JOCHAMP Meat Packaging Machine

Jochamp designed meat packaging machines that can provide dynamic packaging processes. These are suitable for packaging meat products and ensure smooth operation.

  • Ensure stable and precise output signal
  • High performance & high precision packaging results
  • Included PLC control system
  • Made exact to your specifications

Custom Meat Packaging Machine Manufacturer - Jochamp

Jochamp fabricates meat packaging machines that can pack meat products into food-grade, hygienic bags. We used bag materials that are made of flexible film, particularly polypropylene film. These machines are developed with a high capacity to pack meat up to 120 bags per minute.

We have been providing customized meat packaging machines that are widely used in the meat industry. To ensure quality, our professional QC team meticulously controls each machine. From raw material selection to machine production and assembly, we provide quality control. Our team will provide professional assistance and after-sales services. Message us for your inquiries!

Meat Packaging Machine Features

Jochamp offers meat packaging machines that are equipped with different practical features.

  • High packaging speed
  • Required low maintenance costs
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High accuracy film pulling
  • Modular control system
  • Food-grade assembly
  • High durability and safety
Meat Packaging Machine Feature
Automatic Machine & Easy to Setup

Automatic Machine & Easy to Setup

Our meat packaging machines have a completely automated infeed attribute that allows us to control the meat products that are being processed. Its automatic infeed allows for a trouble-free and smooth packaging process.

Aside from that, our meat packaging machines are simple to set up and operate. As a result, these machines are appropriate for both large and small-scale production. With its automated technology, the Jochamp meat packaging machine can provide accelerated packing speed.

Your Trusted Meat Packaging Machine Supplier in China
Your Trusted Meat Packaging Machine Supplier in China

Jochamp engineers are professionally working to create the highest quality meat packaging machine innovation. We have a technical sales team of over 10 professionals with an average of more than five years of experience in the industry. Rest assured, you are in good hands!

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