Ways to Make Tea Bag -Learn How to Make

There are different ways of making a tea bag. Usually, the technique or process will vary depending on the type of tea bag.

Let’s explore some common techniques:

Tea Bag-Making Process

Tea Bag
Tea Bag

Technique 1. How to make Tea Bag using a Coffee Filters

Step 1: Collecting the Materials

The materials needed to make a tea bag using a coffee filter include; a coffee filter, a stapler, a cotton string, and loose tea leaves.

Step 2: Prepare the Coffee Filters

Here, you will start the process of preparing coffee filters. One of the main stages is flattening the surface of coffee filters. You can achieve this by cutting the coffee filters into two sides, securing a square or rectangular shape.

Step 3: Place the Tea Leaves in the Coffee Filters

Next, you can place a small amount of tea leaves at the center of the filter paper.

Step 4: Fold the Filter in Half

While holding the two other edges of the coffee filter, you can fold the filer in half. At this stage, you should ensure that the edges touch each other.

Step 5: Roll and Secure

Roll the edge of the open side towards the tea leaves. While rolling the coffee filter helps to close one side of the pockets. One can wrestle the top to secure it with a staple.

Step 6: Folding Process

Now, you should fold the other two corners which are open. By doing so, you will give the tea bag its desired shape. Next, you should place a piece of cotton string in the middle of the fold and staple it.

Step 7: Trimming Process

After the coffee filters have been folded and secured. Trim the excess parts of the coffee filters using scissors.

Step 8: Decorating and Labeling

Decorating and labeling your tea bag makes it more attractive and appealing to the eye of its consumers. Additionally, labeling helps to differentiate your tea bag from others. Besides, it helps to give relevant information about your tea bag.

Tea Bag in Cup
Tea Bag in Cup

Technique 2. How to make Tea Bag using Cheesecloth

Tea bag with Cheesecloth
Tea bag with Cheesecloth

Step 1: Collect Materials

The materials needed to make a tea bag using a cheesecloth include; a cheesecloth, tea leaves, and cotton string.

Step 2: Cutting Cheesecloth

You will cut your cheesecloth depending on the size of tea bags you want. For instance, you may require:

  • 10 by 10 cm
  • 4 by 4 inches

Step 3: Packing Tea in the Bags

At this point, you will insert the tea leaves in the middle section of the cheesecloth. The quantity may vary. However, you can place approximately one tablespoon of tea leaves on the cheesecloth.

Step 4: Assemble the Four Corners

With tea ingredients already in the package, go ahead to assemble the four corners. You should do this carefully to avoid any possible spillage.

Step 5: Tie the Cheesecloth

Using a cotton string tie the cheesecloth to ensure it won’t open.

Step 6: Trimming Process

Trim the excess parts of the cheesecloth using scissors.

Technique 3: How to Make Tea Bag using Sewing Muslin

Tea Bag with Sewing Muslin
Tea Bag with Sewing Muslin

Step 1: Collect the Materials

The required materials include; sewing muslin fabric, needles, and tea bags.

Step 2: Cutting the Fabric

Ensure the sewing fabric of your choice is not dyed or bleached to avoid any kind of contamination. You can cut the sewing muslin into 4 by 3 inches.

Step 3: Folding the Fabric

Fold the sewing muslin fabric into half while the inner side facing outwards.

Step 4: Sewing the Sides

Sew the two open sides of the fabric using a needle and a thread using a sewing machine leaving one side open.

Step 5: Turning the Bag

Turn the bag inside out ensuring the seams on the inside and outside are smooth.

Step 6: Filling the Bag with Tea Leaves

Fill in the bag with tea leaves and leave enough room for it to seal the bag.

Step 7: Close the Open End

Once the tea leaves have been filled, close the remaining open end using a sewing machine or a needle and a thread.

Step 8: Trimming

At this point, you should trim the excess fabric from the edge to enhance its appearance.

 Technique 4. How to Make Tea Bag Using Heated Sealed Bag

Step 1: Collecting Materials

Some of the materials needed to make a tea bag include; tea leaves, a heated sealed tea bag filter bag, a heat sealing machine, a source of heat, a flat surface, and scissors.

Step 2: Preparing your Tea Mixture

Weigh out the desired amount of tea leaves you will need and place it into a bowl or container.

Step 3: Filling the Tea Bag

Select the heated sealed bag that is empty and fill it with the tea leaves. You should ensure there is little space left at the top to enable sealing.

Step 4: Sealing

Seal the bag using a low-medium setting without steams. During this process, put the tea bag on a flat surface then close the top edge over to seal it. You can use an iron to hover the closed edge for a few seconds to ensure it is fully sealed. Repeat the process for all the tea bags.

Step 5: Trim

Use a pair of scissors to trim any excess materials after the bags are sealed.

Step 6: Labeling

You can choose to label your tea bag with any kind of relevant information you want. After labeling, you should allow it to cool.

Technique 5. How To Make Tea Bag Using Silk

Before, starting the actual process, gather all the materials you will need to make a silk tea bag. These materials include; silk fabric, cotton thread, scissors, and loose tea leaves.

Silk Tea Bag
Silk Tea Bag

Step 1: Cut the fabric

Ensure that when cutting your silk fabric, it should be square. Do not use bleached or dyed fabric to avoid any kind of contamination in the tea.

Step 2: Folding and Sewing

Fold the cut part of the silk fabric into half. While folding the square section, the inside part of the silk fabric should be facing outside. Sew two of the open sides closed and leave one side open.

Step 3: Turn inside Out

During the sewing process, easier the inside part of the fabric was turned facing outwards. Turn the bag inside out so that the seams are inside and not visible from the outside.

Step 4: Filling the Bag

Fill in the bag with tea leaves and leave a small room for folding and sewing.

Step 5: Closed the Bag

Fold the remaining open end of the bag and sew it perfectly.

Step 7: Trim

Trim the remaining excess silk fabric using scissors.

Step 8: Attach String

Cut a small piece of cotton thread and curve it through the top of the tea bag. Tie a small knot on the cotton tread to form a handle-like structure.

Technique 6. How to Make a Tea Bag Using Nylon

First, you will start by collecting the material you want to use in the tea bag-making process.  These materials include; nylon mesh fabric, scissors, thread, needles, and tea leaves.

Step 1: Cutting the Fabric

Your nylon fabric should be cut either in a square shape or rectangular shape.

Step 2: Sewing the Bag

Fold the fabric into half while the interior part facing outwards. Stitch the two open sides of the fabric closely, leaving the top one open.

Step 3:  Forming a Bag

Once the two sides have been sewn, turn the bag inside out saw that the stitched part is on one side. At the bottom corners of the bag, sew across it to create a flat bottom for the bag.

Step 4: Filling the Bag

Fill in the bag with tea leaves leaving a little space at the top to enable the bag to close.

Step 5: Closing the Bag

Fold the top of the bag and sew it.


Making a tea bag involves different procedures and techniques for it to be complete as discussed above.

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