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JOCHAMP has specialized in a box forming machinery production for 15+ years. We cooperate with box plants, distributors, and other businesses. They have complete control over their packaging using our unit.

  • Generate over 100 boxes types
  • Simple to set up and easy operation
  • Space-saving and lower production cost
  • Available with various printing options

JOCHAMP Box Forming Machine

Box forming machines can automatically feed cartons to multiple picking lines. It depends on the demand for the type of box. The system uses pre-cut cartons. They are automatically provided to forming bodies where hot-melt glue is applied. Once assembled, the boxes are dumped on a conveyor belt.

A touchscreen controls JOCHAMP box forming equipment. That allows users to see the state of several aspects. Our series of machinery has a production speed of 20 boxes/minute. They are also popular because of their tamper-evident characteristics, robust base, and ease of usage. We can also customize the machine to meet the needs of every forming project. Please send us your inquiry now.

Jochamp Box Forming Machine Advantages

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

The box forming machine’s highly integrated and clever design allows you to install it and start using it in just a few hours. Its precise technical concepts contribute to the high performance of the produced boxes.

Automatic Technology
Automatic Technology

Our automatic box-forming machines use PLC control and camera tracing systems and automatically feed cover paper. A servo motor controlling system can automatically make all of the settings in under a minute.

Easy to Operate
Easy to Operate

To provide easy operation, our automatic machines use computer digital settings and man-control. You have to select the pre-programmed box type on the touch screen, then input the box dimension.


We offer several models to help you build your business in various industries. Jochamp enables the making of custom packaging solutions. It will undoubtedly add significant value to your products while also preventing damage.

JOCHAMP Box Forming Machine Major Functions

JOCHAMP box forming machine is the most modern and integrated box-forming equipment. It provides box manufacturing solutions for short-run and serial production. Below is the workflow.

  1. Cardboard Feeding – can load over 20-50 sheets, thickness ranging from 2mm to 10 mm.
  2. Horizontal Slotting & Scoring – Two symmetrical slotting knives measure 500mm.
  3. Vertical Scoring & Slitting – The carton box’s side is made more appealing and flat by four cutting knives moved by a servo motor.
  4. Cross-Cutting System – Remove excess cardboard without using a paper separator.
  5. Die Cutting System – Handhole, vent hole, and rounded corners with a unique shape
  6. Inline Gluing System – There is no need for an additional glue machine with an inline cold gluing auto application. It provides maximum efficiency and adaptability.
Box Forming Machine Major Functions
Suitable Tray Styles

Key Characteristics of Box Forming Machine

Jochamp combines unrivaled expertise and technological know-how to make packaging machines. These units are perfect for integrating into entire production lines for food and non-food applications. It provides outstanding performance and reliability. Other features include:

  • The machine’s design complies with EU safety regulations
  • Equipped with International Renowned Brand accessories
  • Blades are made of special tool steel for extended life
  • HMI provides the user with a clear operation interface
  • The system will automatically save the production data
  • Easy change of measure and little maintenance

Highlight Production Efficiency

Our durable and high-performance box forming machines can significantly enhance your business. JOCHAMP is a competent automatic box forming machine supplier in China. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Based on our experience and know-how, we want to provide you with high-performance, rigid box machines.

  • Printing options for improved packaging branding
  • Package right-sized single- and multi-item orders with ease
  • Super-fast setup times with an quick to learn interface
  • Average 12 months Return of Investment (ROI)

Let us customize a packaging unit solution that’s right for you.

Highlight Production Efficiency

Why Choose JOCHAMP for Your Box Forming Machine Project

Box Forming Machine
Box Forming Machine

Fifteen years ago, JOCHAMP polished the art of box-making machine solutions. We are producing high-productivity and dependable rigid box forming machines. The exceptional quality of our goods reflects our professional experience. It also shows our manufacturing capabilities. Our units not only increase efficiency but it lowers expenses.

All production process is executed in our 3000+ square meter factory. We have the ability to produce complete turnkey automated box forming machine lines. Thus, offer free sample tests. Quality is guaranteed as all units passed SGS, cGMP, CE, ISO9001, and other standards. Plus, a lifetime after-sales service is provided for you.

Other company advantages:

  • Strict quality control in every step
  • European quality units, Asian price
  • Professional international trade team
  • Regular after-sales care
  • 24/7 fast response service

JOCHAMP Box Forming Machine

  • Reduced burden on long-run, high-speed machinery
  • Independence from third-party reliance
  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Consistent results
  • Environmentally friendly and efficient
  • A diverse set of applications
  • Cost management
  • High accuracy
  • Customize features
  • Cardboard Thicknesses
  • Cardboard Length
  • Cardboard Width
  • Cardboard Basis Weight
  • Cutting Tolerance
  • Production Speed
  • Electric Power
  • Dimensions
  • Color
  • and other mechanical features.

