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JOCHAMP is a professional manufacturer of hardware packing machines that can able to weigh or count screws, furniture, hardware parts, nut bolts, washer, and more. It can offer fast and precise and can help to save labor costs.

  • Provide high-speed and performance
  • Available in customized size and design
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Suitable for different hardware packaging
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JOCHAMP Hardware Packing Machine

JOCHAMP is the number one provider of hardware packing machines that can provide solid sealing, high efficiency, and durability, smooth and elegant bag shape, provides fast, and many more. Our hardware packing machine is well equipped with a printer, exhaust device, transfer conveyor, labeling machine, and weight checker.

We can provide different types of hardware packing machines from small to big together with customized designs as you need. Our hardware packing machine has become a fact of life for many businesses. JOCHAMP can supply all kinds of packaging machinery all over the world, also we have more than 15 mechanical engineers to give a high speed and good quality hardware packing machine.

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Why Choose JOCHAMP Hardware Packing Machine


We ensure that our hardware packing machine can provide up to 99.9% accuracy to the number of products to be packed. It also assures stable, fast, and high speed.


JOCHAMP manufactures hardware packing machines that have a high capacity of up to 100 to 300 pcs per plate. Therefore, you can assure that it can increase your productivity.


Since our hardware packaging machines are constructed from stainless steel materials, you can guarantee a low malfunction rate and long life service of up to 10 years.

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

Our team designed innovative hardware packing machines that are easy to assemble and disassemble for shipment. It can also be easily installed in your facility.

Innovative Packaging Solution for Hardware

JOCHAMP offers an innovative and highly efficient packaging solution for hardware including semi-automatic and fully automatic vertical bagging machines, nut packing machine, washer packing machines, small spare part packing machines, plug packing machines, and more. These machines are guaranteed to provide accurate weighing, protection, and tight sealing. It can perform different functions such as filling, checking weighers, labeling, bagging, and more.

Whether you are starting your hardware parts production facility, JOCHAMP can provide the best solution for you. All our hardware packing machines are guaranteed to provide your business with enhanced industrial packaging. We can also customize each machine to meet your requirements.

Hardware Packing Machine for Optimized Production

All our hardware packing machines are certified to provide faster and more efficient packaging of fasteners, screws, and other hardware materials. These machines are fully automated for counting, filling, and packaging. It comes with optional devices such as a code printer, finished product conveyor, weighing check machine, intelligent printer, refill hopper, feeding conveyor, and more.

JOCHAMP hardware packing machines are also ideal for packaging and organizing small hardware parts. It can pack hardware materials into bags, hangers, bins, and more. This machine is also an affordable and flexible choice. We will work closely with you to ensure that all your industry needs are satisfied.

Fasteners and Hardware Bag Packaging

JOCHAMP can provide bagging solutions for hardware and fasteners that are fully automatic. Our machines can help you increase your capacity and productivity. The hardware packing machines from JOCHAMP can be integrated into your existing hardware production line to provide a highly automatic packaging process. All our machines are high-speed and highly flexible for different packaging types.

Our hardware bag packaging machines are easy to use. It has a setting for inline barcode printing, direct-to-bag, and pre-printing. It can pack a wide range of hardware products special features, sizes, and materials. These machines can also accommodate high-strength films for the durability of the packaging.

Hardware Packing Machine Counting System

You can choose a hardware packaging machine with either of the two counting systems.

  • Optical Sensor Counting. This counting system is ideal for packaging wooden or plastic hardware parts with both irregular and regular shapes.
  • Track counting. A hardware packing machine with a track counting system is perfect for packaging hardware parts such as nuts, washers, bolts, screws, and more with regular shape.

Structural Parts of JOCHAMP Hardware Packing Machine

We manufacture hardware packing machine that has the following components and structure

  • Vibratory bowl feeder
  • Packing film
  • Precision counting system
  • Bag making system
  • Finish product conveyor
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Temperature controller

Advantages of Our Packaging Machine for Hardware

We ensure that our hardware packaging machine offers the following benefits:

  • Firm and neat bag appearance
  • Intelligent temperature controller
  • Step motor pulling the film
  • The bag length and measures are adjustable
  • Durable cutter with hardening processing
  • Can prevent the bag packaging from wrinkling or stuck
  • Can detect any malfunction such as empty bag, stuck parts, or miscounting

Why JOCHAMP Hardware Packing Machine is Trusted by 1000+ Customers

JOCHAMP is a reliable supplier of hardware packing machines that can pack small hardware or large hardware, fastener, and other parts. It offers the most flexible, and convenient to use for an affordable price. Our hardware packing machine also can be able to fill and dose into the pouch. It is made from then sealing and cut meaning it can provide high speed and precision.

