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JOCHAMP Blister Packing Machine

The blister packing machines are useful unit-dose equipment, packaging tablets, capsules, ampoules, etc. They come with a bubble pack component that may be designed with a pocket or cavity. These machines are electromechanical machines that consist of stationary and moving parts. The parts that give a solution for packaging and sealing pre-formed cavity products.

JOCHAMP is your ideal manufacturer of high-featured blister packing machines, applicable for different industries. We have successfully supplied our constant customers globally for a long time. As a responsible business partner, we ensure high performance, quality, and cost-effective machines, for your business. All our series of blister machines are of the highest quality and adhere to CE, SGS, ISO9001, and cGMP standard certifications.

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Blister Packing Machine Advantages

Product Integrity
Product Integrity

JOCHAMP blister packing machines achieve secured and clean packaging products. They provide products’ air-tight sealed and prevent them from moisture and air. By such packaging, the product will maintain its quality.

Tamper Proof
Tamper Proof

The blister machine packaging outcomes will protect the products from external physical forces, especially pills or capsules that are sensitive. These machines preserve the packed products’ quality and features.

Low Cost
Low Cost

Using different types of blister packaging machines saves a notable amount of money. Choosing blister packaging over plastic saves material costs. JOCHAMP provides them with reasonable prices.

Enhance Identification
Enhance Identification

The blister packaging machines effectively labeled the packed products. It helps enhance the identification of every item. This machine provides ease of identifying the products by their names or other information.

How Does Blister Packing Machine Work?

The complete components of a blister packing machine successfully form and seal certain products. They have a blister forming part that splits the material into the drum and flat-plate types. The flat-plate blister forming machine generally operates better compared to with drum type. However, it features reliability and speed advantages.

Moreover, the blister packaging machines are optionally connected with manual inserting machines, automatic printers, and boxing machines to complete the blister packaging line and save time and labor. Even if these packaging processes can be performed manually, advanced equipment is recommended to enhance safety and sanitary.

Blister Packing Machine
Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine Options

The advanced blister packaging machines are categorized into three options, according to various processes. The following defines their values:

  • Roller Blister Machine: The forming film is softened and heated using a heating device. With negative vacuum pressure, the blister is sucked into the forming molding rollers. It achieves single-sided coated surface cover films.
  • Plate Blister Sealing Machine: This machine is structured by roller and flat type blister packing machines. The flat one uses blow molding, while the roller sealing device is naturally sealed.
  • Flat Blister Sealing Machine: This machine uses a flat heating device that heats and softens the films. 

Blister Machine Product Packaging

JOCHAMP offers advanced blister packaging machines that produce various packaging products, including the following:

  • Half bubble shell
  • Insert card
  • Folded bubble shell
  • Threefold bubble shell
  • Double bubble shell

The blister packaging is also classified as blister box, blister mold, and blister trays. You can send us your machine’s required specifications, and we will immediately do the customization processes!

Choose Blister Packing Machine from JOCHAMP

Blister packing machine

JOCHAMP is your well-known packing machine manufacturer in China. We specialize in customizing safe and hygienic blister machines for sensitive products, like medicines. These machines are designed fully automatic with high capacity and customizable features. We ensure our manufactured machines are passed under stringent quality control operations to achieve long-time trouble-free production.

We have experienced engineers and workers using advanced equipment during production to guarantee high-quality blister packaging machines. You can also trust our assistance from choosing the suitable machine type to delivering them to your facilities. Choose JOCHAMP services now!

