A Complete Guide to Tea Packaging Design

Tea is a commodity that is widely used all over the world. You will find very many suppliers and what differentiates them is the kind of packaging design that they deliver this tea to you.

What Is Tea Packaging Design

We can describe this as the process of creating the exterior of the material that is used to carry your tea. This process allows you to configure your packaging in such a way that it can sustain various product functions.

Since the package is responsible for containing your tea, it has to be functional and easy to use. It has to be unique to other tea packaging while at the same time creating a visual appeal to your target customers.

Rules of Designing Your Tea Packaging

Besides adding value to your product, how you design your tea packaging also serves to secure the product. We have some basic rules that you need to follow if you want your packaging design to be a notch above the rest:

  • You should have your logo properly placed on your package
  • Make sure that your brand voice is prominently showcased
  • The package design should have a well-detailed definition of your tea product
  • The design should be in such a way that the tea inside does not experience too much motion during shipment.
  • The package should be able to effectively secure your tea from spillage
  • Your tea packaging should be authentic
  • The packaging design should be distinct enough to differentiate it from other tea packages

Benefits of Tea Packaging Design

Designing one of the best tea packaging for your brand will give you an edge over your competitors. However, there are very many other benefits that you can get from a good tea packaging design.

Let us have a look at some of these benefits:

  • Your tea packaging creates a very unique brand identity for your product in the market
  • A well-designed tea packaging increases the value and quality of your product
  • A good design packaging makes your tea brand stand out amid competition in a crowded shelf
  • It can improve customer engagement with your tea through increased sales

Requisites for Creating a Tea Packaging Design

When designing tea packaging, you need to have background knowledge and concept of the whole process. It is not a very easy task and you will need refined design skills if you want the best design results.

But let this not discourage you. If you are a beginner, we are going to take you through the steps you can take to ease this burden. If you follow these tips, be sure that you can come up with a brand design that will boost your product reputation.

· Carry Out Market Research

You need to do extensive market research to find out your market design trends and how well to utilize them. Having such information will ensure that you come up with a tea packaging design that will fit into the market.

If you fail to carry out thorough market research, your designs may run out of steam at some point due to limited knowledge. The right market information enables you to come up with a packaging design that strengthens your product identity in the market.

· Settle For the Best Design

After successfully carrying out thorough market research, you can now create a packaging design that suits your tea. Remember to factor in any other aspect before picking your design theme otherwise, you might fail.

Compare your tea packaging design requirements with the market trends then make an informed decision from there. You can also come up with a new design so that your tea packaging can be unique in the market.

· Brand Logo Visibility

When you want to design your tea packaging, ensure that your brand logo is well highlighted on the package. This is the major thing that consumers will use to easily identify your tea anywhere.

Ensure that your logo is positioned strategically, preferably on the center front part of your tea packaging. This will make your product very conspicuous and easily recognizable.

Visible Brand Logo
Visible Brand Logo

· Create a Difference

If you come up with a very unique tea packaging design, be sure that it will grab a lot of attention on the shelves. The only way you can gain an upper hand in the competitive tea industry is by having an out-of-the-box tea packaging design.

This is also a good marketing strategy since more people will be attracted to a unique product in the market. If you don’t have sufficient skills to come up with such designs, you can always hire a professional for such.

· Quality Tea Packaging Material

Do not be deceived that visual appearance is all that matters when designing your tea packaging. The quality of your packaging material is a strong pillar for your brand of tea.

In as much as a high-quality material will last longer and ensure you deliver fresh tea, it will create a positive mindset about your tea. It gives your tea an appealing physical representation meaning more people will be attracted to it and purchase it.

Tea Bag Packaging Material
Tea Bag Packaging Material

Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Tea Packaging

There are some simple mistakes that you may make while designing your tea packaging. They may prove costly at the end of it all therefore you need to be very cautious.

Let us have a detailed look at what you should avoid:

· Complex Designs

Simplicity is the strongest design tool that you can use on your tea packaging. When you use several design elements or colors, your tea packaging may render your product to appear very chaotic.

Customers are always attracted to tea packaging that is very elegant but has a rich sense of simplicity, clear fonts few patterns. If you want the design of your tea packaging to stand out, then go for a few well-coordinated color schemes.

· Non-Durable Material

You are well aware of the importance of the quality of product packaging used in the food industry. If you design your tea packaging using poor-quality material, it can easily get damaged while being transported.

Avoid very light material for your packaging. Create a design that has a thick material that can withstand slight impacts and last multiple uses.