Box Forming Machine Projects We Served.

Logistics Company

The box forming machines are used to make cargo handling more efficient. It uses useless labor resources in cargo handling jobs. Units come in a variety of sizes and can conform to any box size automatically.

Easy Tape Change

Jochamp box forming machine system designed for eCom features an automatic tray former. For added strength, the boxes have a flat bottom design. It uses less sealing material and provides a smooth surface.

Box Factory

The box forming machinery units can manufacture over 100 distinct box types in seconds. It ranges from small boxes to big wraps. They are ideal for short to medium runs since they free up higher-speed conversion equipment.

Hardware Factory

As a useful machine, these tool is excellent for your business. It can increase factory production efficiency while lowering labor costs. It has vertical slitting, horizontal trimming, horizontal slotting, and scoring capabilities.

Fulfillment Center

Jochamp manufacture box forming machine ideal for big factories, such as fulfillment center. They are capable of forming various sizes and package kinds. We can also provide customized packaging solutions.

Ideal Box Forming Machine Partner
Your Ideal Box Forming Machine Partner in China

Over 15+ Years of R&D and Manufacturing Experience. Provide One-Stop Box Forming Machine Solution. ISO9001, cGMP, SGS, and CE-Certified Units. Sample Test is Free. Lifetime After-Sale Service.

  • “Working with JOCHAMP has been a joy from the start. both box forming machines and spare components have an above-average dispatch time. The teamwork is superb overall.”

  • “After searching for box forming machine manufacturer, we chose to add JOCHAMP to our portfolio; and it was terrific decision. After selling multiple units to corrugated converters, we are now receiving repeat business. It speaks volumes about the quality of Jochamp box forming machine. I heartily recommend JOCHAMP.”

  • In the box-on-demand market for box production, we believe that JOCHAMP box forming equipment is a trustworthy and competitive solution. Our customers like the equipment since it meets all of their requirements. We are pleased with the technical assistance offered by JOCHAMP.

Box Forming Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Box forming machine is an integral part carton packaging process. This guide will help you choose a suitable box forming machine for all your production line. So, if you are looking for any information on box forming machine, read this guide.

What Is Box Forming Machine?

This is a type of machine whose main function is to folding and compressing cardboards with the final product being boxes.

It is composed of various individual parts and is very helpful in industries such as assembly and manufacturing.

box forming machine

box forming machine

Applications Of Box Forming Machine

Box Forming Machine can be used to assist in the packaging of various things including food products that are pre-packed and put in the boxes.

Examples of such are sweets, frozen foods, dry cereals or even biscuits and chocolates.

Chemical products like pesticides, fertilizers or washing detergents can also be packed in boxes made by this machine.

Products already packed in bags or bottles can be arranged in the boxes for easy transportation.

Special equipment is used to pack plastic or metal hardware into boxes after they have been analyzed.

How Box Forming Machine Improve Packaging Business

The Box Forming Machine entails a great deal of benefits when it comes to the packaging industry. They include:

· Cost Efficiency

The total operating cost is hugely reduced when using the Box Folding Machine to fold boxes. Production time is reduced and minimal human labor is required to operate as compared to manual box folding.

· Improved Quality

Since the process of folding is automated, all parameters are put into consideration resulting in a very precise process.

Boxes of high quality lead to increased sales and high profit margins since they last longer and are strong.

· Increased Output

The folding capacity of the Box Forming machine is higher than manual boxing and can also be adjusted.

This can counter high box demand and also indicate company growth since the capacity they can handle increases.

· Time Saving

Besides, the overall folding time is greatly reduced by the high speed of the machine compared to doing it manually.

This can shift the company’s focus to other company operations like branding and marketing.

· Reduce Carbon Footprint

The use of unwanted materials and packaging fillers is greatly reduced when using a Box Forming Machine.

A company’s carbon footprint is greatly reduced when the use of waste materials is highly inhibited.

Types Of Box Forming Machine

· Automatic Box Making Machine

This type of Box Making Machine is fully automated and can work autonomously once it has been started and parameters set.

 automatic box making machine

automatic box making machine

 It is highly efficient since it requires only one operator just to monitor therefore reducing human errors.

· Manual Box Making Machine

This is a machine that employs total human labor in making boxes.

