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Jochamp screw packing machine offers 99% accuracy to quality and quantity. It has a stable reaction speed and high durability. We have screw packing machines of different sizes and capacities.

  • High versatility
  • Low malfunction rate
  • Durable and efficient
  • Longer service life

Jochamp Screw Packing Machine

The screw packing machine is ideal for hardware accessories such as nails, bolts, bearings, and more. It is fast and a highly precise machine. Our screw packing machine has a precise counting control system to ensure the precision quantity of each bag.

Jochamp screw packing machine has a high degree of automation and is customizable. You can choose whether you need a fully automatic elevator or hopper for the screw packing machine. JoChamp has an expert R&D team to customize according to your ideal designs.

Screw Packing Machine Application

Jochamp screw hardware packing machine is primarily used for bagging, boxing, and cartoning. It is suitable for packaging the following hardware components.

  • Screw, bolt, nut, gasket, washer, bearing, rivets, nails, shrapnel, cork;
  • Small plastic parts, rubber o-rings, Lego building bricks, wall anchor;
  • Furniture spare parts, connectors, fittings, metal parts;
  • Small hardware, appliance spare parts, parts with regular and irregular shapes, etc.

High speed and accuracy help you save on labor costs. It is possible to put identical or mixed commodities in packs according to quantity.

Screw Packing Machine Application
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Screw Hardware Packing Machines Features & Advantages

The screw packing machine is equipped with advanced technologies, including a PLC control system. There is also an English touchable human-machine operation interface. It has substantial automation and is simple to use. The machine is controlled by a sophisticated temperature controller. Ensures sealing flatness and attractiveness.

Other system features include a vibratory bowl, counting control system, fault self-stop, self-diagnosis, and safety protection device. Automatically count parts, bag forming,  filling, sealing, cutting, and bag counting. The size and machine operations can be tailored based on precise parts.

Screw Packing Machine Factory
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JoChamp screw packing machine offers exceptional seals. Using our advanced technology, we provide outstanding pre-sales and after-pre-sale services 24/7.

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