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JOCHAMP fastener packaging machines come in a range of styles and include a number of common characteristics. There are many models to pick from, and we can personalize them to meet the demands of our clients. The machine for packaging fasteners features sophisticated PLC control, precise positioning, quick reaction, and steady operation.

  • Supplement material automatically
  • Ensure higher accuracy in weighing.
  • Fault self-stop, and has self-alarm
  • Safe and easy to use
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JOCHAMP Fastener Packaging Machine

The fastener packaging machine can automatically feed, transport, weigh, fill, and pack into boxes it also features a high-speed fastener counter. This includes two box filling and packing lines that operate alternately, enhancing production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Jochamp is committed to providing the best fastener packaging machine solution depending on your demands in terms of the product, budget, and personal preferences, while also producing high-quality machines that adhere to CE and SGS standards.

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Fastener Packaging Machine Key Characteristics

  • The fastener packaging machine, can count and pack various items into a bag automatically.
  • Easy to replace and has a counting pan.
  • Use the position measuring technique.
  • Utilizing a PLC control system.
  • It can be blended and packed in various pans with various materials.
  • With counting, filling, and sealing machines.
Fastener Packaging Machine Key Characteristics
Suitable Application of Fastener Packaging Machines

Suitable Application of Fastener Packaging Machines

The fastener packaging machine may pack identical or mixed products in the boxes according to quantities, including:

  • Fastener (screw, nut, washer, nail, small pieces of hardware, etc.)
  • Spare components for furniture
  • Pipes with plastic fittings (a pipe, joint, etc.)
  • Automotive parts
  • Spare components for appliances and machinery
  • Components of clothing (button, slider, etc.)
  • Toys sector
  • As well as counting, weighing, and packaging other solid materials.
Your Professional Fastener Packaging Machine Supplier
Your Professional Fastener Packaging Machine Supplier

Jochamp has more than 50 strategic cooperation machinery factories. With more than 15 years of focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of packaging machinery. Besides, we have 1000+ cases of automatic packaging of various products around the world. Send your inquiry now.

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