The boxes are formed by either folding them with a buckle, a knife or a combination of both with a variation in their design.

manual box making machine

manual box making machine

· Rigid Box Forming Machine

This is a boxing machine that completes the box forming process of four sides using Programmable Logic Control.

rigid box forming machine

rigid box forming machine

 It can be adjusted to process various box types with folding and air bubble pressing automated.

· Box Corner Pasting Machine

This type of machine is used to place and form the inner box and the box while sealing it with adhesive tape at high pressure.

box corner pasting machine

box corner pasting machine

 It produces refined and stable corners on boxes with very high speeds of operation and at low costs.

Is Box Forming Machine Same As Carton Folding Machine

While their operation is almost similar, their design may vary. Bothe carton folding machine and box forming machine are one and the same thing depending on manufacturer’s preference of name.

They can both fold and compress cardboards to form boxes in a similar man with the same end product.

carton folding machine

carton folding machine

Tray Forming Machine Vs Box Forming Machine

A Tray Forming Machine is a versatile device that uses corrugated cardboards to form trays.

These machines are available in either continuous motion designs or designs having intermittent motion with varied speeds.

Adjustments for forming the different types and sizes of trays are easily made with the products regulated in the whole forming process.

They can also be integrated with other machines like a shrink wrapper to ensure packaging is always ready for distribution.

tray forming machine

tray forming machine

A Box Forming Machine forms boxes by compressing and folding cardboards fed into it while still flat.

Its mode of operation is almost similar to the Tray Forming Machine with the difference very minimal.

Machine parts for both Box Forming Machine and Tray Forming Machine operate on the same principle with striking similarities.

The major differing factor between the two machines is the end-product formed.

Parts Of Box Making Machine

A Box Making Machine consists of various parts that are linked together to complete the process. These parts include:

· Feeding Point

This is the point where flat boxes that are to be folded are placed and varies in design depending on the type of machine.

Depending on the size of the boxes to be made, most feeding points can be adjusted to fit the flat boxes.

· Pre-breakers

Its main function is to smooth down the flat box material in order to ease the process of folding it. The process normally requires some form of mild heat which can be regulated by the operator based on the type of box.

· Folding Unit

This unit is composed of several different parts and is where the folding of the box occurs.

The base flaps of the box are folded using a crash-lock module with the system based on either non-hook or hook.

· Separating Section

Boxes which have been folded poorly or have any form of defect are separated from those that have been folded well in this compartment.

It is made up of sensors that assist in the detection of faulty boxes.

· Binding Unit

In this section, several parts of the boxes are applied with adhesive that will boost the process of binding.

This can be done using binders or adhesive since the box has to carry heavy items hence it strengthens the box.

· Conveyor Belt System

This component system assists in transporting the boxes from one part of the machine to the next. This motion is facilitated by a series of rollers and servo motor.

· Control Panel

This is an LCD display that is used to regulate the functional parameters of the machine such as temperature and speed.

Various errors can also be displayed for efficient diagnostics.

How Box Forming Machine Works

Cardboards are first placed in the feeding point bearing in mind the set speed of production in order not to jam the machine.

The rollers will then move the boxes from the feeding point to the next point of process.

The cardboards then go to the pre-breakers from the feeding point where it is smoothened by ironing it.

The smoothening is done using heat by the pre-breakers and this can be regulated depending on the type of cardboard.

When there is excess, the cardboard may burn while insufficient heat will result in a wrinkled cardboard.

After heating, the cardboard proceeds to the cutting unit where it is trimmed by cutters to the desired measurements.

The cardboard then moves to the folding unit where it is folded and a box is formed depending on the design set.

This process greatly relies on the operating speed that the machine is running on.

They box now proceeds to the separation section where boxes that have not been well folded are ejected.

Some of the boxes may also have deformities or any other flaws and they are ejected as well.

All the flawlessly produced boxes then go to the adhesion stage which is the final production stage. This is to enhance durability and strength to carry loads, an adhesive is applied on the box’s bottom side.

Depending on the box specifications and the kind of machine used, cello tape or glue can be applied as adhesives.

After the adhesion stage, the box exits the cartoning machine and is ready for use subject to quality standards having been passed.

Box Erecting Machine Vs Box Sealing Machine

Whenever a carton or box is being sealed, the flaps of the box already formed are folded and sealed by the Box Sealing Machine.

box erecting machine

box erecting machine

The Box Erecting Machine is responsible for having the box in an upright form and folding and sealing the bottom flaps.