JOCHAMP Blister Packing Machine

Why Choose JOCHAMP Blister Packaging Line

JOCHAMP has a service department that operates after-sale services, such as: 

  • Installation, renovation, or relocating blister packing machines and the whole packing lines.
  • Offers production optimization and competent feedback
  • Technical personnel training and optimal machine utilization
  • Break down assistance, maintenance, and tailor-made services
  • One-stop consumable and spare parts delivery
Blister packing machine

JOCHAMP customizes various blister packaging machines with added or optional accessories, such as follows:

  • Pre-cutting
  • Cold Forming
  • Added Feeding Area
  • Automatic Feeder
  • Inspect & Rejecting Control System
  • Printing Mark Registration

Custom Blister Packing Machine for Various Industry


Using a blister packaging machine is a great way to package pills and other medication doses. Pharmaceutical medications often come packaged in blister cards, used as a unit dose container. Because they keep the goods fresh and sealed, they extend the shelf life of products.

Food Industry

JOCHAMP manufactures high-speed blister packaging machines for the food sector. Users may use this machine while packaging their food goods to keep them safe from other contaminants during transportation and storage. As a result, the quality of the final product will not be affected.

Health Care

There are no external physical factors that may affect the integrity of a Blister packaging. Medical instruments such as syringes and needles may be kept in good working order. Hygienic blister packing solutions store medical items in sterile environments. 

Chemical Factory

Blister packaging machines make labeling a high-profile part of the operation. It makes sure that the labels and other information about the products are easy to find. This characteristic of the blister packaging machine is beneficial in a chemical manufacturing facility.

Blister Packing Machine Supplier
One-Stop Blister Packing Machine Provider in China

Are you interested in purchasing a blister packing machine at a competitive price for your business? We know the solution to what you need. The blister packing machine offered by JOCHAMP is of the highest quality. Additionally, they are for any packing requirements. Send us an email right this minute!

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Blister Packing Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Before choosing your next blister packing machine, read this guide. It has all information that will help you choose high quality and reliable blister packing machine. So, if you want to be an expert in blister packing, read this guide.

What Is Blister Packing Machine?

A blister packing machine is an electromechanical machine that has the capability of placing or packing the required products into the required blisters.

Blister Packing Machine

blister packing machine

Some of these products include capsules, tablets, pills, and suppositories.

Benefits Of Blister Packaging Machine

There are quite numerous areas where blister packing machine application will necessitate effective packaging of products into blisters.

The following are some of the benefits that blister packing machine aids in companies such as the food, chemical, and drug industries. They include;

Guarantees Accurate Dosage

The use of a blister packing machine guarantees the accuracy of dosage.

The blister packing machine aids in packing products into specific blisters which minimize the usage of the prescribed products.

This is an easy truck of the intake of the product especially drugs and supplements.

Its More Cost-effective

The use of a blister packing machine for blister packing is less-costly compared to the use of plastic packing.

Additionally, the cost of packing pills capsules is relatively low as the manufacturing of the blisters packs is low which also holds numerous products than plastics.

This saves on the cost of having to pack relatively small products such as pills or even batteries in multiple packs.

Product Integrity Is Guaranteed

Blister packing machine is more applicable in the drug and food industry.

This means a high need to always maintain ample conditions for the products you are dealing with.

Using a blister packing machine ensures that the products are well sealed to prevent exposure to moisture.

This ensures the products in the blister packs maintain the required quality before usage. This seal provides resistance to rust and water hence improving the quality of the products.

Improves Products Identification

Product identification is very crucial in every industry.

This involves the labeling of products for easy sampling and identification.

The blister packing machine aids in labeling these products during the blister packing process.

Product labeling normally involves listing product names, and usage among other information.

With these, you can easily identify the products you need while still saving on time.

Tamper-proof Guarantee

The use of a blister packing machine results in blister packs that have zero or minimal likelihood of damage from external forces.

This guarantees the integrity of the products (capsules and pills) for consumer wellbeing.

Also, the blister packing machine creates a volatile corrosion inhibitor that prevents contamination of the products in the blister packs.

To get the products out of the blister packs it will require you to tear off the barriers thus reducing the rate of contamination.

It’s also possible to know when your products have been tampered with

Types Of Blisters Packing Machine

Blister packing machine varies depending on the type of operation they perform. The following are the most common types of blisters packing machines;

Automatic Strip Blister Packing Machine

An automatic strip blister packing machine is ideal for packing capsules or tablets into strips. This type of blister packing machine is categorized into three.

