Compact Case Packer Supplier in China

Jochamp offers different types of compact case packers that integrate automatic unpacking, packing, and sealing. Our compact case packers have easy maintenance, fault alarm, high corrosion resistance, low noise operation, and compact design.

  • Certified by the SGS, CE, cGMP, & ISO9001
  • One-year quality assurance
  • Offers free sample packing test
  • Excellent quality at competitive prices

Jochamp Compact Case Packer

Jochamp compact case packers are suitable for packing a wide range of products in multiple or single tier case configurations. They can handle different sizes of cases. Moreover, they have various sealing options such as cold glue, tape, or hot melt glue.

They are designed with food-grade surface, heavy-duty rack, imported slide rails, and adjustment mechanism for easy changing of specifications. Also, they are equipped with high-end PLC control system and HMI control system to make the operation easy, stable, and highly accurate.

In addition, the compact case packers have a variety of functions such as packing, unpacking, date printing, labeling, sealing, and more. They are featuring low noise operation, energy-saving, easy maintenance, food-grade, corrosion resistance, and more.

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JC-504 Compact Case Packer

The machine integrates the functions of unpacking, packing and sealing into a body frame. Powerful functions, compact design, can make full and rational use of factory layout.

  • The whole machine integrates automatic unpacking, automatic packing and sealing. The equipment is small in size and high in automation.
  • The protective cover of the whole machine has an open design, and the station is open for easy maintenance and cleaning. It is beautiful and elegant, and fully meets the requirements of GMP.
  • The French Schneider high-end PLC control system is equipped with 3 servo motors
  • Double servo manipulators cooperate with imported slide rails.
  • Germany Festo solenoid valve, AirTAC cylinder, pneumatic assembly design.
  • Each station is precisely in place, with photoelectric detection, fault alarm, and material protection.


Design maximum production capacity360 (box/hour)
Actual production capacity (cases/minute)Less than or equal to 4 depends on the number of boxing actions
carton sizeminimum300X200X180
maximum value500X400X350
Packaged object sizeminimum
maximum value500X400X350
power supplyAC380/three-phase/50Hz power consumption: 7.5kw
air pressureAir pressure: 0.6MPa air consumption: less than 1 cubic meter/hour
Dimensions (L×W×H)4000*2000*2500
Weight (kg)2500
main materialAluminum alloy, 304 stainless steel, carbon steel
  • The whole machine integrates automatic unpacking, automatic packing and sealing. The equipment is small in size and high in automation.
  • The protective cover of the whole machine has an open design, and the station is open for easy maintenance and cleaning. It is beautiful and elegant, and fully meets the requirements of GMP.
  • The French Schneider high-end PLC control system is equipped with 3 servo motors.
  • Double servo manipulators cooperate with imported slide rails.
  • Germany Festo solenoid valve, AirTAC cylinder, pneumatic assembly design.
  • Each station is precisely in place, with photoelectric detection, fault alarm, and material protection.
  • Material warehouse inspection, delivery inspection, and tape inspection to ensure that the finished product is qualified.
  • The adjustment of the replacement specification station adopts the self-locking wrench, rocker and handwheel to exchange quickly and have strong versatility.

case erector

carton sealer

Secondary packaging line integration

carton sleeve inner bag

Labeling Machine


Glue sealing machine

Stainless steel

heavy duty casters

Leaflet Automatic Dispatcher

export conveyor line

Jochamp Compact Case Packer Advantages

High Corrosion Resistance
High Corrosion Resistance

The compact case packers are designed to have high resistance to corrosion. They are made from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel to make them safe for contact with food.

Gentle Packing
Gentle Packing

The compact case packers can pack, label, seal, and do other functions gently. Because of that, the machines will not damage the cartons or the products. They have a low failure and defect rate.

Easy to Operate
Easy to Operate

Our compact case packers are equipped with a friendly human-machine industrial (HMI) control system and a high-end PLC control system that are easy to operate. These systems also make the operation stable.

Fully Certified
Fully Certified

All the compact case packers that we are offering comply with many quality standards such as CE, ISO900, SGS, cGMP, and many more. For that reason, we assure you that they have excellent quality.

