Napkin Packing Machine Manufacturer

Jochamp professionally produces napkin packing machines according to the client’s requirements. They are made of excellent materials to ensure quality and longevity.

  • Saves labor cost
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Perform with less noise
  • Features with the servo drive system
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Custom Napkin Packing Machine

Napkin packing machine is constructed to package napkins into cartons and boxes. These machines have a speed up to 100 boxes per minute. Jochamp napkin packing machine is a flexible machine with a wide packing range.

Whenever you need help selecting the best machines, you can always rely on Jochamp. However, we always give our customers’ preferences top priority. We can produce them according to various standards, like FDA, SGS, ISO9001, and more.

Napkin Packing Machine Benefits

Large Volume
Large Volume

The napkin packing machine produces a huge amount of napkin tissues. Many sectors can benefit from this advantage and use it to achieve their objectives.

Fast Machine
Fast Machine

The napkin tissue packing machines are high-speed automated machinery. And including quick features in product packaging does boost productivity.


Profitability comes from efficiency, which is the result of having speedy napkin packing machines. We create them specifically suited for certain napkin tissues.


The machines efficiently create napkins in accordance with the needs. Employees can increase production by working longer hours on other industrial tasks.

Technical Specifications

Packing Capacity 30-100 boxes per minute
Carton Measurement (LxWxH) 100-240×100-120×20-90mm
Power Consumption 6.2 kw
Machine Dimension 3250 (LxWxH) x 1650 x 1800mm

2000 (LxWxH) x 260 x 1200mm

Machine Weight 2200 kg
Technical Specifications
Napkin Packing Machine Features

Napkin Packing Machine Features

Jochamp manufacture napkin packing machine that offers numerous features such as:

  • Simple to use and install
  • Built with rugged components
  • Drive with a servo motors
  • Replaceable size parts
  • Steady and fewer noise operations

Jochamp – Professional Napkin Packing Machine Manufacturer

Jochamp – Professional Napkin Packing Machine Manufacturer
Jochamp – Professional Napkin Packing Machine Manufacturer

Jochamp supplies napkin packing machines with complete features to enhance the performance and functions of the packing machines. These machines are quality tested before delivery to ensure robust, high-quality, easy-to-operate machines. Jochamp includes the box packing machines, bundle packing machines, shrinking packaging machines, and paper film packing machines for the production line.

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Certified Manufacturer

Jochamp napkin packing machines meet numerous international standard certifications, including:

  • FDA
  • cGMP
  • ISO 9001
  • SGS
  • CE
  • FDA
  • RoHS
Production Process

Our napkin packing machines are made under the following steps:

  • Material selection, bending, laser-cutting, shearing
  • Welding and design procedure
  • Treating the machine surface (polishing and grinding)
  • Ensuring components quality
  • Quality tests before delivery
  • Final testing

Why Choose JOCHAMP Services

Certified Production Process

We create napkin packing machines through different production processes including:

  • Quality inspection
  • Machine production
  • Component processing
Manufacturing Excellence

Jochamp has formed a strong partnership with various factories. It enables us to easily match manufacturing processes to idea techniques. The machines are guaranteed the highest quality, accuracy, and performance. We have wide manufacturing knowledge spanning over fifteen years.

Professional Team

Jochamp has a professional team that can provide a one-stop napkin packing machine solution.

  • Understanding the customer’s needs
  • Production and processing
  • Logistics and shipping
Improve Your Business with Jochamp!
Improve Your Business with Jochamp!

Jochamp is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality napkin packing machine in China. Along with our skilled workers using high-technology equipment for manufacturing, we guarantee satisfying machine performance. Contact us today!

  • Jochamp never failed to provide my business with high-performance, high-speed, and durable napkin packing machines. Additionally, because they have all the required certifications, their equipment is assured to be safe to use for napkin tissue products.

  • I truly like the high quality of the Jochamp napkin packaging machine. The machines are simple to integrate into our factory’s current machinery. Producing high-quality, robust, and efficient machines are done extremely well.

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