Automatic strip blister packing machine

They include;

Roller-type Blister Packing Machine

Roller-type blister packing machine works only by heating and softening the forming film through the heated device.

The blister is then sucked through the negative vacuum pressure to form a molding roller on the roller.

roller type blister packkng machine

The filling device will then fill the packed products into the blister passing it through the roller type for sealing using adhesives under regulated temperatures.

Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine

This blister packing machine borrows the working principle of roller type and the flat plate which facilitates blow molding.

The roller type results in the sealing of the blisters.

Blister Packaging Line

roller plate blister packing machine

Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine

The forming film undergoes heating and softening through the flat heating device.

The results obtained of the softened will be blown using the compressed gas into the blisters.

As a result, the device used for filling will fill up the products into the blisters.

Later the blister will pass through a flat sealing device to seal under the right temperature and pressure.

flat plate blister packing machine

Also, a batch number is included during the sealing process of the blister packs.

PVC Blister Packing of Tablets

This type of blister packing machine is ideal for packing solid and liquid products.

PVC blister packing machine ensures the safety of products from dust and steam.

It’s also capable of packing both large and small quantities of products.

These blister machines usually use aluminum as the starter material while the PVC forms the forming film.

PVC blister packing of tablets

PVC blister packing for tablets

Forming of blisters using these machines depends entirely on thermoforming technique which aids in the formation of the cavities.

Intermittent Motion Blister Packing Machine

This type of blister packing machine is ideal for packing solid dose products such as capsules or coated tablets and tablets are some of the forming materials.

Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine

intermittent motion blister packing machine

Other types of blisters packing machines include

  • Self-checking molding aluminum blisters packing machine
  • LFA high quality blister strip packing machine
  • Blister packing machine with integrated cartoner
  • Continuous motion blister packing machine
Classification Of Blister Packaging

Blister packing is a mode of packaging which is a s a result of heating and molding plastic materials to form a certain shape which is usually in the form of a pocket.

Some of these plastic materials include a polyvinyl pocket. Some-based plastics, high-density polyethylene among other plastics.

The following are some of the most common available classifications of blister packaging. They include;


The transparent plastic in the blister results from a transparent plastic sheet.

This transparent plastic is shaped into a convex shape that improves the appearance of the blister and also provides protection.

Depending on the form of the bubble shell formed, blisters can vary from, double bubble shell, insert card bubble shell, suck card bubble shell,ss and single bubble shell.

Vacuum cover, plastic mask, or bubble cover also refer to the blister.

Blister Box

This blister box is also known as a folding box or ceiling blister depending on which side joins the other one.

When the bottom joins with the cover it is called a folding box. The ceiling blister occurs when the bottom and the cover separate.

Blister Tray

This blister packaging is also known as plastic nettles.

The plastic with these nettles is achieved from the plastic plate through the blister process. This shape and grooves improve the appearance of the blisters and also protect the products sealed in.

Blister Mold

Molds vary greatly in quality and the cost of material used in making the molds.

Aluminum molds have been the most expensive than gypsum molds and copper molds have been the cheapest.

Normally the holes will be drilled on the molds which serve as vacuum adsorption of the sheets.

This results in the formation of the blisters.

Parts Of Blister Packing Machine

The following are the main parts of the blister packing machine that aids in the packing process. They include;

Touch Screen Interface

Blister packing machine is made up of a touch screen interface that is human-friendly to aid in operating the machine.

This interface provides ease of navigation during the packing process of the blister packs.

You can easily navigate, troubleshoot, and configure the blister packing machine to the specifications you want.

It’s also easy to monitor and control the whole blister packing process.

This interface also allows you to troubleshoot any crisis during the blister packing process.

Blister Pack Tooling Unit

Blister pack tooling unit comes in different designs as well as the configuration to enable thermoforming, and cold forming of the blister’s packs.

