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JOCHAMP manufactures a wide range of packing machines, including for tobacco products. We ensure that the whole packaging line passes CE, ISO9001, and SGS certification standards. You can have your needed tobacco packaging machines with high-performance and affordable costs. Choose our services now!

  • Come with various series.
  • Can pack with different tobacco bag types
  • Made from high-standard materials
  • Works with efficiency and high-speed
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JOCHAMP Tobacco Packing Machine

The tobacco packing machines are fully automated equipment to pack various tobacco granules. They are typically composed of photocell control systems, belt conveyor connections, adjustable discs, and roller drives. However, different tobacco packaging machines have various functional parts. JOCHAMP offers this one of the in-demand machines in most industries. These packing machines packed tobacco granules into small sachets. It maintains the dryness and freshness of tobacco for a long time.

JOCHAMP can be your constant supplier of tobacco packing equipment. Your business indeed benefits from our effective machines. The said machine certainly heighten your production efficiency as it can pack multiple tobacco item within the shortest period. You can tell us your desired machine details, and we can customize them. We specialize in OEM and ODM assistance for our customers globally.

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Tobacco Packing Machine Advantages

Wide Applicability

Including automated machines, packaging tobacco products enhance production efficiency. They perform packing of the items in a safer and faster way- working various packaging steps at the same time.

Improved Ergonomics

Using tobacco packing machines in factories improved ergonomics and reduced the risk of injuries. Employees performing repetitive tasks is an issue for manual packing procedures, but devices increase safety.

Less Labor Cost

Since packing machines perform the entire packaging steps, you need less labor and cost. That is, one-factor tobacco packaging machines are in demand in industries. It saves money and time for training.


JOCHAMP uses the latest technology to develop models of tobacco packaging machines. We perform various quality control tests to ensure machine conditions before delivery. Satisfying your needs is our goal.

Why Invest in Tobacco Packing Machines

Investing in a series of tobacco packing equipment for businesses or factories provides excellent outcomes. Consider the following reasons why such equipment is a worthwhile investment.

  • Excellent Output: Tobacco packaging machines can achieve a superb output of up to 400 kgs per hour, maintaining good quality.
  • Better Control: Developing a specific model of tobacco packing equipment provides high production rates in a short period. 
  • Outstanding Quality: JOCHAMP manufactures such valuable machines using high-quality materials. That made them durable and efficient, offering exceptional money values.

Tobacco Packaging Machine Usages

Due to the flexibility of our offered tobacco packing equipment, they are ideal for various applications. They can pack tobacco in different ways according to tobacco granules. The following tells us some:

  • Chewing tobacco
  • E-liquid
  • Fine cut tobacco
  • Vape pens
  • Snuff
  • Long fine-cut tobacco
  • more

JOCHAMP After-Sale Services

Aside from providing pre-sale services, JOCHAMP also offers after-sale assistance, which includes the following:

  • One-Year Warranty: We provide a year warranty as long as no human error is involved.
  • Engineer Assignment: JOCHAMP assigns engineers to repair equipment breakdowns with lifetime maintenance.
  • Online Instruction: We are also open and ready to accommodate concerns online. Our expert engineers provide troubleshooting.
  • Parts Replacement: Damaged parts will be replaced immediately. Our field employees are willing to assist you.
  • Feedback Assessment: Our engineers will bring questionnaires about service and equipment performance.

Customize Your Tobacco Packing Machine with JOCHAMP

JOCHAMP owns complete manufacturing equipment for packing machines. We specifically customize your requested devices to suit your tobacco products. Our engineers and workers are professional enough to handle such procedures. You can also request packaging line placement according to your factories. We can provide tobacco packaging machines as well as their added accessories. Your provided sample and details are considered when manufacturing-specific packing machine models.

Our active service team is always ready to accommodate your emails and calls. Also, you can expect an immediate response and satisfying assistance. We provide pre-sale and lifetime after-sale services for all our customers. Trusting JOCHAMP for your machine business helps improve your sales and multiply your customers. 

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JOCHAMP Tobacco Packing Machine

Different tobacco packaging machine series come with various features and performances. However, we are open to specification customization. The following are some standard properties your needed machine will have.

  • PLC Control system with ease of operation, suitable for different packing items
  • Produce bags with smooth and elegant shapes, featuring durability and efficiency
  • Controlled by an easy-to-operate PC touch screen that accommodates various languages
  • Come with screws with single-dish measurements and supports vibrating plate value.
  • Accurate weighing modules with curtain ends

JOCHAMP designs typical tobacco packing equipment components that function together to achieve excellent outcomes. However, different types of packing machines have specific parts or added accessories.

  • Film holder
  • Hopper
  • Measuring cup
  • Bag former
  • Machine electrical box
  • Cutting and bag sealing component

You can provide your specific machine details and trust our professional workers for customization procedures.

Benefits of Working with JOCHAMP

In JOCHAMP, you can guarantee low-cost pieces of machinery. Everything is available for customization. Our professional engineers can design efficient, versatile, and high-performance machine that fits your budget. We also execute and implement accurate workflow using your requested budget-friendly equipment.

JOCHAMP are fully equipped company, accommodating various tobacco product characteristics. You can request to customize your machine tools if operating multiple products in a facility. That assures smooth running of equipment and product. We are professional in handling such procedures.

Smart Choice for Pharmaceutical Solutions

As a trusted manufacturer, JOCHAMP has a variety of packing machines suitable to your requirements. We have entry-level economy equipment to high-speed ones. Along with our experienced engineers using high-technology equipment, we can provide tobacco packaging machines according to your budget and demands.

Your One-Stop Tobacco Packing Machine Provider

JOCHAMP provides the complete turnkey automated packaging lines you need. We ensure standard tobacco packaging machinery inventory and deliver them in the fastest time possible. Choose us as your endless manufacturer, and you’ll see how your business level up.

  • “We had a hard time searching for a trusted manufacturer until we found JOCHAMP. Indeed, their services satisfy our needs and provide us with high-quality packing machines for our tobacco business.”

  • “Our requested packing machines have finally arrived. I was amazed at how they secured the packaging and customized our requested machine details. The design and shapes really suit our factory spaces, increasing our production efficiency. Thanks to JOCHAMP!”

  • “JOCHAMP has been our constant manufacturer for the last five years until now. They never fail our expectations and needs. We also appreciate how they take responsibility for providing us with a lifetime after-sale services. We never regret choosing JOCHAMP as business partners.”

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