Frozen Food Packaging Machine Manufacturer in China

For more than 15 years in the industry, Jochamp has been a professional and experienced manufacturer of frozen food packaging machines. Every stage is carefully observed by our expert engineers, from the raw materials to the construction and testing of the equipment. 

  • Automatically adjustment
  • Enhancing stability and precision
  • Simple-to-use high-precision controller
  • Safe and reliable operation

JOCHAMP Frozen Food Packaging Machine

During the packaging process, the frozen food packaging machine may automatically execute all activities, including measuring, feeding, filling, creating bags, and printing dates. It is widely used for different frozen food applications such as frozen seafood, frozen peas, frozen fruit, frozen veggies, etc. Besides, the frozen food packaging machine has a wide weighing range, quick packaging, excellent weighing accuracy, saves time and labor, and makes packaging frozen food simpler. 

Jochamp produces a variety of frozen food packaging machines that are specially made to meet all the customers’ requirements. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for frozen food packaging for your business. We can assist you in finding the appropriate machine that is suitable for your needs.

Frozen Food Packaging Machine Structural Details

Hygienic design: Design that is waterproof and dustproof, made entirely of stainless steel and is simple to use, maintain, and clean. Spend less time, less labor, and less money on cleaning.

Approachable touch screen: Simple and clear LCD touch screen that allows for easy operation.

Strong data statistics functionality: Quantifiable indications are recorded and counted by the frozen food packaging machine, including the total number of packages produced in each batch, the qualification rate, and the average inaccuracy of each bag.

Frozen Food Packaging Machine Structural Details
Different Types Of Frozen Food Packaging

Different Types Of Frozen Food Packaging

The common options for packaging frozen food are the following:

  • Shrink Film
  • Skin film
  • Lidding Films
  • Wax Coated Cardboard
  • Aluminum
  • Flexible Bags
  • IQF polyethylene
  • High barrier thermoforming film

Jochamp has a variety of machine-type selections that are applicable to your packaging requirements.

Your Trusted Frozen Food Packaging Machine Supplier
Your Trusted Frozen Food Packaging Machine Supplier

The frozen food packaging machine you need may be found at Jochamp. We provide a large selection of frozen food packaging equipment that has achieved CE, SGS, ISO9001, and cGMP certification. Explore our frozen food packaging machine by selecting your preferred package type or packaging technology.

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