It also facilitates the continuous production of blister packs.

It determines the shapes of the blister packs making it more crucial in the blister packing process.

Polyvinyl Chloride Feeding Roller

Synchronization and the continuous motion of the PVC feeding roller aid in moving the materials for an easy blister packing process.

Blister packing machine uses a motor which facilitates continuous movement of the machine by ensuring;

Full automation of the P feeding roller and the ability to use the user interface to control numerous operations.

Continues feeding mechanism for the machine

Efficient packaging needs are met by providing a simple integrating system.

It’s able to meet most of the requirements when it comes to feeding materials.

Turning Rollers

Turning rollers aids in the feeding of the materials to the machine.

This is achieved through the high tension applied by the turning rollers to the materials.

Turning rollers with the help of rolling systems will feed all the materials to the blister packing unit.

Electric Motor

The electric motor facilitates the movement of all the parts of the blister packing machine with the help of shafts, gears, and belts.

Also, it can control the speed at which the moving parts operate to meet all the necessary blister packing requirements.

Cavity Forming System

The cavity-forming unit aids in the formation of the cavities you will need for placing your products.

This part comprises 18 other sub-parts that facilitate the formation of preferred shapes of civility.

All these parts can easily be adjusted to fit all your requirements.

Guide Rail

Guide rail facilitates the movement of materials from one unit to the next one during the blister packing process.

Guide rail comprises the following parts which facilitate its operation. They include;

  • Integrated guide rail
  • Turning roller
  • Adjusting handle
  • Guide rail ide plate
  • Guide rail brace
  • Guide rail foot seat.

Heating Box

The heating box receives materials directly from the feeding unit.

In the heating box, the materials will be heated to the required temperature which will be read for forming in the nest stage.

The heating box comprises;

  • Forming die holder
  • Upper heating pate adjusting bolt
  • Heating plate bracket
  • Turning cycle

Material Feeding Unit

This part facilitates the filling of packing materials into the right cavities.

Also, it is made up of an empty detection equipment to prevent the filling of the empty cavities.

Heat Sealing Unit

This part facilitates the sealing of the products in the cavity during the blister packing process.

Bearing seat and cam case are among the parts that help in the heat-sealing process.

Pressing Mechanism Unit

This part aids in forming the final permanent seat on the products in the blister packs.

Waste Material Winder

This part aids in removing/winding waste materials from the form fil and the final product in the cavity.

Sealing Material Feeder

This unit contains all the materials that are ready for feeding into the cavities through the guard rail.

Blanking Mechanism

The blanking mechanism cuts out all the blister packs that are fully processed to separate them from the main material.

The size of the blanking mechanism depends largely on how cavity each set has.

Tow Mechanism

It facilitates easy movement of the packed blisters from one level to another. More so, it makes sealing more efficient.

Product Chute

This part facilitates the exit/removal of the final packed blister from the blister packing machine.

Lubrication Unit

This part provides overall maintenance of the blister packing machine by oiling and greasing all the moving parts on the blister packing machine.

Blister Packing Machine Working Principle

A blister packing machine aids in the process of packing products in blisters. This process involves a series of steps which include;

Turning On The Blister Packing Machine

The whole blister packing process begins with switching the blister packing machine.

This initiates the rollers on the machine to start moving, moving the materials to the next stage.

Heating Off The Raw Materials

In this stage, the materials will undergo heating at a specific temperature. This allows the formed fil to heat up into a soft film which forms the cavities.

Note, that the temperature setting depends on which type of material you are using for the production of blister packs.

Both the upper plate and lower plate help maintain consistency and uniform heating of the forming film.

Film Cavity Formation

For quality and suitable formation of cavities, die plates or compressed air will be used to necessitate thermoforming.

The blister packing machine will later cool down to allow the formation of cavities which you can then easily place your products.

A stamping mechanism and punching pins are employed during the cold formation of cavities.

