Carton Folding Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Carton folding is an important step in the working of cartoning machine. In this guide, you will find all information you need about carton folding machines. Let’s dive right in.

1. What Is Carton Folding Machine?

A carton folding machine is a piece of equipment you employ in folding cartons that you use for packaging products.

Such a machine can fold carton in minutes by folding die-cut paper eliminating need of manual operation.

carton folding machine

carton folding machine

You find this saves time and reduces potential of injuries such as cuts.

2. Choosing Right Carton Folding Machine

When selecting a carton folding machine, you need to consider the following:

i. Review the Post-Sale Experience

A carton folding machine is a large capital investment that you expect to serve you over time.

One of the selling points of a machine should be that after sales service.

Consider purchasing a machine from a manufacturer who offers training, service and can supply parts.

ii. Safety Options

Due to its moving elements, a carton folding machine can be dangerous.

It is therefore important for such a machine to incorporate a number of safety features to protect users. Ensure the belts and pinch points of your machine are firm and moving parts secured with covers or guard rails.

iii. The Machine’s Workmanship

If the machine has a poor build, it won’t handle the demands of your work be prone to failure. The machine you choose must have a strong framework with less vibrations and a low center of gravity.

3. Tray Forming Machine Vs Carton Folding Machine

A tray forming machine shares certain working aspects with the carton folding machine.

A tray forming machine allows you to form slotted trays, lidded trays alongside other unique designs while employing strong glue methods.

tray forming machine

tray forming machine

 You find trays resulting from this machine applicable in the food sector producing paper boxes for fast foods.

4. Types Of Carton Folding Machine

Carton Folding Machine With Sealing Capability

A carton folding machine with sealing capability can close the cartons after formation and product filling.

Some of the common carton sealing methods are as follows:

i. Glues

Glues are adhesives made of polypropylene, a flexible and soft material that is pressure insensitive. It can adhere to a range of substrates and is tolerant to extreme cold, humidity or light.

ii. Pressure-Sensitive Tape (PST)

This encompasses a dry adhesive surface mount tape in the form of a film. Petroleum is the main component of both film and glue.

Its main advantage is that you can activate it without the use of heat, water, or a solvent.

iii. Staples

You employ metal staples by using a machine to push them through the carton material.

This machine flattens and bends the two ends of the staples firmly securing the material.

The major advantage of this method is it survives pressure and is tamper obvious.

iv. Water-Activated Tape (WAT)

Bleached or non-colored paper and adhesive with a starch basis are the main components of water-activated tape.

It comes in a range of widths and thicknesses, and you can reinforce it with many fiberglass layers. The tape permanently bonds to the carton when you trigger the adhesive with water and penetrates the material.

 carton folding machine with sealing capability

carton folding with sealing capability

Automatic Carton Folding Machine

An automatic carton folding machine’s design aims to reduce the requirement for manual labor. Such a machine automatically performs all the operations from feeding to delivery.

These operations are typically under the direction of the machine’s control unit.

automatic carton folding machine

automatic carton folding machine

Semi-automatic Carton Folding Machine

Usually, an automatic infeed system, essential for faster production speed and increased throughput, is absent in a semi-automatic carton folding machine.

semi automatic carton folding machine

semi-automatic carton folding machine

 However, you find core operations such as folding are automatic.

High Speed Carton Former

A high speed carton former achieves a high throughput by conducting the carton folding process in minutes.

You can achieve up to hundreds of folded cartons in a minute when using the high-speed carton former.

high speed carton former

high speed carton former

Continuous Motion Carton Folding Machine

The continuous motion carton folding machine achieves high-speed manufacturing operations usually for solid, regularly shaped inventories requiring no special handling.

continous motion carton folding machine

continous motion carton folding machine

 The chain process is possible via the use of conveyors, allowing chronological execution of each packing operation.

Intermittent Motion Carton Forming Machine.

Automatic carton folding machines that pause periodically during carton formation are intermittent machines.

Consequently, these devices are much slower than the continuous motion cartoning folding machines.

 intermittent motion carton forming machine

intermittent motion carton forming machine

When using the intermittent carton folding machine, you laterally load the cartons, using hot-melt glue or lock fastener for sealing.

5. Parts Of Folding Carton Gluing Machine

You find the following main parts of a carton folding machine:

i. Feeder: The feeder ensures accurate blank feeding, which is essential for precise operation. You can process multiple materials or product lines more effectively by using different feeder setups.

ii. Pre-breakers: These eliminate carton wrinkles in advance, making them simpler to handle during mechanized filling procedures.

iii. Crash-lock Module: You fold the base flaps of crash-lock bottom boxes using this component employing either hook-based or non-hook-based know-how.

iv. Combination Folders: You can fold the covers of multi-point cartons using these rotating folding clips.

v. Folding Section: This is where the folding and sealing process of the cartons takes place, usually one at a time.

6. How Carton Folding Machine Work

When you turn on the carton folding machine, the conveyor belt moves positioning the semi-finished die-cut carton in the feeding station.

The conveyor sets the single box piece to the stop head frame of the paper.

Sometimes you find the carton’s surface given any surface treatments such as polishing or coating. You can use a glue gun to adhere the carton’s inner edge at the same time when at mid belt.

Thereafter, you send the box to the conveyor belt’s back section, where packing is via the glue station pressure.

You feed the carton folding machine with decision-making information allowing functionality with the work-in-progress.

