We enforce the quality control at each step and make it as strict as possible. The result of the subdivided quality control process is to ensure the traceability of quality. We divide quality control into:

  • Verification of raw materials
  • Early-stage design and planning
  • High-precision machining equipment support
  • Parts inspection
  • 76 hours no-load operation
  • Machine test run
  • Inspection before shipment

Raw Material Control

Raw materials are a prerequisite for any production.

At Jochamp, we strictly inspect the material properties to carefully manufacture each part of the machine. We have been working with world-renowned brands to obtain high-grade materials.

Professional Mechanical Design

The mechanical design determines the performance of the packaging machine.
Our engineers have extensive experience and can plan the entire mechanical structure in the most rational way. We use the most advanced SOLIDWORKS software to examine the correct operation of the machinery.

Precise Part Machining

The precision of the parts plays a decisive role in the stability and durability of the packaging machine. We have a complete set of high-precision machining instruments for machining parts, such as the five-axis machining center imported from Germany, guaranteeing our machining accuracy.

Rich Experience & High Precision Instruments

Our employees have an average experience of more than 2.5 years in assembly and manual processing. Our regular training improves our techniques in assembling equipment with more reasonable operating procedures. We spend a lot of money to update our gauges and tools every year. This ensures that our equipment remains precise.

Rigorous Machine Running Test

We divide machine testing into several steps:

  • Empty flight test
  • Product packaging test
  • 72 hours no-load operation
  • Mechanical adjustment after testing
  • Final test runs before shipping

We do everything possible to ensure the stability of the machine.

We break down the pre-shipment inspection into several steps:

  • Fastener pressure testing
  • Electrical circuit detection
  • Weld-point inspection
  • Paint surface inspection
  • Lubrication detection of moving parts
  • System detection

We even specify the detection point to each screw.

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Need A Custom Automated Packaging Solution?
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