The cooling down allows the blister pacts to obtain a rigid shape as desired for the packing of different products.

Filling Cavities And Checking Empty Cavities

In this stage, the blister cavities will be filled with the required products before sealing is done.

The filling process can either be manual or automatic depending on which machine you will be using.

In most cases, you will find blister packing machine has an empty pocket detector to detect any empty cavities, especially when using aluminum foil.

Sealing Of Blisters

The already filled blisters are ready for sealing at this stage.

Lidding material is used to make the seal on the blister packs and it should be reading available every time the forming film reaches the sealing unit.

After placing the lidding material, the heat-sealing unit will seal up the blisters under appropriate heat and temperature.

In this case to ensure firm sealing high temperature and pressure are applied during the heat-sealing process.

Trimming And Printing The Blister Packs

This is the final stage of the blister packing process.

The blister pack will move to the next stage of printing where the machine embosses the set message onto the blister pack.

Some of the information that the blister packing machine will emboss on the blister pack includes; batch number, expiry date, and date of manufacture.

The blister pack will then move forward for trimming to get the required units before moving out of the blister packing machine.

blister packing machine working principle

blister packing machine princple

Applications Of Blister Packing Machine

Blister packing machine is commonly used when;

  • Packing capsules and tablets from capsule filling machines
  • Providing tamper-proof seals to protect the quality of the products.
  • Gives clear indications to prevent over usage of the product.

Blister packing machine is commonly used in industries such as;

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Food industry for packaging food
  • Cosmetic industries package different types of cosmetic products.
  • Chemical industries to packaged different types of chemical products
Blister Packing Machine Vs Strip Packing Machine

Blister packing machines and strip packing machines have both similarities and differences.

Both of the packing machines are ideal for packaging pharmaceutical products in different drug industries.

For blister packing machines, the formation of blister is normally through thermoforming or cold formation processes. For strip packing machines thermoforming and cold-formation processes are absent.

With a blister packing machine, less space is required, unlike a strip packing machine which requires mere space during packing.

With blister packing machine. The speed of production is relatively high unlike in strip packing machines where production speed is low.

strip packing machine

strip packing machine

It’s possible to add batch coding, printing, and perforation while using a strip packing machine. For blisters packing machines, you can only add printing and batch coding but not perforation.

The blister packing machine uses plastics and aluminum foil as the main raw materials in the production of blister packs.

The strip packing machine uses paper foil and cellophane as the main raw materials.


A blister packing machine is used in the production of blister packs that are of a wide range to accommodate different packaging of products.

For instance, packs for batteries, and toothbrush packs among others.

Strip packing machine packs are used to pack products such as batteries, toothbrush among other products.

The blister packing process undergoes a series of four stages, unwinding, film-forming, filling the film and trimming, and printing.

Strip packing involves a series of only three steps processes.

With blister packing, consumers can vividly view the products they are consuming which is not the case with strip packing.

Blister packing is more cost-effective compared to strip packing.

Moreso, materials used in the production of blister packs are relatively cheap compared to those of strip packing.

Troubleshooting Blister Packing Machine

Troubleshooting blister packing machine allows early detection of problems that may inhibit machine operations.

The following are the most common problems you may encounter during blister packing machine troubleshooting. They include;

Differences In Thickness Of The Materials

This compromises the integrity and quality of the packs which results in the barrier around the products.

Also, you will find the material quality will in the end affect the thickness of the material.

Correct machine programming and ensuring material thickness uniformity is one way you can prevent this problem.

Missing Products In The Cavity

When the packing speed of the blister packing machine is high or even faulty parts, then the products will miss the cavities.

It’s important to set a uniform speed while filling the cavities with the products. Also, repair all the broken parts on the blister packing machine.

Improper Sealing Of The Blister Packs

When there is not sufficient heat or enough pressing the seal on the blister pack will peel off which may compromise the quality of the products.

Its therefore important to ensure the heating unit is well fixed and the pressing unit (pneumatic system).

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