Compact Case Packer Characteristics

  1. The compact case packers are high in automation and small in size.
  2. They are equipped with a French Schneider high-end PLC control system and 3 servo motors.
  3. Their protective cover has an open design and their station is open in order to have easy cleaning and maintenance.
  4. They fully meet the standards of GMP.
  5. The compact case packers have double servo manipulators that cooperate with imported slide rails.
  6. Each of their stations is precisely in place with fault alarm, material protection, and photoelectric detection.
  7. AirTAC cylinder, Germany Festo solenoid valve, and pneumatic assembly design.
  8. The replacement specification station’s adjustment uses a handwheel and rocker to exchange quickly. It has also a self-locking wrench to have strong versatility.
  9. They have a delivery inspection, tape inspection, and material warehouse inspection to make sure that the final products are qualified.
Compact Case Packer Characteristics

Options for the Compact Case Packer

The compact case packers can be integrated with a variety of devices and parts depending on what you require. Some of the options include the following:

  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Carton sealer
  • Case erector
  • Labeling machine
  • Leaflet automatic dispatcher
  • Carton sleeve inner bag
  • Secondary packaging line integration
  • Printer
  • Export conveyor line
  • Glue sealing machine
  • Stainless steel cover

Why Choose Jochamp

  1. All of our compact case packers comply with the standards from CE, SGS, cGMP, and ISO9001.
  2. We ensure that the product contact surfaces of the compact case packers meet the drug safety and food hygiene to avoid secondary pollution of products.
  3. Customized compact case packers are available to meet your exact needs in the business. We can customize based on your specifications.
  4. Jochamp ensures fast delivery time within 15 days.
  5. We can provide regular after-sales care, lifetime after-sales service, 7×24 hours fast response service, and 1-year quality assurance on the machines.

Jochamp | Your Trusted Compact Case Packer Supplier in China

Your Trusted Compact Case Packer Manufacturer in China1

Jochamp has been supplying all kinds of high-performance compact case packers for more than 15 years. We also have more than 15 mechanical engineers that are experts in the production of compact case packers. Our compact case packers are all certified by the ISO, CE, SGS, cGMP, and other quality standards globally.

We are focused on providing quality compact case packers. Because of that, we are strictly implementing meticulous quality control. Every production process of the case packers is controlled by our expert QA specialists, from choosing raw materials to the assembly of machines and testing.

Furthermore, we are giving regular after-sales care and guidance on how to maintain the compact case packers. All of our compact case packers have one-year quality assurance. We can offer them at competitive prices and ship them around the world.

To suit your specific needs, we can customize the compact case packers in accordance with your specifications. Please feel free to contact us if you need our customization services!

Jochamp Compact Case Packer

The compact case packers are made from high-quality raw materials such as:

  • 304 stainless steel – We use 304-grade stainless steel to ensure food hygiene. 304 stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and is easy to sanitize. That is why they are perfect for the compact case packers.
  • Aluminum alloy – Some parts of the compact case packers such as their body are also made from high-grade aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy is used due to its lightweight nature and durability.
  • Carbon steel – Other components of the compact case packers are also made from premium quality carbon steel. And the carbon steel parts are usually painted to increase their longevity.

Moreover, the materials we use are inspected and comply with the GMP regulations. As a result, you can rest assured that our compact case packers are safe for contact with food and drugs.


The compact case packers have a lot of amazing features such as:

  • Low noise operation
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Hygienic & easy to clean
  • Food-grade
  • Heavy-duty rack structure
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low defective rate
  • Space-saving
  • Easy to operate

Custom Compact Case Packer to Skyrocket Your Business

Wraparound Case Packer

The wraparound case packer can be used for packing bottles, tubs, pouches, boxes, and packed products. It can handle any size and shape of products. Moreover, it is used for folding and sealing the cardboard packaging around the products with precision and consistency.

Automatic Case Packer

The automatic case packer is ideal for packing boxed products such as biscuits, oral liquids, health supplements, and so on. It has an automatic palletizing function, a digital man-machine interface, and servo control systems for more precise and easy operation. Also, it is perfect for enterprises that have various types of products.

The robot case packer integrates the manipulator picking system and visual inspection system into a set of box systems. It has a visual correction that makes the disordered products be neatly placed into the carton. Furthermore, they have a compact design, easy integration, and extensive product adaptation.

Drop Packer Machine

The drop packer machines are ideal for packing any kind of bottled product. They use the drop method to place the bottles into the carton. Also, they have a complete bottle sorting system. These kinds of machines are one of the inexpensive ways to pack bottled products.

Pick and Place Case Packer

The pick and place case packer has stable speed, modular gripper design for easy exchange, quick product changeover, tool-less adjustment, stand-alone console, and easy maintenance. They are great for packing bare bottles, infusion bottles, foam tray, glass bottles. Also, they can grasp heavy objects.

Professional Compact Case Packer Supplier
Professional Compact Case Packer Supplier | Jochamp

Jochamp is offering various kinds of compact case packers that have easy operation, low noise, small footprint, and stable operation. Customized solutions are also offered at Jochamp to meet your specific needs. We guarantee fast delivery within 15 days.

