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Jochamp offers a wide range of wrap-around cartoning machines to suit the automation requirements of larger clients nationwide. Aside from that, we can customize support for the mechanical structure of different cartons with excellent quality and competitive prices. All of our cartoning machines have passed CE, SGS, ISO9001, cGMP certification. 

  • Strong versatility
  • Noiseless operation
  • Outstanding performance
  • Hygiene and ergonomic standards are excellent.
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JOCHAMP Wrap Around Cartoning Machine

Wrap-around cartoning machine is high-powered mechanical machines used for packaging consumer goods, beverages products, etc. Using these machines will minimize manpower, accelerates, and increases the packaging process. Jochamp wrap-around cartoning machine features energy-consuming, advanced, high-performance function, and dimension flexibility. It is easy to operate which is endlessly helpful in improving the production flow and efficiency in a shorter lead time. 

At Jochamp, we only use industrial-grade material in constructing wrap-around cartoning machines. Our professional mechanical engineers ensure all software and components operate perfectly. If your packaging business requires for high-modeled wrap-around cartoning machine, just contact Jochamp for your request. 

JCZ-300 Wrap Around Cartoning Machine

Fully customized automatic wrap-around cartoner for single or combined packaging of yogurt, beer, cup noodles and more in cups.

  • Fully customized to the product
  • Heavy stainless steel construction
  • Open design, no hidden structures, easy to clean
  • Comply with CE, IOS9001 requirements
  • Automatic stacking and palletizing system
  • Can be set up directly in the production line

Jochamp Wrap Around Cartoning Machine Feature

Highly Effective
Highly Effective

Wrap-around cartoning machines by Jochamp are high-efficiency, easy-to-use, automatic machines that are ideal for different goods, environmentally friendly, and stackable packs.


Jochamp would be really beneficial to your company. We can offer wrap-around cartoning machines with affordable pricing while keeping a high standard of quality. 

Good Services
Good Services

Wrap-around cartoning machine is designed and manufactured by our company, Jochamp. Compact design, attractive look, low energy consumption, reliable functioning, and ease of use.


Customers can choose their own sizes, styles, and types of wrap-around cartoning machines. That can meet all cartoning machine applications. Choose Jochamp for the best production.

High-Performance Machines

The wrap-around cartoning machine is high-functional packaging equipment developed by Jochamp. It has a perfect structural combination of photoelectric and pneumatic technology that possible for work productivity and fast packaging. In addition, a wrap-around cartoning machine consisting of fully-automated devices and components, making it automatically operated. 

Due to its powerful function, the wrap-around cartoning machine is immensely used by prestigious packaging companies and industries. If you are looking for a cost-efficient yet full-powered wrap-around cartoning machine for your pursuing business and projects, Jochamp is the right one you can rely upon.

Types of Wrap Around Case Packing

The wrap-around cartoning machine ensures impeccable packaging operations. It is a kind of packaging equipment that ensures improves the entire packaging performance and efficiency of both liquid and solid products. Moreover, a wide range of wrap-around cartoning machines can generally work on

  • Top Case Packing. This is appropriate equipment that works on glass bottles, jars, or any breakable container in packaging products. 
  • Side Case Packing. It refers to a machine that forms on both the backside and front of the packaging. 

Using our wrap-around cartoning machine will ensure all your products are safely packed and sealed. Jochamp is dedicated to custom-made all your needed wrap-around cartoning machine needs. Please send us your design now!


The wrap-around cartoning machine is constructed by using industrial-grade materials. We can manufacture high-automated packaging machines that particularly pass the SGS, ISO9001, cGMP, and CE certification. Moreover, a wide range of our packaging machines including the wrap-around cartoning machines are legally upgraded, tested, and inspected. 

Jochamp has an expert engineer who offers countless point-to-point models of wrap-around cartoning machine that suits different product packaging. It is made with quality assurance, less maintenance, and lifetime usability. 