During the folding and gluing operation, the machine scrutinizes the carton blank.

The machine ensures a high level of quality control by discarding items not conforming to the predetermined specifications.

7. Carton Folding Machine Vs Carton Sealing Machine

A carton sealing machine is a packaging equipment that folds and seals filled cartons.

After packaging, this machine provides a dependable and effective means to seal cases.

You can close and seal a single carton using a sealing machine, or several cartons by employing a continuous seal.

Carton sealing machines come in several types with some integrating multiple processes in one.

You find carton seal-only machines just wrap carton packages without filling them. Manual carton sealing machines are helpful with positioning items.

carton sealing machine

carton sealing machine

Semi-automatic carton sealers require minimal operator input increasing accuracy and speed.

Fully automatic carton sealing machines automatically execute all process with human interaction limited to inputting commands.

8. Ways Of Controlling Carton Folding Machine

· HMI System

A Human Machine Interface system allows you to input commands such as start and stop cycles and changing set points.

HMI is usually software-based allowing you to modify and update parameters reducing the need for manual operation.

· Servo Control System

The regulating of a motor’s speed and position grounded on a feedback signal is known as servo control.

You control a servo system by wire transmission of electrical pulses with different characteristics such as pulse width modulation.

· PLC System

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system incorporates computer control which continuously analyzes the status of input devices.

It then decides how to regulate the status of output devices based on a unique program.

You find this essential in the automation of electromechanical processes generally seen in industrial settings.

9. Determining Production Capacity And Speed Of Carton Forming Machine

You define production capacity as the highest output achievable along a production line with the aid of the resources at hand.

You can determine a machine’s capacity over a period, say days, weeks, or months.

You find carton folding machines with different speeds depending on the level of automation.

For instance, an automatic machine can fold and seal between 20 and 35 boxes in a minute.

You find this outperforms a manual carton folding machine by a factor of 5 to 8.

10. Types Of Cartons To Use In Carton Folding Machine

Rigid Cartons

Rigid cartons consist a pair of independent cardboard sheets cut into separate top and bottom halves.

You find this carton type to be stronger and less susceptible to collapse.

 rigid carton

Rigid carton

Rigid cartons find use for bulky goods deemed of more value and requiring extra support. Such items include shoes and electronic gadgets.

Corrugated Boxes

You make these boxes from three-tier corrugated sheets.

The sandwiched layer is usually the wavy flute, which aids in cushioning the items placed inside.

Flat out layers called liners shield this layer from both sides.

corrugated boxes

corrugated boxes

You note that constructing the carton this way increases its bending rigidity.

Corrugated boxes are dependable due to their durable and long-lasting quality, despite their little weight.

You find these cartons available in different densities and thicknesses with options for two or three walls.

Paper Board Cartons

You make paperboard cartons from a thick substrate that is paper based weighing over 250 GSM. The advantage of paperboard is it supports intricate folding procedures and you can print vivid colors on it.

Consequently, finished products are attractive making them perfect for retail items like those in supermarkets.

paper board cartons

paper board cartons

 You can also laminate these paperboards to strengthen them and make them resistant to water.

Slotted Cartons

This carton type largely consists corrugated paper and is great for both storing and shipping. You use tape and staples to hold them together.

 slotted carton

slotted carton

These boxes are cheaper and its robust construction and slotted design safeguards the contents.

11. Carton Folding Styles You Can Achieve With Carton Folding Machine

· Lock Bottom Box

You employ lock bottom boxes to fit heavy things. Even with heavy contents within, the bottom lids adhere against each other providing a rigid backing that doesn’t give way.

For top locking, a panel with tension or slit locks come in handy.

· One-piece Tuck Top Boxes

The tuck top box is very formidable and sturdy because of its sidewall pairing. Although it is made of paperboard, its shape is similar to a mailer box.

This tuck top box comprises a single top opening and a pair of closing flaps alongside a bottom folding tension lock.

· Holster Boxes

A holster box has an open top but lacks closing tucks. They work well when you employ them for products requiring clear tops such as bar soaps.

You seal the bottom of the box with a lock bottom or straight truck.

· Straight Tuck Boxes.

With straight tuck boxes, the top and bottom closing panels join with the main panel.

In folding the straight tuck box, you employ same motion from the front to the back. Slit locks help hold the tucks in position.

12. Troubleshooting Carton Folding Machine

The following are some issues that a carton folding machine could run into:

i. Adhesive Error

Adhesive failures frequently result from issues with the glue constitution, which you can fix by changing the adhesive choice.

ii. Curling Edges

The rapid running of thin paper substrates through rollers and fold plates can cause them to curl. You can eliminate curls by adding guides and smoothers, or by extending the space between the machine’s feeding lips.

iii. Folds and wrinkles resulting from inaccuracy

This could result from the paper or cardboard structure or the surface treatment applied to the material.

You can re-evaluate the machine by using a different substrate in this case.

iv. Multiple concurrent entry of materials into the feeder

Sometimes you have multiple materials gaining entry into the machine at the feeding section at the same time.

This is usually when you operate the machine quickly and continuously.

You can prevent this by manually fanning the sheet edges with your thumbs but only where you have a few machines.

v. Inconsistent Speed

When the rate of output begins to vary, it’s time for a servicing examination and to search for underlying issues.

vi. Paper Jams

Paper jams are a frequent occurrence inside the machine during movement of the cardboard.

This could suggest the bottom fold plates are out of place or the conveyors are out of alignment.

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