  • “Over the years, it has been a great pleasure to work with Jochamp, so I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for compact case packers that have high packing speeds and excellent operation. They always supply us with their long-lasting and quality compact case packers at competitive prices.”

  • “I would like to sincerely thank Jochamp for taking pride in their service. Their customization services help my business flourish. The compact case packers are amazing and work excellently. Also, they have really helpful and skillful staff. I admire their dedication to their customers.”

  • “Thank you so much Jochamp for satisfying our business needs. Your compact case packers have amazing quality. We tested them and they are really easy to operate. Also, thanks for your excellent after-sales services and guidance.”

Compact Case Packer: The Ultimate Guide

There are quite a number of compact case packer machines available in the market. This guide explores everything about case packer machines – from design, configuration, working principle to features. You will find all information about compact case packer here.

What Is Compact Case Packer?

A simple and suitable gravity case packer for packing large flexible bags in boxes or crates horizontally is called compact case packer.

It is an optimum solution for products with simple packing patterns like bread and animal feed products.

compact case packer

Benefits Of Compact Case Packer

Labor Costs Reduction

The machine is automated providing a huge benefit by reducing labor costs and eliminating need for human labor in prep process and packing.

You can repurpose labor so that your employees do other tasks.

Saves Time

The operator loads magazine less number of times when using machine leading to increased productivity of the operator for other work.

Pack Strength

The machine ensures greater protection and integrity by folding and sealing cardboard around the product.

This increases the case stacking strength by allowing optimisation on the pallet.

Fewer Packaging Materials is Used

When human labor is used more materials will be wasted and mistakes are prone to happen unlike when using a machine.

Compact case packer machines reduces number of mistakes and ensures the exact amount of material required is used.

Allows Multiple Formats

It is possible to run both wrap around and tray in the same machine without much adjustment.

Full size wrap-around cases can be formed from corrugated and solid board blanks while trays and shelves are ready packages.

You Will Be Aware Of What is Going into Each Case

In each case, a machine will pack the right product quickly and accurately compared to human beings.

They will naturally make mistakes of accidentally packing an unintended item, pack the wrong item or wrong number of items.

Saves Real Estate

Single compact machine manages case erecting, packing and sealing operations which requires three different machines thus reducing the need for valuable factory real estate.

Applications Of Compact Case Packer

Food processing industries

Plastic injection machines

Pharmaceutical industries

Packaging machine and materials

Parts Of Compact Case Packer?

Forming Systems

Is a process of building collapsed cardboard boxes by opening and bottom sealing regular slotted case or tray so they are ready to be packed.

Carton forming system is the best example.

Loading Systems

This is a process of picking and placing products into the erected box or tray e.g. multi-axis robotic system and two axis robotic system.

Closing Systems

Minor and major flaps of boxes are shut and sealed using either tri-seal, compact right angle, inline, inline top seal etc. prior discharging it downstream.

Types Of Compact Case Packer

Some of the most common types of case packers are:

Drop Compact Case Packer

Is a machine for packaging a wide range of rigid containers by integrating case erector and case packer into smallest footprint for a reliable case packing.

drop combat case packer

a. Erect and form a corrugated case automatically.

b. To the staging area, convey incoming bags or pouches.
Compact drop packer loads the layers of pouches into the case once the product is staged.

c. How often the case needs to be loaded is dictated by the amount of layers required.

d. Stack and load the incoming products as per your pack pattern.

e. Transfer the sealing station.

f. Repeat the process.

g. Fold the top flaps of the corrugated case and glue or tape them.

You can also learn more about: drop case packer machine.

Side Load Compact Case Packer

It is a machine used for bagging box type of packages that pushes products inside from the side while packing them into a case.

Side Load Case Packer

side load compact case packer

a. Open the flaps and erect the case horizontally, the case is held in place by vacuum suction cups and guides with the rear minor flap closed.

b. Push the groups of products created inside from the side.

c. Before the case discharges, flaps the case to fold and close.

You can learn more about side load case packer.

Tray Compact Case Packer

Are used to package materials where stand-alone machines are preferred due to their exceptional performance and versatility.

tray compact case packer

Ideal for tight packaging products with both low and high packing speeds.

Vertical Compact Case Packer

It is a machine that feeds plastic film through the film cylinder by stretching material feed device to form a tube.

vertical compact case packer

Top Load Compact Case Packer

Is a machine that packages items through an opening in the top into an erected corrugated box.

It packs any product into cases because of its flexibility using a robot or other mechanism in picking and placing items into a case.

top load compact case packer

Here is more information about top load case packer.

Wrap Around Compact Case Packaging

Corrugated shipping cases are created and loaded by wrapping corrugates around products and gluing them closed by wrap around compact case packaging machine.