Why Choose JOCHAMP Wrap Around Cartoning Machine

Jochamp has 15+ years of focusing on R&D and packaging machine production. As a top-notch manufacturer, Jochamp owns lots of best-selling packaging machinery including the wrap-around cartoning machine besides, it is also well-popular for all reputable packaging businesses and companies.

Jochamp wrap-around cartoning machine is constructed with high precision, accuracy, and functionality. It has consisted of the sturdiest parts and systems that guarantee fast, easy adjustment and less repair and maintenance. 

We design and manufacture wrap-around cartoning machines under customers’ individual application requests and requirements. We have our skilled team who intelligently understands your design and sums it up with reasonable resolutions. 

For all your wrap-around cartoning machine needs, welcome to visit us, on Jochamp!

JOCHAMP Wrap Around Cartoning Machine

Jochamp has the best production of all wrap-around cartoning machines. We build it that gives satisfying benefits for all customers and industries. 

  • Energy consuming machines
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy-to-use automatic machines
  • Eas-to-stack pack
  • User and environmentally-friendly
  • Corrosion-proof

The wrap-around cartoning machine is designed that suits all product packaging. It is exceptionally worthwhile and satisfying to use due to its good operation advantages:

  • Can work in the highest performance wrap-around cartoning
  • Simple format alteration and format flexibility
  • Excellent hygienic
  • And Ergonomic standards
  • Completely secures all finished products

Why Choose JOCHAMP Wrap Around Cartoning Machine

Here in JOCHAMP, we manufacture wrap-around cartoning machines that are tailored specifically to the customer’s requirements. All our machines are patented and guaranteed suitable for flat carton blanks. It is also designed with a side seam gluing function. Therefore, providing your business with maximum productivity while saving materials.

With its high-quality features, JOCHAMP wrap-around cartoning machines can eliminate a lot of unnecessary steps in packaging such as handling pre-glued cartons. It also eliminates the need of running a separate side seam gluer. Thus, saving your time and providing very high efficiency.

We offer high-performance wrap-around cartoning machines that are suitable for packaging different products such as pudding cups, yogurt cups, dairy pudding caps, packaging sausages, single-ready meals, soft aluminum cans, tuna cans, plastic bottles, and more.

JOCHAMP manufactures fully automated wrap-around cartoning machines that are extremely cost-effective. All our machines provide beneficial total cost to your business. We guarantee that each wrap-around cartoning machine is easy to maintain to minimize machine downtime.

Expert Wrap Around Cartoning Machine Supplier

Jochamp provides a simple yet strong industrial control system; the integrated control is easier to use, the defect is noticeable, and maintenance is convenient. An advanced overload protection system to minimize failure loss and improve safety. Send your inquiry now at Jochamp!

  • “Jochamp does an excellent job of customizing our wrap-around cartoning machine. They are well-suited to our specific applications, resulting in easy-to-use automatic machinery. A trusted and reliable manufacturer that we have, we are always thankful for the good services, that you offered Jochamp!”

  • “Thank you, Jochamp’s for assistance with our wrap-around cartoning machine requirements, which has excellent format versatility and is simple to change configurations. Their components are complete and work nicely together. This equipment is just what we require. Thank you for your kind support, Jochamp.”

  • “We have now acquired the wrap-around cartoning machine that we had requested. Jochamp provides exceptional performance and quiet operation of wrap-around cartoning machines. The quality will undoubtedly last. Jochamp, thank you! ”

Wrap Around Cartoning Machine: The Ultimate Guide

There are hundreds of wrap around Cartoning machines available in the market.

Therefore, without the right information, choose efficient machine can be an over whelming task.

This guide explores everything you need to know about wrap around Cartoning machine – from parts, features, classification to working principle.

You will find all information right here.

What Is Wrap Around Cartoning Machine?

Wrap around cartoning machines are devices that fold cartons around products laterally closing by four short flaps.

It is a machine that wraps cartons around products such as bricks, tiles, and to lesser extents different types of bottles.

