Case Erector Manufacturer in China

Jochamp is a professional case erector manufacturer in China. We supply all types of machines such as automatic case erectors, glue case erectors, tray erecting machines, and more. Message us today for your custom case erector design.

  • Easy to operate
  • Reliable and durable
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Adopt international advanced technology

JOCHAMP Case Erector

Jochamp case erector is an assembly line equipment that automatically transforms case blanks into fully erected cases. It unpacks large-scale cartons, folds the lower cover, and seals the lower bottom tape automatically. These machines have precise case management. It ensures complete case-control throughout the erection process. The cases work as intended and are manufactured with optimal performance.

Jochamp manufacture magnificent case erector machines for your project. Successful secondary packing requires square cases. Square cases are more efficient in terms of packing, stacking, and protection. Our machine can make your work very easy and very fast. Reliable and high-productive machines are available here.

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JOCHAMP Case Erector Machine Advantage

Safe and Reliable
Safe and Reliable

Our machines guarantee operators’ safety and health. Magazine infeed is simple to use and reduces loading stress. It has an open-frame design that allows for changeover points and sealing modules easily accessible.

Durable Frame Design

Case erector frames are durable, dependable, and sanitary. These frames are made of quality tube and plate steel and constructed with hygienic requirements in mind. It can sustain up to 20+ years of packaging equipment life.

Noise Free Operation
Noise-Free Operation

Jochamp case erectors are manufactured with neat, smooth motion, and noise-free operation. Our machines work without literal and figurative commotion. It accomplishes the task efficiently and perfectly.

Fully Certified
Fully Certified

All case erector machines are authenticated to CE, SGS, ISO, UL, and cGMP certifications. It is equipped with cutting-edge software that transforms the outer measurements automatically. Less maintenance and dependable performance.

Why Purchase a Case Erector for Your Business?

  • Automated LxWxD path system – case erecting machine creates square corners automatically. Robust square corners on your boxes are critical in palletizing your products for transportation. These provide a solid base for weight distribution. It prevents pallet/load collapse or during shipping.
  • Increases Throughput – Case erectors can convert cases more quickly than human workers. Human workers can assemble three boxes each minute on average. An employee might construct 1260 boxes in a typical day working an 8-hour shift without breaks. Machine assemble 2880 boxes in the same 8-hour shift, our fastest case erector could generate 9600 cartons per minute.
  • Save Money on Carton Erecting – the case erector would save you money on the production and worker salary. It can also produce erected cartons efficiently.

Benefits of Case Erector

Jochamp case erector is made with advanced features to inspire trust. Our machines assemble and seal your box to the top quality requirements in a matter of seconds.

  • Easy to maneuver, Reduces the need for manual labor
  • Delivers a faster, more consistent performance
  • Ensure all cases are squared before they are sealed
  • Designed with an opposing-cup effector
  • Easily integrate into the existing packaging line
  • State-of-the-art photoelectricity induction control system
  • Ideal for forming and sealing cartons of the same size
  • Designed with a cutter safety system
  • Robust steel construction
  • Equipped with superior quality parts
  • Stable performance and long life-using

Seal-Type Specifications

Jochamp manufacture both glue case erector and tape-seal erectors. Glue case erectors use hot melt glue in erecting corrugated cases and closing the bottom flaps. Direct application of glue to case flaps generates a powerful, firm adhesive that maintains the boxes intact and the goods inside are safe at all times.

Tape-sealing erector is reliable and high-speed. It is mostly a factory preference and use in various applications. It accommodates poorly corrugated and keeps on running. This erect and tape seal cases to 40 CPM. It delivers quick and easy tape roll replacement.


Why Choose JOCHAMP Case Erector


For your case erector needs, you can trust Jochamp. We are a reliable manufacturer and supplier of all types of case erectors and other packaging equipment in China. Our range of case erector machines are made from multi-channel spraying frame, and highly corrosion-resistant steel. These are hygienic, easy to clean and maintain in line with GMP, CE, ISO9001, and SGS certification standards.

You can choose whether tape or spray glue to seal your box. It has a smaller footprint and compact design, easy to integrate into your existing packaging line. These machines support various shapes of carton-forming equipment. It is easy to operate, and equipped with a human-machine industrial control system (HMI) precise control.

Our team is expert in supplying custom case erectors with your specifications. With Jochamp, you can be 100% sure of reliability, usability, and less maintainability case erector machine. Message us today.

JOCHAMP Case Erector

Our machines are designed with intelligent machine control for simple setup, and operations. You can choose the case size and speed in the touchscreen control center. It is easy and intuitive.

The case erector color display screen offers real-time operational data and enables all works, diagnostics, and changeover settings to be operated independently. It has step-by-step sequences, and non-contact sensors monitor machine performance and guarantee that each operational sequence is precisely timed.


No matter what your corrugated case materials, styles, specifications, speed requirements, tape-seal erectors, or glue-seal erectors, Jochamp is the right manufacturer in China that can satisfy your needs.

Our company has quality parts, components and advanced manufacturing processes to produce custom case erectors for your business. If you require something unique, as a professional packaging machine supplier in China, we are happy to serve you.

Use JOCHAMP Case Erector Machine for Various Applications

Food and Beverages

Jochamp is reliable in supplying case erectors for the food and beverages industries. These are built for long life and good stability. It provides solid performance and precision operation. Every box is created in uniform in size, shape, and accuracy.

Hardware Industries

Case erectors for hardware industries have durable structures and simple operations. It can be customized according to the customer’s need for carton size, speed requirements, and machine duration. We use high-quality electronic and pneumatic components for dependable usage.

Medical Industries

A safe and hygienic case erector for medical industries is specifically-made at Jochamp to satisfy your requirements. The packing boxes are made always durable and perfect. It eliminates the risk of destroyed parcels and products.

Reputable Case Erector Manufacturer – JOCHAMP

Jochamp has 15+ years case erector manufacturing experience in China. We supply superior quality machines compliant with CE, ISO9001, SGS, UL, cGMP certifications. We support standard or custom production to satisfy your specific requirements. Message us now!

  • Jochamp’s case erector is literally amazing! These are heavy-duty and high-performance. It automatically forms cardboard boxes and seals them with hot melt glue or tape. Easy to operate machines perfect for any packaging line.

  • I never get disappointed with my purchase case erector machine from Jochamp. The machines are working superb and are designed from quality parts and materials. It increases my throughput and saves me labor-cost.

  • I finally find a reliable manufacturer of case erectors that converts a case’ outside dimensions into clean, smooth, and efficient motion. It features less maintenance, quicker changeovers, and long-lasting performance. Thank you Jochamp!

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