A Box Sealing Machine is normally composed of a conveyor belt with a tape holder and a taping apparatus.

A Box Erecting Machine contains shafts that assist the box to stand upright with a taping wheel for sealing the cartons bottom using tape.

box sealing machine

box sealing machine

Improving Efficiency Of Box Forming Machine

The efficiency of a Box Forming machine is normally overlooked by many firms.

Some of the practices that can assist in improving the machines efficiency include:

· Reduce Storage

When many boxes have been formed by the machine and stored, the challenge arises on where to place more thus stopping production.

Increasing the storage space or reducing the requirements for packaging ensures a continuous efficient process.

· Packing Audits

Audits should be carried out on whether the packaging material is optimum or wastages are occurring at high volumes.

It will also find out why the machine is not performing and mitigate ways of improving efficiency.

· Streamline Box Forming Process

Labor costs can be greatly reduced by reducing the forming times thus increasing the output and general productivity efficiency.

Any slight alteration in the time taken to form a box greatly impacts the efficiency.

Choosing Box Forming Machine

Many factors have to be put into consideration before settling on the most appropriate Box Forming Machine. They include:

· Box Size

Before settling on a particular machine, the required box dimensions have to be identified first.

This will enable one to determine whether the machine can fold that box size thus improving output and efficiency.

· Operational Speed

The output and the folding capacity of a Box Forming machine heavily rely on its speed.

However, the speed has to be selected keeping in mind the possibility of an expansion of operations in the future.

· Available Technology

A machine having the latest technology is highly preferred because it will be easy to integrate it into the production lie.

The rapid changes in technology require purchasing of a technologically advanced Box Forming Machine.

· Price

Budgeting is always done prior to purchasing and it is important to get a machine that is within your budget.

Other factors like the model and quality also have to be considered before settling on the best price machine.

· Speed

The speed of a Box Forming Machine greatly influences its output and folding capacity

. A major factor to consider when looking the speed of the machine is the provision for expansion in the future and increase in demand.

Box Sealing Options

Some sealing options include:

· Adhesive Tape

There are very many types of Adhesive Tapes for box sealing depending on design and application of the boxes formed.

They include:

i. Acrylic Tape – best option for sealing corrugated boxes with minimal pressure required to bond it.

ii. Water-Activated Tape – made of gum adhesive with kraft paper with some have reinforcements of fiberglass layers.

A strong bond is created on the carton because the adhesive penetrates the cartons fibers.

iii. Hot Melt Tape – this is a very durable tape that sticks very well on boxes and works well under stress and strain.

Performs exceptionally well in boxes containing recycled materials of high volume.

iv. Paper Packing Tape – they are tamper-proof and very strong with the ability to have information like product name printed on it

v. Pressure-sensitive Tape – they are the most commonly used tape for sealing cartons and made from petroleum. They can be branded since they are transparent but non-biodegradable.

· Glue

The glue widely used in the sealing of cartons is called Polypropylene and bonds with various carton materials well.

The seal formed is usually tamper-proof and very flexible with resilience to cold, heat and moisture.

· Cold Adhesive

It is mainly made of stabilizers together with bitumen, fibers and fillers in their composition. Immediately the solvent has evaporated, the remaining components on the adhesive bond to the box surface forming a solvent bond and sealing it.

· Strapping

This is a sealing method normally applied to cartons in transit to keep them intact mostly when tape or staples are not used.

The strapping is made of Polypropylene and can automatically applied or manually using a hand strapping tool.

· Stapling

They are usually bigger than the regular office staples and are normally made from strips of metal. They are normally sturdier and can withstand the shipping severities while remaining tamper proof. They can also be applied in holding together seals and reinforce the corners of boxes.

Box Forming Machine Maintenance Process

Maintaining the Box Forming Machine will increase its lifespan and ensure that its efficiency of operation is good.

Some of the maintenance procedures include:

  • Any form of maintenance procedure should be carried out by a professional or an operator professionally trained on maintenance procedures.
  • The placement of the machine should be in an environment free from dust and excess humidity with optimal working temperatures.
  • The conveying belt should be well aligned especially when it is eccentric to avoid wear and tear on one side.
  • Regular scheduled maintenance should be arranged periodically and parts prone to wear and tear replaced.
  • In the event that the machine remains dormant for a long time, it should be thoroughly cleaned and anti-rust oil applied.

It should then be covered to protect it from dust, water and extreme temperatures.

  • Grease and oil the regular moving and transmission parts with oil levels being monitored regularly.
  • The machines maintenance history should be well documented to have an accurate service and breakdown trend.

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