You should note that the materials to be packaged are often delivered in cardboard trays thus increasing the ease of packaging.

wrap around Cartoning machine

Benefits Of Wrap Around Packaging

Wrap around packaging is the most suitable type of package for semi-self-supporting and self-supporting packages.

It does not have proper resistance and may easily collapse under stress thus making it suitable for self-supporting packages.

Apart from that, wrap around packaging has numerous benefits that make it a suitable packaging option.

Here are the main benefits of wrap around packaging.

Saves On Sealing Cost

You will save on cost of sealing the wrap around package because it does not require sealing like other traditional packages.

It eliminates the cost of forming the seal around the manufacturers flap thus saving you more money.

Supports Proper Packaging

You will have the best form of packaging with the wrap around packages because it supports the right size packaging option.

The corrugations on the packages are made to properly fit the dimensions of the products to be wrapped thus minimizing waste.

It is not only good for you as the user but also perfect for environmental protection.

Proper Fit

You will also have more wrap around blanks fitting well into the magazines of automatic case erectors.

You will not have to fill the magazine on a regular basis due to the fact that wrap around packages fill the magazines well.

Protect The Goods Inside

You will have all the products inside a highly defensive barrier within the wrap around packages thus protecting the goods.

It provides more protection than what the products would get from hand wrapped operations or hand wrapped packages.

Create Strong Impressions

You will also create a strong impression on your customer by providing or supplying well protected products in wrap-around packages.

Apart from protection, you can create print the wrap around packages with proper decorations thus creating the best impressions.

Increases Productivity Through Faster Packaging

You will save time by using wrap around packages since they are easy to make and wrap around different products.

Additionally, it will be suitable for different products since it takes the shape of the product to be wrapped.

Types Of Wrap Around Packing Systems

You have the freedom of choosing between the two main types of wrap around packing systems.

In other words, you can either choose to use the side case packing or the top case packing option.

Here are more details about the two different types of wrap around packing systems.

Side Case Packing

Side case wrap around packing systems is most suitable for the bag in box packaging options.

You will have to slide the tray or bag into the package from the side of the package before wrapping it around.

wrap around cartoning machine

Advantages Of Using Side Case Packing Systems

i. Excellent for Diverse Product Range

You will use the side case packing system to package different types of products from the side of the package.

Apart from that, it is suitable for a wide range of sizes and package patterns on the same machine.

ii. Simple Modular Design

You will also work with the simple modular design that require very few changes of parts during its operations.

It, therefore, assures very fast changeover of parts and very minimal downtime thus boosting efficiency.

Applications Of Side Case Packing Systems

You will use the side case packing systems to package different types of products in different industries.

Some of the industries where the side case packing system comes in handy are:

i. Food and Beverage Industry

ii. Block industries for packaging different products assuming the shapes of blocks

Top Case Packing

You can opt for the top case packing system which covers the products from the top by wrapping it from the top.

In other words, the products to be wrapped are often pre-erected and then packaged from the top using the machine.

Advantages Of The Top Case Packing System

i. Simple Packaging Process

You will save on time and money while using the top case packing systems to wrap the packages.

All you have to do is to place the package over the products and properly wrap or secure it.

ii. Easy to Operate

You can also operate the machine manually or automatically to wrap the package around the erect goods.

It is also a flexible process that allows for easy changeover of parts during the time of operation.

Applications Of The Top Case Packing System

You can use the top case packing systems in numerous applications such as:

i. Food and Beverage Industry to package bottle and cans of food and other beverages

ii. Refinery Industry to package bottles of oil and other products

iii. Cutlery industry to package glass bottles, glasses, and cups.

Features Of Wrap Around Cartoning Machine

Well, when shopping for a wrap around cartoning machine, you must have specific features in mind.

You should note that the machine comes with standard features, and you may also decide on custom features.

Here are some of the features that you ought to have on the wrap around cartoning machine.

PLC Control System

Most automatic and semiautomatic wrap around cartoning machines have the program logic control system to help in its operations.

