance

The automatic plastic wrapping machine is user-friendly and brings consistency and safety to the production line. All the mechanical controls of the machine are easy to use and maneuver. The operating performance will remain in good condition even with its long hours of use.

An automatic plastic wrapping machine is suitable for enormous product wrappings. It operates at its highest speed, allowing for the wrapping of plenty of goods in a single operation’s clean, zero-damage, and consistent wrapping output that will meet the different operational packaging requirements.

Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine Feature Profile

The automatic plastic wrapping machine has a fully automated assembly line that adapts to the high-programmed configuration of machines. Below are the following that best describes our automatic plastic wrapping machine:

  • Full cylinder drive.
  • Synchronize and steady operation.
  • Conveniently adjusting sealing.
  • Compact structure with complete safety devices.
  • Uses the finest quality steel materials and adopts the man-machine interfaces.
  • Gives high accuracy gear transmission and consistent mechanical speed.
  •  It can be moved upward or downward, depending on the working convenience, so that wrapping runs accurately and smoothly.
Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine Feature Profile

Why Choose JOCHAMP Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine

Why Choose JOCHAMP Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine
Why Choose JOCHAMP Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine

JOCHAMP automatic plastic wrapping machine is a highly acclaimed wrapping machine due to its matchless mechanical versatility, strength, and endurance. For a decade, we have actively supported the automation development and innovation of all automatic plastic wrapping machines. 

Moreover, an automatic plastic wrapping machine is concretely designed for extended industries needing a robust and highly functional machine. It contains high-programmed system controls, durable parts, good qualities, and features that ensure maximum compatibility and convenience, making it well-suited for immense wrapping processes. 

JOCHAMP’s uppermost priority is to give satisfaction to all customer’s needs. For 15+ years, we have been in action in providing large numbers of fully upgraded, inspected, and certified automatic plastic wrapping machines. For customization, we can be trusted. We have our professional engineers who will understand your structural design and gives you the best quality machine. 

Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine Qualities

JOCHAMP provides high-quality automatic plastic wrapping machine, which is available in different models, and each of them comes with unique qualities, such as:

  • Sturdy design.
  • High impact and corrosion-resistant.
  • Excellent finishing.
  • It has a high and low-voltage panel that prevents unwanted exposure to high voltage components.
  • Accommodate different sizes of products.
  • Prevent dust from entering the product. package and protect the operator to some extent.
Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine Benefits

The automatic plastic wrapping machine is worthwhile for wide-ranging wrapping operations. Its advantages have become highly demanded in different markets:

  • Securely wrapped to avoid any potential damage.
  • It prevents possible accidents and improves the safety of the employee.
  • Considerably saves effort and time-consuming.
  • Fast and increased production packaging.
  • Efficient product wrapping.
  • Ensure all software and components operate perfectly.

JOCHAMP Professional Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine Services

Support Customization

Automatic plastic wrapping machines are widely used for all kinds of products of different sizes and shapes. Our products are extensively used in packing equipment. They are of good quality, have reasonable prices, and have stylish designs. To ensure long-term interest, the machine ensures optimum compatibility, which is advantageous for future usage as a packaging line. JOCHAMP can customize machines according to your business requirements.

Transportation & Packaging

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient, and efficient packaging services will be provided. JOCHAMP can help increase your packaging efficiencies and reduce your packaging costs. Some products are in stock and can be shipped at any time. Customized machine with the fastest delivery time of 15 days.

Advanced Design

Automatic plastic wrapping machines have an advanced design, stable and reliable performance, efficient power saving, good wrapping effect, novel and beautiful structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. The machine is easy to operate and has high efficiency. Machines are manufactured according to the characteristics of plastic film materials. 

Machine Services

The whole series is equipped with an intelligent fault diagnosis system. The fault point will be clearly displayed on the screen, and the maintenance cost will be minimized. A unique temperature control system provides more precise temperature control and more energy savings. Patented sealing technology, 100% air tightness, and better aesthetics. Precise running parts make our machines less noise.

Reliable Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine Supplier
Reliable Automatic Plastic Wrapping Machine Supplier

All automatic plastic wrapping machines from JOCHAMP have passed CE, SGS, ISO9001, and cGMP certification. Meticulous quality control, from raw materials to machine assembly and testing, every step is controlled by specialists. Send your inquiry now.

  • “JOCHAMP is a solid provider for any type of automatic plastic wrapping machine. The machine that we purchase offers full coverage of moving components and a safety door function to assure safe operation. JOCHAMP provides wonderful support for us.”

  • “Our order has arrived on time. Thanks to JOCHAMP, we are satisfied with the machine that we got. If you actually want to satisfy your distinctive demands, try JOCHAMP services; they’ve created the  machine with the best quality outlook and a unique appearance.”

  • “We’re relieved to have discovered the correct source at last. My favorite manufacturer is JOCHAMP. The machine that we ordered has of good quality. We are grateful for their excellent services. JOCHAMP is an excellent supplier of our automatic plastic wrapping machine.”

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