Tissue Box Packing Machine Manufacturer

Jochamp tissue box packing machine main benefits are speed, flexibility, and the ability to handle boxes in a range of sizes. You can choose several machine models to fulfill your needs.

  • Readily handle delicate tissue goods
  • Simple operation and great productivity
  • Provide inexpensive inputs
  • Compact structure

Jochamp Tissue Box Packing Machine

The tissue box packing machine is frequently used to package wet wipes, tissue paper, tissue cubes, non-woven pads, etc. The entire packing process is fully automated, but it’s highly humanized. Compact design, attractive packaging, and secure sealing are all characteristics of the unit. It is highly economical for tissue processing industries or enterprises.

Jochamp manufacture packaging machine to work perfectly with tissues. They handle all types of tissue products with ease and efficiency. Our equipment is ideal for sterile packaging environments. You can find innovative packing solutions for your delicate products. Contact us now.

Types of Tissue and Hygiene Product Packaging Machines

Jochamp tissue packing machines are specifically manufactured to work perfectly with tissues. We have numerous machine models that can meet this need.

  • Tissue packing for a smaller workshop
  • Semi-automatic tissue packaging
  • Automatic case packer with a range of product collators
  • Automatic tissue cartoner with many size options
  • Automatic cartoner with flexible speed and size

Why Choose Jochamp Tissue Box Packaging Machine

Our tissue packaging machine delivers more stable performance and easier operations. Following are lists of advantageous features.

  • Adopts automatic feeding, label coding, side sealing, and end sealing
  • Incorporates Servo motor, PLC programmable control system, touch screen
  • Equipped with human-computer interaction, a four-axis servo linkage
  • Highly automated, yet it is also more humanized
  • Package selection is extensive and flexible
  • Simple changeover between different specs and sizes
  • Optional devices: upside-open safety cover, hot melt glue machine, etc
Tissue Box Packing Machine Factory
Tissue Packaging Machine to Increase Production Efficiency

Jochamp manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom-built tissue packing equipment. These machines can automate the erecting, filling, and sealing of cartons to any level. Highly creative solutions are offered!

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