Rubber Packing Machine Supplier

Jochamp offers flexible rubber packing machines in various sizes that are suitable for your needs. We are offering automatic and semi-automatic rubber packing machines for small to the large production line.

  • Easy and quick settings
  • High sensitivity
  • Simple driving system
  • Well built machines

Jochamp Rubber Packing Machine

Jochamp rubber packing machines are perfect for different types of rubber products. It is capable of stacking and packing products simply or with film. The integrity and flatness of the products were kept unchanged. It has easy function adjusting and upgrades.

Our rubber packing machines will surely fit your company’s production flow. It has self failure diagnosis and produces a clear failure display. We designed our rubber packing machine for packaging various materials at different temperature levels.

Packing Machine for Rubber Design Highlights

  • Incorporates master cylinder, press head, hydraulic system station, electric box, rack
  • Two bale chambers in opposite directions bale different kinds of rubber
  • Swiftly and highly automatically completes the loading, baling, and discharge process
  • Weigh and count the quantity automatically
  • Interfaces offer rapid and simple setup and operation
  • Self-failure diagnosis and obvious failure presentation
  • High-sensitivity photoelectric eyes that can trace colors
  • PID control with temperature independence
  • Both available in automatic control and manual control
Packing Machine for Rubber Design Highlights
Rubber Packing Machine Technical Parameters

Rubber Packing Machine Technical Parameters

Film Width Max.420mm
Bag Length Max. 300mm
Bag Width 50-200mm
Packaging Speed 10-40 bags/min
Power 220V,50/60HZ,2.4KVA
Film Material PE, PVC, PT, KOP, OPP/CPP, OPP/CE, PET/AL/PE, Other Laminated films, etc
Optional Device 1. Date Printing/ Date Coder, 2. Hole Punching Device, 3. Automatic Feeder, 4. Line Sealing, 5. Automatic Feeder, 6. Alarm Lighting, etc
Rubber Packing Machine Factory
Your One-Stop Rubber Packing Machine Solution

Jochamp offers advanced technology rubber packing machines. It can be flexible, adaptable, and available in sizes variations. Our services include full customization for your ideal designs and upgrades.

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