Alu PVC Blister Packaging Manufacturer

Jochamp is a China-based manufacturer of alu PVC blister packaging. It is a high-speed packaging machine, simple to operate, time-saving and effort-saving.

  • Used in the chemical, health, and pharmaceutical industry
  • Guaranteed precise packaging
  • Custom-made to your needs
  • Low noise operation
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Custom Alu PVC Blister Packaging Supplier – JOCHAMP

Alu PVC blister packaging is a machine used to pack both lid and product base using nylon-ALU-PVC film – allowing for complete elimination of water vapor absorption, oxygen, or light access points. This is an essential machine used in the drug companies, health, and chemical industries. Newly innovated and developed by our company, we made them easy to use, and can save your time and effort.

If you are planning to import packaging machines from China, Jochamp is the best supplier and trusted. Our custom alu PVC blister packaging is great for sealing & packing candies, tablets, capsules, disposable syringes, etc. This machine is ideal for manufacturers of any industry. All machines also passed the approval of CE, ISO9001, cGMP, and SGS standards.

Alu PVC Blister Packaging: FEATURES

  • The framework is logical. The machine ensures consistent operation for many years.
  • Adopt a humane architecture with a split that can enter the lift and cleaning room.
  • A fast-installing screw is used for mold installation. The travel route employs mathematical control, and it is simple to change specifications.
  • It has a vision refusal function (optional) that ensures the product’s authenticity.
  • Ensuring operational safety, with each station having a visible protection cover.
Advantages of Blister Packaging Line


Choose Jochamp team to handle your alu PVC blister packaging needs.

  • We are a company that provides competitive service and pricing.
  • Jochamp has over ten years of engineering expertise in the packaging machine industry and a deep knowledge of each market needs.
  • We have a strong team that includes an after-sales team, a marketing team, an operation team, and an installation team.
  • High-precision mold manufacturing process makes the blister more beautiful, longer life, and higher visibility.
  • Offer custom alu PVC blister packaging that passed CE, ISO9001, cGPM, SGS and other certifications.
Your Reliable Alu PVC Blister Packaging
Your Reliable Alu PVC Blister Packaging

We provide user-friendly, high-quality Alu PVC blister packaging machines. We shipped our products nationwide. Please send us your own design for customization!

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