Continuously Promote Sustainable Development

Jochamp attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility and constantly explores sustainable development.

How Does JOCHAMP Remain Sustainable?

Faster Production
Efficient Packaging Machinery

Our packaging machines will help more and more companies optimize their production processes and save time.

Quality Assurance
Environmental Protection

Our technical team improves packaging machinery to be suitable for more environmentally-friendly packaging materials.

Design Stability
Humanistic Care

Fair promotion opportunities, perfect salary system, and welfare promote the continuous development of our company.

Committed to Welfare

In the past few years, Jochamp has been committed to welfare and providing great working conditions to our employees.

Advanced Packaging Machinery

Jochamp’s continuous research and development is committed to providing customers with more efficient and durable packaging machinery. Through technical means, we have improved designs, increased output, and fully optimized the production and packaging processes for worldwide shipping.

Employee Benefits

Fair Chance

Everyone has a fair chance.
We continue to improve our employee benefits, salary system and promotion system. Let our employees get more happiness.

Environment-Oriented Approach

Contribution to environmental protection is the driving force for the sustainable development of our company. Through continuous research and development, our packaging machinery can be applied to more environmentally friendly packaging materials, such as: biodegradable films, outer packaging materials for plant products, etc.

Together with Jochamp

We call on more people to join Jochamp to contribute to public welfare and promote the development of our society.

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Need A Custom Automated Packaging Solution?
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