Nail Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

JOCHAMP is a China-based manufacturer offering high-efficiency, easy-to-use, high-performance nail packing machines. These are suitable for packaging different nails to meet your business requirements.

  • Can perform automatic counting function
  • Also used for filling and weighing
  • Multi purposes such as printing production date and cutting
  • Custom designs according to your requirements

Custom Nail Packing Machines

Nail packing machines can provide different types of packaging such as the same nails in one bag, different nails in one bag, and more. It has vibratory aiming discs and a counting device to ensure that every bag has the correct nail quantity. These machines also feature a PLC control system, automatic diagnosis, and safety properties.

JOCHAMP is a professional supplier that offers custom nail packing machines according to your requirements. All our machines are made from world-class components and operating systems. We have an engineering team to ensure we follow all your specifications.

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Nail Packing Machine Parts

Our nail packing machines are integrated with different parts such as:

  • Magnetic lifting machine
  • Vibrating tanks with high storage
  • Double checking system
  • Customized conveyor
  • Precision hoppers
  • Weighing systems
  • Vibrate feeding tray
  • Operation interface
  • Material storage
  • Packing system
  • Magnetic hoist
Features of Nail Packing Machine

Features of Nail Packing Machine

We offer nail packing machines that are available in different features such as the following:

  • High producing capacity
  • Easy to use
  • World-class components
  • Mature structural designs
  • Control counting device
  • Safe, reliable, and stable to use
  • Automatic heating, feeding, and packaging
  • Superior sealing and packaging
  • Convenient operation
JOCHAMP – Your Reliable Nail Packing Machine Supplier
JOCHAMP – Your Reliable Nail Packing Machine Supplier

JOCHAMP is a professional supplier of nail packing machines that are high performance, high productivity, and superior designs. We also offer premium services, after-sales support, and a factory-direct supply chain.

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