At JOCHAMP we can offer hardware packing machines that are suitable to start up your business, especially for hardware packaging. We can offer customized hardware packing machines to suit your needs also we can offer free sample tests, one-year quality assurance, and provides lifetime after-sales service.

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  • We designed hardware packing machines that are versatile to use. It features a torsional vibrator that allows the machine to pack hardware products of different sizes and shapes. Rest assured that it has an ergonomic design for manual feeding. Therefore, you can assure that your staff will conveniently feed the hardware parts to the machine. Aside from that, our hardware packing machines are also designed with the quick format changes. This feature allows the hardware parts to be cleared in just a click. Additionally, these machines are manufactured with low noise, excellent surface wear-resistant, and soundproof enclosure.
  • Our hardware packing machines are also multifunctional. It can perform different packaging processes including bag forming, counting, alignment, and more. These machines also function by feeding, rejecting the wrong quantity, sealing, filling, and cutting.  It also comes with optional functions such as easy elevator conveyor connection, inflating or exhausting device, bag quantity counting device, checking weight, and printing. All our machines are manufactured with PLC control with a touch displayer. Therefore, you can assure a multifunctional intelligent control. You can also request a specific component from JOCHAMP for your machine.

All our hardware packing machines are customizable based on customers’ requirements. We have expert engineers and an R&D team that specializes in customizing each machine. You can guarantee that all these machines are efficient, versatile, and can provide maximum performance during each operation. JOCHAMP has an in-house production and assembly line to ensure that all the machines are offered at a low cost. Our engineers will help you with the design and integration of your hardware packing machine.

The hardware packing machine from JOCHAMP is available with an auger filler to handle extensive product characteristics. Therefore, it can pack more than one product variety. Here in JOCHAMP, we offer a hardware packing machine that comes with customized tooling to ensure optimal performance. Aside from that, all the machines are tested to ensure quality, durability, and long-life service. We have advanced testing equipment and a quality control team to ensure that we provide consistent quality.

JOCHAMP Hardware Packing Machine for Different Applications

The hardware packing machines are suitable for packaging different fasteners such as:

  • Screw and bolt
  • Nut and washer
  • Rivets and nails

We provide hardware packaging machine that is suitable for packing a variety of rubber or plastic parts including:

  • Wall anchor and rubber o-rings
  • Toys and Lego building bricks
  • Small plastic parts

Our hardware packing machines are manufactured to pack the following products:

  • Metal parts
  • Hardware connectors
  • Hardware components

JOCHAMP also provides packaging solutions for furniture accessories including:

  • Furniture connectors and furniture fasteners
  • Furniture fittings and furniture accessories
  • Door handle and hinges

JOCHAMP manufactures hardware packaging machines for the following products:

  • Small hardware plastic parts
  • Regular shape hardware parts
  • Irregular shapes of hardware parts
Enhance Your Business with Hardware Packing Machine from JOCHAMP

JOCHAMP is a trusted supplier of hardware packing machines that help to enhance your business. We can give provide guidance for maintenance, offers 7×24 hours fast responsive service, and we assure you that all of our packing machines has passed CE, ISO9001, SGS, and cGMP certifications.

  • “Thank you JOCHAMP for giving me a very fast and convenient to use hardware packaging machine for my business. And I really love it which helps me to grow my production facility. I will give you 5 stars together with your team.”

  • “After many years of finding a trusted and reliable supplier of hardware packing machines, I am very lucky that I found your JOCHAMP you provide me good service, quality assurance, and many more. Thank you so much.”

  • “Having a large production company I have a lot of problem for finding a manufacturer of the machine including the hardware packing machine before until someone offers me that JOCHAMP is the number supplier of hardware packing machine then I purchase, luckily I found out that it very easy to use and can provide high-speed production process. Thank you so much JOCHAMP I will always choose you as my supplier.”

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