They package products like cartons which are very rigid products into shipping cases.

wrap around compact case packer

Horizontal Compact Case Packer

It is a machine designed for daily operations and uses servo and air cylinder motion control to erect, load and seal products in one compact system.

For applications that require multiple speeds and packaging steps periodic motion case packers are preferred.

Robot Case Packer

horizontal compact case packer

This is due to exact and repetitive changeovers result in increased utilization and customized case forming and sealing technologies for high-quality packaging.

While continuous motion packers are efficient in more incredible speed and volume projects e.g. high-speed food and beverage operations.

How To Choose Compact Case Packer

Identify Type Of Case

Start by identifying the type of compact case for packaging e.g. side load, wraparound, top load etc.

Liquor stores prefer top load cases due to its best stacking strength thus useful for customers who buy several bottles.

Choose the best case to economize corrugation and protect the primary container.

With top load cases partition is possible which increases the stacking strength thus minimizing bottle to bottle contact.

Use wraparound cases where fewer square inches of corrugated are required.
Primary Product
The packer type is always influenced by the primary product e.g. top shelf expensive beverages like spirits require a partitioned case.

Items packed I boxes like dry pasta and bars of soap require side load case packers which makes it easier to push products from the side.

Wraparound style packers work well for larger products like 10 metal food cans and wheels of cheese.

Bottom load packers are the best for larger products where the case is pushed over the product e.g. outdoor grills on primary product.
Line Speeds
Consider a machine with enough conveyor line speed to maintain both efficiency and the cost of production.

Quality and Safety Control

For industries which are subjected to stringent hygiene and safety regulations like food industries, look for safety inspection systems features.

These ensures products comply with industry standards thus reducing number of defective products reaching the shelves.

Machine Capacity

Ensure the machine is designed for the job you intend to use.

Choose what will keep up with your inventory e.g. if you packaging on a larger scale.

Factors like true production rates, weight of the product and runtime must be consider.

Floor Space
Look for space efficient machines e.g. intermittent motion wraparounds that can fit the plant floor comfortably.

Easy of Changeover and Flexibility
Choose machines that are quick, flexible and easy to changeover when packaging different products thus saving time.

Cost of Ownership

Invest on a reliable and efficient machine to reduce cost of ownership by saving you in hiring and employee costs.

Low costs will help you focus on your business’s growth and development.

Features Of Compact Case Packer
  • Have a speed of up to 15 cases per minute.
  • They have compact footprint to streamline integration into existing lines with limited space.
  • Stainless steel and standard powder-coated frame for demanding environments.
  • For maintenance and sanitation full-height doors are provided for easy access.
  • Compact case packers are designed with optional servo-controlled changeovers in under 15 minutes to minimize downtime.
  • Have large case size range.
  • Designed with ergonomic to easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • They have RFID change parts to minimize operational errors and reduce production downtime.
  • Are designed with 10″ HMI for operator friendly and simple touchscreen interface.
  • Compact case packers are installed with sealing options e.g. hot melt glue, cold glue and tape.
  • The loader heads are installed with crash detector sensors which protects pick heads and gantry system.
  • They have separate electrical cabinets of high and low voltage.
Troubleshoot Compact Case Packer

Machine Does Not Power Up

When these is the case, check the incoming power issue and the main disconnect.

If Machine Does Not Reset

Reset the safety circuit.

Inspect if the guard door is open or closed.

Look at the wiring and the safety relays.

Air Pressure Is Low

Reset the machine and the safety circuit.

Check incoming air pressure.

Look for the size of the supply airline.

Jaw Temperature Is Out Of range

Use electrical prints to check the connections and wiring then verify the state of solid relay light that is coming in.

Inspect the sealing jaws.

Ensure sensors for temperatures and heaters are ok.

Check if fuses and breakers are not faulty.

Jaws Not Opening Completely

Inspect if air pressure is low or ok.

Examine faults in air cylinder, cylinder slides, air distribution and piston position sensor.

Printer Does Not Work

Switch on the printer.

Check for any printer cable damages or disconnections.

Confirm the printer ribbons are ok.

If Film Is Not Tracking Properly

Center film on the spindle and web up properly.

Make sure both rollers and dancer levels are parallel.

Ensure one side of the film is loose while the other side is tight.

Clamp it on the table.

Check the rollers and auto film trackers.

Examine the forming tubes for damages.

Vertical Seals

Check the film tracker for proper loading, positioning and folding.

Create acceptable seals by setting time, pressure and temperature.

Replace the air cylinder if defective.

Check the heater cartridge and change if faulty.

On the forming tube, check the foam and the tape.

Bad Cross In Horizontal Seals

Check for proper alignment of the jaws.

Create a tolerable seals by setting time, temperature and pressure.

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