You can program all the packaging requirements prior to the working of the machine and it will automatically adhere to it.

Adjustment Manuals

The machine also comes with adjustment manuals that allows you to adjust all the specifications accordingly.

You can adjust the size of the cartons and the packaging speed among other key packaging specifications.

Control Panel

Wrap around cartoning machines have control panels complete with liquid crystal display touch screen.

With the help of the control panel, you can easily control and monitor all the packaging operations from one place.

Electric Power

The main source of power for your wrap around cartoning machine is electric power capable of running the systems smoothly.

You must, however, note that the electric power specifications will vary based on the specifications in the country of destination.

Pneumatic System

You will also have a pneumatic or pressure system on the machine of about 6 bars that controls the packaging system.

The quantity of pressure on the machine can vary considerably depending on the type of machine you choose.

Stainless Steel Construction

The main materials for making your wrap around cartoning machine is stainless steel 304.

It is a very strong material that does not stain easily hence boosting machine durability and cleanliness.

Machine Sensors

You will also have sensory features on the machine that can detect various key aspects such as packaging levels.

The sensors will also help keep the machine safe in case of faults that might destroy it entirely.

Wrap Around Cartoner Parts

Apart from the features of the machine, you must also know the different parts of the machine and their functions.

You should consider maintaining and replacing the worn-out parts on a regular basis to improve machine efficiency.

The main parts that you will have on the wrap around cartoning machine include:

Transport System

One of the most important parts of the machine is the transport unit that moves products from one station to another.

You will depend on the transport system to move different products through different machine stations.

Feeding System

Although optional, you should consider having a carton feeding system that will have all the cartons ready for packaging.

At the same time, the machine must also have a product feeding unit where it will receive the products for packaging.

Control System

You will use the automated control system to program and monitor all the packaging functions from one place.

It comes complete with a colored LCD screen that increases the ease of programming and monitoring the process.

Printing Or Labeling Section

The machine also has a labelling or printing section that places all the labels on the package after complete packaging.

It labels all the significant details required to properly identify the products inside the package.

Electrical Unit

You will also have an electric unit which will provide power to the machine to perform the key functions.

The electric unit has different power levels that you can control from the control unit depending on machine power requirements.

wrap around cartoner

Wrap Around Cartoning Machine Operation

In order to maximize production, you must understand how the system of production works.

In other words, you must also understand how the wrap around cartoning machine works.

Here are the main steps involved in the working process of the wrap-around cartoning machine.

Step One: Receiving of the Products

Firstly, you must have all the products in place.

You will have the cartons folded to the right packaging precisions in place.

Apart from that, you must have the packaging machine connected to the main product supply system.

In most cases, the products to be packaged come complete in different trays that hold them from the bottom.

Step Two: Packaging Process

Secondly, the machine will place the package around the product.

It can place the package from the top of from the sides of the product.

After that, it will fold the package at the folding angles ensuring that it fits well.

After that, it will tuck in the sides accordingly to make a complete package around the product.

Finally, it will print the labels on the package in readiness for distribution.

Advantages Of Automatic Wrap Around Cartoning Machine

Automatic wrap around cartoning machine have numerous advantages that improve production efficiency.

Automatic wrap around cartoning machine

Here are some of the benefits of using the automatic wrap around cartoning machine.

Creates Consistent Product Packaging

You will have a consistent product package at the end of the packaging process that can protect the products within.

Saves On Cost

You will save on the cost of materials since it uses corrugated blanks that fit the products unique dimensions.

Improves Pallet Stacking

You will make the most of the packaging space due to optimization of the packaging system which creates enough space.

Applications Of Wrap Around Cartoner

Well, you can use the wrap around cartoner to package different products in different industries.

Here are some of the industries that use wrap around cartoners to package products.

  • Electronics industry to package machines such as computers and televisions
  • Food and Beverage Industry to package food products in containers and bottles
  • Refinery industry to package bottled lubricants in cartons
  • Pharmaceutical industry to package drugs and other medicines in cartons.

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