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Jochamp provides high-speed packaging solutions for the facial tissue industry. We can offer high-end, high-performance facial tissue packing machines at competitive rates.

  • 15 years of manufacturing experience
  • Complies with ISO9001, CE certifications
  • Ergonomic design
  • High technology system
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Jochamp Facial Tissue Packing Machine

The facial tissue packing machine adopts the packing mode of box loading, auto feeding, sealing, glue spraying, etc. These machines have adjustments, compact structure, and are easy to operate. The facial tissue packing machine is a cost-effective solution to pack facial tissue products without sacrificing productivity.

Jochamp is a leading facial tissue packing machine manufacturer in China with more than 15 years of experience. No matter what packaging you need for your business, Jochamp works hard to produce a long-lasting solution. We will provide you with easy-to-operate and easy-to-clean machines.

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Types of Facial Tissue Packing Machine

The Facial Tissue Flexible Packing Machine is purpose-built to automate the packaging of folded facial tissues, folded paper towels, V-fold napkins, paper serviettes, multifold hand towels, and other folded tissue products. It efficiently wraps these items into individual packs using plastic films. Typically, CPP (Cast Polypropylene) or PE (Polyethylene) films are used as the packaging material. This machine streamlines the packaging process, ensuring precise and consistent packaging for various folded tissue products. Its automated operation optimizes efficiency and productivity, meeting the demands of the tissue industry while maintaining product integrity and presentation. With the Facial Tissue Flexible Packing Machine, businesses can achieve reliable and visually appealing packaging for their folded tissue products.

The Facial Tissue Carton Packing Machine employs cartons as packaging materials to pack folded facial tissues with exceptional efficiency. Its operating speed typically ranges from 80 to 180 packs per minute. This high-speed performance ensures rapid and consistent packaging of folded tissues, meeting the demands of large-scale production.

Moreover, the machine can be seamlessly connected to a paper cutter, creating a fully integrated production line. This integration streamlines the entire process, from cutting the tissue to packaging it into cartons, resulting in enhanced productivity and reduced manual intervention.

With the Facial Tissue Carton Packing Machine, businesses can achieve a seamless and efficient packaging solution, optimizing workflow and delivering neatly packed facial tissues ready for distribution and retail.

The Pocket Facial Tissue Packing Machine is specifically designed to automatically pack pocket-sized folded facial tissues with precision and ease. It utilizes double-sided heat sealing membranes, such as CPP (Cast Polypropylene), PE (Polyethylene), and similar materials, as the packaging material for sealing the pocket tissues.

With its automated operation, the machine efficiently forms, fills, and seals the pocket tissues, ensuring airtight and hygienic packaging. The use of heat sealing membranes ensures product integrity and enhances the shelf life of the tissues, preventing moisture and contaminants from entering the packaging.

The Pocket Facial Tissue Packing Machine is a valuable asset for businesses seeking to produce neatly packaged pocket tissues for on-the-go use. Its reliable performance and use of quality packaging materials guarantee a professional and appealing presentation, meeting the expectations of consumers in the market.

Why Choose Your Facial Tissue Packing Machine from Jochamp?

Constant Reputation
Constant Reputation

The packing machines from Jochamp delivers versatility and high-productivity for the most delicate items through the whole packaging process.

Customization Services
Customization Services

We produce custom-built and standard packing machines for facial tissue which fill, erect, and seal boxes to a different degree of automation.

Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology

Every packing machine from Jochamp is specially tailored to fit an individual range or any product type thanks to our advanced computer technology.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Our facial tissue packing machine is offered with a one-year warranty and a lifetime after-sale service. This could ensure quality machines.

Structure Features of Facial Tissue Packing Machine

  1. Adopts packing form of folding, film wrapping, and sealing, which is beautiful and compact.
  2. Clearer and more convenient maintenance of the human-machine interface
  3. Adopts PLC control system and touch screen
  4. One-button specification adjustment and full servo control
  5. Automatic discharging and feeding conveyor tail-stock
  6. A high degree of professionalism, automation, low failure rate, and high production efficiency
  7. Lower and upper shaping mechanism to prevent parallelogram, trapezoidal, tissue bad head, and other bad conditions. The appearance of the tissue after the packaging is more beautiful and squarer.

Facial Tissue Packing Machine Advantage

  • Smooth movement design allows the machine to operate stably at high speed. The machine can guarantee easy maintenance and operation.
  • Quick size changeover
  • Numerous specifications
  • Greatly saves wrapping materials
  • No tissue paper, no film
  • Reduces labor cost by the use of an automatic feeding system that works well with an automatic production line

Jochamp – Trusted Facial Tissue Packing Machine Supplier

Jochamp is a leading provider of high-performance packing machines for the facial tissue industry. Our facial tissue packing machine is designed to provide a seamless and quick packaging process for different tissue products. This rugged and reliable machine can operate 24 hours in multiple packaging environments. At Jochamp, you can find numerous models of facial tissue packing machines that match your needs. These machines are certified to ISO9001, SGS, and CE.

Jochamp provides a high-end facial tissue packing machine for automatic film packing of the following:

  • Facial tissue
  • Tissue paper
  • Square tissue
  • Napkin
  • Kitchen tissue rolls
  • Wet wipes
  • Folded paper towels, etc.

Jochamp supplies various packaging machines for tissue paper according to your required packaging styles, such as:

  • Individual Pack
  • Large Sheet/Individual Pack
  • Bundle Pack
  • Bundle Pack/Lengthwise
  • Bundle Pack/Widthwise
  • Family Pack

Different Types of Facial Tissue Packaging Machine

Packaging for Small-Scale Production

Jochamps manufactured numerous models of facial tissue packing machines for smaller production works, such as carton sealing machines. This machine allows the worker to erect the hand manually. When the carton is placed in the machine, the item can be loaded. Then, the carton flaps will close and seal.

Semi-Automatic Packaging with Speed and Size Variation Option

This kind of facial tissue packaging machine helps in large-scale operations and provides on-demand systems. The carton is loaded by the operator and when activated, automatically erects and picks the exact carton by the use of a rotary vacuum system.

With carton size selection and variable speeds without parts changes needed, the machine is ideal for hygiene and tissue product packaging.

High-Speed Tissue Cartoner with Size Options and Variable Speed

This machine is manufactured to handle different delicate products such as facial tissue. It offers a fully-compliant, fully automatic solution. The cartons are automatically erected, and handled by a 5-arm rotary system.

Facial Tissue Packing Machine
Customize Facial Tissue Packing Machine - JOCHAMP

JOCHAMP is more than ten years of providing both standard and customized machines in the tissue industries worldwide. All our machines are manufactured under our strict quality management, ensuring competitive rates and on-time delivery.

  • Thank you, JOCHAMP for always providing us reliable and high-performance machine for my business.


  • JOCHAMP team is always cooperating with us regarding our machine design. Excellent customer service and professional after-sale service. I would highly recommend JOCHAMP.

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