Flow Wrapping Machine Supplier in China

Jochamp is a reliable flow wrapping machine manufacturer in China. This machine uses various types of film and foils in packaging different products. They are good inclusion to your packaging business and projects.

  • Corrosion-resistant, IP65 grade machine
  • Easy to maintain, simple installation
  • Made of durable stainless steel construction
  • With budget-friendly Asian price

Custom Flow Wrapping Machine - JOCHAMP

Flow wrapping is becoming an important technique for packaging various products with any type of foils and film. These machines are used to package vegetables, fruits, bakery, candy, and confectionery items, as well as industrial products like hardware.

We customize our flow wrapping machine based on our customers’ precise needs and specifications.  If you are interested in any of our machines, please contact us directly.

Flow Wrapping Machine Features

Design Stability
Design Stability

All of the machines we offer are made of tough, strong stainless steel that is ideal for the harshest work conditions.

High Velocity
High Velocity

Our high-speed, accurate flow wrapper provides precise packaging solutions that surpass various custom specifications.

High Efficiency
High Efficiency

Jochamp machines are known for their high efficiency and stability. All are thoroughly made to meet your expectations.

Flexible Option
Flexible Option

Flow wrapping machines can be used in a variety of industries, including food and beverages in granule, liquid, pickle, and powder form.

Flow Wrapping Machine Workflow

Flow wrapping machine assist manufacturers in increasing the speed and efficiency of their packaging processes. Jochamp can provide you with a user-friendly flow wrapping system regardless of your needs.

To begin, an in-feed conveyor places and transports your items into a containing box. This containing box applies wrapping film around the product on machines equipped with rotary sealers. The film is then sealed and cut to shape the bag.

When this procedure is finished, the sealable product is ready to be boxed and shipped.

Flow Wrapping Machine Workflow1
Outstanding Performance of High-Speed Flow Wrapper

Why Flow Wrap Machine?

Choose our flow wrap machine for your packaging industry. It offers numerous advantages for your application, such as:

  • Provides added layer of protection from environmental contamination.
  • Available in varying compositions and thicknesses for your packaging solution.
  • Flow wrapped goods offer exceptional opportunities for improved branding and increased retail sales.
  • Offers high-speed, automatic alternative packaging solution. Speeds up to 70-packs each min.

Custom Flow Wrapping Machine With Us!

Extensive Knowledge – Over 1000 projects completed in over 15 years of producing and trading.

High Speed and Dependable Quality – ISO9001&CE certified, sophisticated technology allows for rapid packaging.

Competitive Pricing – Offering a complete supply chain and a high throughput at the best cost.

Efficient Service – From concept to completion, a professional team will assist you. Simple to use.

Custom Flow Wrapping Machine With Us!

JOCHAMP | Leading Flow Wrapping Machine Supplier in China

JOCHAMP Leading Flow Wrapping Machine Supplier in China
JOCHAMP Leading Flow Wrapping Machine Supplier in China2

JOCHAMP is the market leader in China for manufacturing and exporting flow wrapping machines.  Our R&D Department and sales advisers have at least 15 years of experience and have worked on over 1000 major packaging projects, including upgrading, designing, and installing the entire line.

Our packaging lines are commonly used in medicine, food, cosmetics, and other industries. We also offer great and customized solutions for upgrading and adding value.

Jochamp is your one-stop solution for custom-made flow wrapping machines. All of these machines have passed CE, ISO9001, and cGMP certifications. We’re looking forward to your inquiry. Send us a direct message!

Applicable Industries

You can include our flow wrapping machines, regardless of your industry. They are efficient, reliable packaging solutions ideal for:

  • Beverage
  • Food industry
  • Chemical
  • Medical field
  • Commodity
  • Textiles
Key Features of Our Flow Wrapping Machine1

Jochamp provides these custom-made packaging machines with complete features such as,

  • Easy operation, compact construction, and stable operation.
  • Double frequency converter controller; eliminating the need for adjustment and speeding up the process and film.
  • Employs imported electric appliances, a touch manmachine interface, and a simple parameter configuration.
  • Self-checking function; trouble can be easily read.
  • High sensor photoelectric color chart tracking; allowing for a more accurate cutting position.

Products You Can Pack with Flow Wrapping Machine

Pet and Animal Food

Compared to other brands’ machines, Jochamp flow wrapping machine is commonly 50% quicker. This machine uses fewer resources and energy for packing pet and animal food into a pouch. It is an energy-efficient, reliable, and functional machine.

Household Products

Using a flow wrapping machine for your packaging business will help you save time, money, and space. This machine also provides excellent versatility. Numerous household products can be flow wrapped no matter the items’ characteristics and shapes.

Food Products

For industrial and automotive products, our flow wrapping machines are ideal. The finished packaging is a powerful advertising tool, resulting in improved brand loyalty. It provides detailed information and significantly contributes to the actual sale of an item.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

The plastic used in the wrapping process of medical products is LDPE (low-density polyethylene). It is recyclable plastic, therefore it can be reused. Whatever type of packaging machine you required, Jochamp can meet your requirements. Our packaging machine such as flow wrapping machine has high durability, and keeps the products for around 3-5 times longer.

Your Trusted Flow Wrapping Machine Manufacturer

Leading Supplier of Flow Wrapping Machine in China for Over 15 Years. We Provides Long-Lasting, Cost-Effective Flow Wrap Machines. Ready-to-Ship Nationwide.

  • You can definitely trust Jochamp when it comes to packaging machines, including flow wrapping machines. All machines have durable construction, good condition, and long-lasting performance.

  • If you are looking for high-performance flow wrapping machines like me, I highly recommend Jochamp. The structure of the machine is truly stable and versatile. We are very satisfied!

  • Jochamp helps me choose the most appropriate packaging machine for my application, and they recommend the flow wrapping machine. Upon sending my inquiry, their customer staffs were really amazing and friendly. Will definitely come again!

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