4 Side Seal Packaging Machine Manufacturer in China

JOCHAMP is a professional 4-side seal packaging machine manufacturer and a national high-tech enterprise, engaged in the research, development, sales, and service of packaging machinery. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.  

  • Intelligent auto-fault diagnosis function
  • Highly corrosion-resistant, long-life
  • Independent temperature control system
  • Low noise operation (70 decibels within one meter)

JOCHAMP 4 Side Seal Packaging Machine

The 4 side seal packaging machine is commonly used for sealing and packaging goods items. The entire machine body is built from the sturdiest stainless materials and sophisticated system controls, units, parts, and programs. JOCHAMP 4 side seal packaging machine gives a high-speed performance. It can withstand even massive and heavy-duty packaging — it works orderly and precisely, without worrying about any malfunctionality and troubles. This powerful machine is economical and capable of producing more than hundreds of finished products in a minute.

The marketing demand for the 4-side seal packaging machine remains high profile due to its usability, accessibility, and convenience in packaging production. Therefore, we, JOCHAMP, sum up with some ideas to innovate and develop the mechanical appearance and power capacity of the 4-side seal packaging machine into the most ideal and robust type.

4 Side Seal Packaging Machine Advantages

Controlled Quality
Controlled Quality

JOCHAMP offers cutting-edge testing equipment and a highly skilled inspection team. Rest assured that all 4 side seal packaging machines are energy efficient and operate well. 


The 4 side seal packaging machines are an excellent solution to enhance your productivity, whether you’re in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or other industries. 

Stable Operation
Stable Operation

JOCHAMP machine, has simple operation, intuitive and convenient interface, complete function, steady performance, extended service life, and durability. Ideal machines for all seal packaging production.

Compact Design
Compact Design

The 4 side seal packing machines employ well-known brands and provide consistent performance and efficiency. GMP-compliant stainless steel of high quality and corrosion resistance.

4 Side Seal Packaging Machine Working Principle

The 4 side seal packaging machine consists of different parts and unit mechanisms that function altogether in their respective duties, that immensely contribute to the entire sealing process:

  • Longitudinal Sealing Part. That is responsible for sealing the left side and right side of the products through a heating tube.
  • Transverse Sealing Part. It is a reciprocating mechanism that seals packaging bags.
  • Cutter Part. After the transverse sealing part, roll film will go through the punching part and cut off all finished products.
  • Guiding and Rectifying Part. This part is used to direct the roll film and prevent it from deviation.

The entire sealing operation process is continuous and straightforward. After considering the fundamental procedures, formal production can be carried out.

High Innovated 4 Side Seal Packaging Machine

The 4 side seal packaging machine strictly follows the GMP requirements specification. This is a high-programed machine with automatic 4 side seedling, feeding, and easy tear punch controls. It adopts the advanced configuration and touch screen control for easy operation, adjustability, accuracy, and sustainable performance.

Due to fast development and sharp innovation for 4 side seal packaging machines, it has become the most in-demand sealing machine worldwide. It has unique qualities that have never been found in other machines, making it suited for products that require a high level of sealing, highly resistant, and aesthetically perfect.

4 Side Seal Packaging Machine Resource

JOCHAMP 4 side seal packaging machine is the most utilized sealing machine in the industry. It is perfect for sealing and packaging high-precision, regular or irregular, solid or liquid, granules or powdered and fragile items. Diverse sizes and volumes of products are accessible in the process.

Our 4 side seal packaging machines are classified into numerous categories and models, and each of them stands out due to its versatile features. It corresponds to the characteristics and needs required by the prestigious packaging industry. We ensure that our machine will deliver long-term interest, usability, convenience, and compatibility in the packaging line.

Why Choose JOCHAMP 4 Side Seal Packaging Machine

JOCHAMP is specialized in manufacturing a wide-ranging series of wrapping machines. We offer our 4 side seal packaging machine that, considers one of our company’s top-selling machines. For 15+ years, we have actively focused on research and development for 4 side seal packaging machines and providing a turnkey solution for all packaging sectors.

Furthermore, JOCHAMP adheres to sustainable development through our products. We provide high-quality 4 side seal packaging machines specified to our customers’ needs. As a top-notch manufacturer, we deliver on our promise to support any packaging business and project to the greatest extent.

Choose JOCHAMP innovation 4 side seal packaging machine now for the best packaging results.

JOCHAMP 4 side seal packaging machines have many unique features that make them worthy of any packaging and sealing production. Some of them are listed below for your reference:

  • Lower power-energy consumption
  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Perfect automotive protective function
  • Ensures precise and stable film feeding, material loading, and cutting
  • Offers high precision and regular operation
  • Manually or automatically operated
  • Quickly detects and rejects a defective product
  • Uses high programmed electrical, mechanical and pneumatic components

We offers 4 side sealing packaging machine that delivers enormous advantages, such as:

  • Excellent sealing integrity and effect
  • Flexible and able to run in an extensive range of packaging
  • Time efficiency
  • Completely validatable
  • Advanced automation
  • Stable and long-lasting circle
  • Easy for installation and space-saving
  • Applies advanced operating system

JOCHAMP 4 Side Seal Packaging Machine for Different Product Industry

The 4 side seal packaging machine for granular products, is suitable for packing free-flowing products such as sugar, salt, granular coffee, black pepper, etc. All the machines are of the highest standard in the market, as evident by the CE certificate as well as the strictly given ISO certification.

JOCHAMP continuous motion seal packaging machine is designed to fill liquid products such as ketchup, honey, mayonnaise, olive oils, shampoo, detergent, and other similar items. Our equipment can be customized from three to eight lanes. The fixed-width architecture and simplicity of the design enable efficient operation and utilization with simple features.

Non-free-flowing items, such as coffee cream, milk powder, instant soup, lemon powder, instant drink powder, flour, chili powder, medical powders, and so on, can be packed. A PLC system controls the machine, which has a huge touch screen. All of these innovative characteristics contribute to the machine’s stability and ease of operation, resulting in a great performance and minimum waste at a reasonable price.

Customers include large food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical companies, who have used our four-sided seal packaging machines for liquid and paste products. To preserve the filled products, high weight precision, and seal integrity is required. This machine is simple but of great quality, and it is straightforward to operate.

Reliable 4 Side Seal Packaging Machine Supplier

JOCHAMP offers a range of user-friendly 4 side sealing packaging machines for any type of product. Allowing our customers to reduce downtime and fulfill their increasingly high production demands. Send your inquiry now.

  • “JOCHAMP perfectly customizes our four-sided seal packaging machine as an economically adaptable packaging alternative, and we appreciate the amazing services you provide for us, JOCHAMP.”

  •  “We got our order machine from JOCHAMP, they produce our 4 side seal packing machines that are both reliable and simple to operate; the quality will undoubtedly last. Thank you, JOCHAMP.”

  • “Thank you for your intervention, JOCHAMP. With our 4 side seal packaging machine demands; this equipment is exactly what we need for our business. Thank you for the great support, JOCHAMP.”

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