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JOCHAMP is your expert manufacturer and customizes various packaging machines, including blister packing machines. We ensure high flexible equipment, making them useful in every packing product size. Negotiate with us to achieve a fully equipped industrial and production factory!

  • Excellent stability
  • Convenient to operate
  • Available with various accessories
  • Come with touch screen controls

JOCHAMP Blister Packing Machine

The blister packing machines are useful unit-dose equipment, packaging tablets, capsules, ampoules, etc. They come with a bubble pack component that may be designed with a pocket or cavity. These machines are electromechanical machines that consist of stationary and moving parts. The parts that give a solution for packaging and sealing pre-formed cavity products.

JOCHAMP is your ideal manufacturer of high-featured blister packing machines, applicable for different industries. We have successfully supplied our constant customers globally for a long time. As a responsible business partner, we ensure high performance, quality, and cost-effective machines, for your business. All our series of blister machines are of the highest quality and adhere to CE, SGS, ISO9001, and cGMP standard certifications.

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Blister Packing Machine Advantages

Product Integrity
Product Integrity

JOCHAMP blister packing machines achieve secured and clean packaging products. They provide products’ air-tight sealed and prevent them from moisture and air. By such packaging, the product will maintain its quality.

Tamper Proof
Tamper Proof

The blister machine packaging outcomes will protect the products from external physical forces, especially pills or capsules that are sensitive. These machines preserve the packed products’ quality and features.

Low Cost
Low Cost

Using different types of blister packaging machines saves a notable amount of money. Choosing blister packaging over plastic saves material costs. JOCHAMP provides them with reasonable prices.

Enhance Identification
Enhance Identification

The blister packaging machines effectively labeled the packed products. It helps enhance the identification of every item. This machine provides ease of identifying the products by their names or other information.

How Does Blister Packing Machine Work?

The complete components of a blister packing machine successfully form and seal certain products. They have a blister forming part that splits the material into the drum and flat-plate types. The flat-plate blister forming machine generally operates better compared to with drum type. However, it features reliability and speed advantages.

Moreover, the blister packaging machines are optionally connected with manual inserting machines, automatic printers, and boxing machines to complete the blister packaging line and save time and labor. Even if these packaging processes can be performed manually, advanced equipment is recommended to enhance safety and sanitary.

Blister Packing Machine
Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine Options

The advanced blister packaging machines are categorized into three options, according to various processes. The following defines their values:

  • Roller Blister Machine: The forming film is softened and heated using a heating device. With negative vacuum pressure, the blister is sucked into the forming molding rollers. It achieves single-sided coated surface cover films.
  • Plate Blister Sealing Machine: This machine is structured by roller and flat type blister packing machines. The flat one uses blow molding, while the roller sealing device is naturally sealed.
  • Flat Blister Sealing Machine: This machine uses a flat heating device that heats and softens the films. 

Blister Machine Product Packaging

JOCHAMP offers advanced blister packaging machines that produce various packaging products, including the following:

  • Half bubble shell
  • Insert card
  • Folded bubble shell
  • Threefold bubble shell
  • Double bubble shell

The blister packaging is also classified as blister box, blister mold, and blister trays. You can send us your machine’s required specifications, and we will immediately do the customization processes!

Choose Blister Packing Machine from JOCHAMP

Blister packing machine

JOCHAMP is your well-known packing machine manufacturer in China. We specialize in customizing safe and hygienic blister machines for sensitive products, like medicines. These machines are designed fully automatic with high capacity and customizable features. We ensure our manufactured machines are passed under stringent quality control operations to achieve long-time trouble-free production.

We have experienced engineers and workers using advanced equipment during production to guarantee high-quality blister packaging machines. You can also trust our assistance from choosing the suitable machine type to delivering them to your facilities. Choose JOCHAMP services now!

JOCHAMP Blister Packing Machine

Why Choose JOCHAMP Blister Packaging Line

JOCHAMP has a service department that operates after-sale services, such as: 

  • Installation, renovation, or relocating blister packing machines and the whole packing lines.
  • Offers production optimization and competent feedback
  • Technical personnel training and optimal machine utilization
  • Break down assistance, maintenance, and tailor-made services
  • One-stop consumable and spare parts delivery
Blister packing machine

JOCHAMP customizes various blister packaging machines with added or optional accessories, such as follows:

  • Pre-cutting
  • Cold Forming
  • Added Feeding Area
  • Automatic Feeder
  • Inspect & Rejecting Control System
  • Printing Mark Registration

Custom Blister Packing Machine for Various Industry


Using a blister packaging machine is a great way to package pills and other medication doses. Pharmaceutical medications often come packaged in blister cards, used as a unit dose container. Because they keep the goods fresh and sealed, they extend the shelf life of products.

Food Industry

JOCHAMP manufactures high-speed blister packaging machines for the food sector. Users may use this machine while packaging their food goods to keep them safe from other contaminants during transportation and storage. As a result, the quality of the final product will not be affected.

Health Care

There are no external physical factors that may affect the integrity of a Blister packaging. Medical instruments such as syringes and needles may be kept in good working order. Hygienic blister packing solutions store medical items in sterile environments. 

Chemical Factory

Blister packaging machines make labeling a high-profile part of the operation. It makes sure that the labels and other information about the products are easy to find. This characteristic of the blister packaging machine is beneficial in a chemical manufacturing facility.

Blister Packing Machine Supplier
One-Stop Blister Packing Machine Provider in China

Are you interested in purchasing a blister packing machine at a competitive price for your business? We know the solution to what you need. The blister packing machine offered by JOCHAMP is of the highest quality. Additionally, they are for any packing requirements. Send us an email right this minute!

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  • “Various blister packing solution manufacturers are available nowadays, but JOCHAMP is the only company that can supply us with the packaging solution we require at a reasonable price. Hence, with the help of JOCHAMP, we’ve seen an increase in our manufacturing sales.”

  • “We keep looking for a company that renders blister packing machines. JOCHAMP customization capabilities provide us with a functional blister packing solution. They have everything we need and satisfy our distinct packing needs.”

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