· Ignoring the Preference of Your Target Clients

When you carry out extensive market research, you will learn the expectations of your clientele and market packaging design shortcomings. Don’t fail to incorporate all these in the design of your tea packaging.

Failure to do so will result in your product failing to counter your existing competition.

· Poor Functionality

If you want to design the right tea packaging it has to be very attractive and have functionality. Your tea packaging design must be easy to open and close in addition to being functional in terms of storage.

Designing a package that takes a lot of effort to access means many customers will shy away from your tea.

· Size Variation

One of the main reasons for designing tea packaging is to have your tea packaged in the right size. If you design a large package, it takes up more space on display shelves while small ones won’t be easily visible.

Additionally, if you are designing packaging for individual use such as tea bags, making a size larger than a normal mug would be inappropriate. The secret is paying attention to very minor details when it comes to size.

Tea Packaging Design Options

You can easily market your tea by the way you design your packaging. Creating the designs is easy since the tea can easily fit into any shape or design of the package due to its lightweight and dry granule form.

Let us look at some of the options you have when you want to design a packaging for your tea:

· Stand-Up Pouch Packaging Design

This packaging design allows you to offer your tea in the form of a stand-up pouch packaging design. You can find this type of packaging frequently used in restaurants selling tea.

They are easy to use and can give you a variety of options if you want to customize the logo of your tea and print on them. They are normally resealable and they can be made to stand on their own.

You can go for this type of packaging design if you are dealing with loose-leaf tea products. it is also ideal for packaging sachets.

Stand-Up Pouch Tea Packaging Design
Stand-Up Pouch Tea Packaging Design

· Canister Packaging Design

You can have this type of tea packaging design in either cardboard material or metal. You can design in several shapes and various sizes according to your taste in your tea packaging.

Additionally, you can custom-label them in any color you want and choose the texture of the cardboard or metal tin that you want. Your design creativity is what will transform a basic tea container into a marvelous piece of art.

Canister Tea Packaging Design
Canister Tea Packaging Design

· Folding Carton Packaging Design

This tea packaging design is the most versatile one you will find. You will find this design very resourceful especially if you are handling tea in the form of tea bags or sachets.

You can also use them to package loose-leaf tea provided you have packaged it in a foil or placed it in a pre-sealed plastic bag. Cartons are the easiest medium to print your branding on, any logo or detail always looks better on it.

Additionally, you can design them in very many shapes, varied configurations, and sizes. You can easily custom-make them to stand out from any competition.

Folding Carton Tea Packaging Design
Folding Carton Tea Packaging Design

Factors to Consider When Designing Tea Packaging

You have worked hard to produce the best tea in town and you want to reach your customers in the best condition. All this boils down to the design of the packaging that you will use to deliver to your clientele.

There are some factors you need to put into consideration when designing this packaging to ensure this. We can discuss some of them in brief:

· It Should Keep Your Tea Fresh

Your tea packaging design should be able to keep away moisture and direct sunlight from your tea. These factors together with air may lower the freshness of your tea and degrade its quality.

Design a resealable plastic pouch for your loose-leaf tea on top of designing its carton packaging. You also opt for a vacuum-sealed design for loose tea leaves if they are to last longer before use.

· Convenience

The tea packaging design you come up with should be convenient enough to allow the user easy access to the tea. An example is the resealable pouches that you can easily us to measure the exact amount of tea you want to use.

· Environmental Impact

This is an emerging trend where people are opting for tea packaging that has very minimal impact on the environment. You come up with biodegradable designs of tea packaging or even recyclable containers to cater to your eco-conscious customers and conserve the environment.

· Color

This is a very crucial tea packaging design element since you can use it to convey a certain feel for your tea. When selecting the colors of your packaging design, consider the flavor of your tea and the customers you’re targeting.

Different Packaging Color For Different Flavors
Different Packaging colors for Different Flavors

Combining just the right colors for your design will have a great impact on your customers’ choice of your tea. As an example, if you perfectly combine brown and beige, it will give your tea a sense of luxury making it a premium product.

· Images and Illustrations

If you use the appropriate images and illustrations in your tea packaging design for your target market, be sure you will catch their attention. You can blend traditional images that tell the history of your tea with modern design images that give it that modern appeal for today’s market.


The tea industry is facing very high competition due to the existence of many varieties. This means that you have to come up with very creative ways of designing their packages to enhance marketing.

When you design your tea package perfectly when putting into consideration all that we have discussed here, you will attract customers. Your product brand heavily relies on your package design since it is the physical representation of your tea.

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