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Jochamp fabricates a toilet paper packing machine designed to package toilet paper in bundles or individually. The machine can guarantee long service life, high accuracy, and high speed.

  • Beautiful and clean sealing
  • Affordable price and flawless quality
  • Accurate positioning
  • Compact design
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Jochamp Toilet Paper Packing Machine

The toilet paper packing machine is manufactured to automate palletizing, case packing, and pallet wrapping operations. It is used to pack a roll of paper to exceed its product attributes. This machine is provided with the dual servo drive system, parameter setting, touch screen display, and many other features. The toilet paper packing machine is also designed to save labor costs.

Jochamp is a leading toilet paper packing machine manufacturer in China with over 15 years of experience. We can customize these machines according to your needs, which can exceed different packaging types, output, and specifications. All of our machines are CE-, ISO9001-, and cGMP-certified.

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Why Choose Jochamp Toilet Paper Packing Machine

Easy to Maintain
Easy to Maintain

The machine is designed with a rational structure and adopts a human-machine interface and PLC control to maintain easily.

Low Noise
Low Noise

The toilet paper packing machine works consistently with low noise and a low failure rate. It can guarantee stable performance.


The packing machines are automated with maximum speed performance. This will increase packaging efficiency.

Increase Efficiency
Increase Efficiency

We have different models of toilet paper packing machines that will increase efficiency and result in profitability.

Technical Features of Toilet Paper Packing Machine

  1. Automatic Single Toilet Rolls Packing Machine
  2. Toilet Roll Feeding, Vertical Sealing, and Air Exhaust – all controlled by servo motor with high efficiency, complete function, and simple operations.
  3. Consistent Speed with Core – 200rolls /min. maximum speed
  4. Consistent Speed without Core – 150rolls/min. maximum speed
  5. Adjustable Tissue Length – ranging from 80-195mm set by electronic

Toilet Paper Packing Machine for Your Business

Jochamp can supply customized and standard packing machines for toilet paper depending on the customer’s need. If you need to pack toilet paper for shipping, our robotic case packer is the best solution to automate this operation. It can pack toilet paper in bundles or individual rolls into boxes.

Whether you palletize bundles or boxes of toilet paper, Jochamp can offer you the solution you demand. We can also finalize your packaging line with a stretch wrapper or a stretch hooder if required. These can extend up to 200 pallets load per hour.

Designed for Multiple Toilet Paper Rolls

Jochamp toilet paper packing machine works well for 4 rolls, 6 rolls, 8 rolls, 10 rolls, and 12 rolls in a single bag. The machine is easy to operate and can pack rapidly. Also, it automatically pushes roll, sealing, packing, and cutting.

Jochamp toilet paper packing machine is manufactured by servo driving, photoelectric inspect, good quality bearing, pneumatic element, and other advanced products. If you are in a big toilet paper industry, our packing machines can be attached to cutting machines to become a toilet paper manufacturing line.

Jochamp – Your Trusted Toilet Paper Packing Machine Supplier

Jochamp supplies different machine types and models to pack toilet paper products such as Maxi roll, JRT roll, and toilet roll. Adopting advanced technologies, the Jochamp toilet paper packing machine can handle toilet roll bundler production with various packing ranges and packing speeds.

Jochamp has been devoted to the production and R&D of machinery needed in all forms of the paper packaging industry. Our packing machine for toilet paper is designed to deliver high-performance, high-quality technologies to various paper companies worldwide. We welcome old and new clients around the world to order our machine and discuss cooperation. Jochamp can provide you with low-price, cost-effective, high-quality, and perfect after-sale service.

  • Bundlers
  • Single Packing Machine
  • Big Bag Packing Machine
  • Case Wrappers, etc.
  • Wet Tissue Paper
  • Single Roll
  • Facial Tissue Paper
  • Napkin Paper
  • Towel Paper, etc.

Why Choose Jochamp to Skyrocket Your Business

After Sales Support

Jochamp can provide personal and professional service through our full technical support system. You will get a fast response to all your technical inquiries. Our experienced and specialized support team has the manuals and most advanced computer diagnostic software that will answer your calls, provide solutions, and assess your situation.

Maintenance and Service

Our qualified personnel performs periodic maintenance to ensure safe operation, long equipment life, and optimum performance. Keeping your packing machine in excellent order is vital for efficient production. Our preventative maintenance system can quickly prevent and remedy problems while eliminating any unwelcome surprises.

Supported by professional

The Jochamp optimization team provides you with maximum reliability from your machines by minimizing your downtime. It can also maximize your productivity through consistent innovation and improvement. Our team aims to assist you to optimize your machines to help you:

  • Fit new packaging
  • Reduce material loss
  • Throughput and flexibility
  • Achieve simpler maintenance and operations
JOCHAMP - Toilet Paper Packing Machine Manufacturer

JOCHAMP is over ten years of manufacturing standard and customized machines in China. Our machines are built with innovation, durability, and reliable performance. You can guarantee quality assurance and lifetime after-sale service.

  • Thank you, JOCHAMP for always providing us reliable and high-performance machine for my business.


  • JOCHAMP team is always cooperating with us regarding our machine design. Excellent customer service and professional after-sale service. I would highly recommend JOCHAMP.

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