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Jochamp offers vertical and horizontal packing lines. As a professional packaging machine manufacturer, we specialize in providing high-end case packing solutions for various product handling.

  • Packaging products quickly and efficiently
  • Ultra-compact solution
  • heavy machine
  • Available in custom options

JOCHAMP Case Packing Line

In manufacturing, boxing lines are very useful. It consists of multiple machines synchronously to form a production line for packaging box products. The equipment operates at incredible speeds, greatly increasing the efficiency of the production floor.

Our range of case packers is a massive piece of equipment. These devices pack goods to make them easier to carry and transport. Industrial packaging machines are mainly used in the food and beverage industry. These machines pack box items such as glass and plastic bottles. The device can apply a single film to the product, a film and liner, a film and a tray, or wrap the product completely in film.

As the industry leader, Jochamp offers all types of case packers to complete your packaging system. We have designed several different types of equipment to perform various tasks, such as labeling, date printing, image recognition, robotic arms, and more. This range of machines can increase the productivity of any business by efficiently and accurately packing case products.

For your custom request, please feel free to drop us a message or call.

Case Packaging Line Benefits

Increased Productivity
Increase Productivity

You can expect a high-speed and accurate packaging line from Jochamp, ideal for reducing repetitive operations on the packaging line. Its integration ensures maximum uptime and efficiency.

Compact Design
Compact Design

Versatile packing line with compact and heavy duty design. These can be adapted to any type of product you need to pack. It covers all speed requirements from low to medium to high.


We source the best materials for packaging line integration at very cost-effective prices. These provide precise directions and are easy and quick to operate.

Customized Solution

If you have unique requirements, we can manufacture special packaging lines for you. We have advanced manufacturing technology and we like challenging requirements.

Case Packing Line Systems

Jochamp manufactures durable case line systems for any manufacturing industry. These machines work well, have a compact stainless steel frame design, and are heavy duty. We customize your packaging line according to your requirements.

  • Top Loading (Vertical) Case Packers
  • Wrap-around case packer
  • shrink wrap
  • carton sealer
  • case maker
  • close person
  • Palletizing unit
Case Packing Line
Case Packing Line

Case Packing Line Features

We offer a wide range of case packers to add to your automated packaging line. Whether automatic or semi-automatic, you can find them here. These types of machines have powerful features and benefits that can benefit your production line:

  • Excellent innovative building
  • Functionality and high performance
  • Handles all sizes and configurations of products
  • High-quality, affordable packaging equipment
  • Simple and fast operation
  • heavy duty rack construction,
  • More stable operation and lower noise


Several types of case packers have different functions in the system. But it has one major application, such as stacking cartons and packing them into boxes.

  • Vertical Case Packer – A machine used to pick up items from a stationary position and place them in a case. It has an adjustable format within a given range and payload.
  • Wrap-around and side-load case packers – ideal for pharmaceutical or food handling. It has adjustable width, height and length dimensions for various formats.
  • Case Opener – A machine that automatically builds, folds and seals corrugated boxes from flat cases.
  • Automatic case sealer – used when a large number of cases of the same size must be taped together.
  • Palletizing Unit – Ideal for applications requiring continuous operation with high case flow or multiple formats.
Case Packing Line

Why Choose JOCHAMP Case Packing Line

Case Packing Line

If you need the absolute consistency and reliability of a performance top-to-box packaging line, you can rely on JOCHAMP – China’s leading manufacturer of complete packaging equipment. Our team brings a multifunctional case packer to your production line to keep the job done. These machines are set up and programmed to work with current automation to produce the best results.

In every process, we follow strict quality control and meet the standards set by CE, ISO9001 and SGS certification. Other machines are designed with food-grade product contact surfaces. It has a friendly human-machine industrial control system (HMI) and is easy to operate.

Jochamp offers different types of case packers such as horizontal case packers, bottom loading case packers, pick and place packers, semi-automatic packers and more. These range in a wide range of box sizes, including top-load, side-load or drop-pack options. Suitable for all kinds of cartons, such as wrap-around cartons, regular slotted cartons, half-open cartons, paper trays, etc.

For your custom requirements, please contact us today. We have complete custom solutions for automatic feeding, arranging and gripping of a wide range of products.

JOCHAMP Case Packing Line

Case Packing Line

The full range of packing lines comply with safety standards, CE, SGS, ISO9001, cGMP certification. These come with 1 year quality guarantee and lifetime after sales service. The machine adopts international famous brand electrical appliances and accessories, such as:

  • SMC,
  • Siemens,
  • Schneider,
  • mitsubishi,
  • Panasonic, etc.
Case Packaging Line

There are several products that can be carefully and reliably packaged using a packing line. These can pick and place bags, pouches, rolls, containers, boxes, cartons, small parts, or just about anything with precision. It is perfect for food and bottled beverages, canned foods, cereals, personal care, plastics, paper, dairy, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and more.

You can request a specific packing line integration for your business. Good sealing, operator friendly, high performance, greener machines are all here.

Various Packaging Line Based on Your Applications

Liquid Packaging Line

Jochamp offers high-speed and easy-to-manage liquid packaging lines. The packaging line consists of synchronized machines for packaging liquid materials into containers. This includes products such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, Ayurveda, dairy, oils, personal care, paints, lubricants, cosmetics, colors, cleaning materials, chemicals, pesticides and more.

Fruit and Vegetable Packing Line

Our fruit and vegetable packaging lines are designed to maintain the quality of the product as well as the integrity of the packaging. This line can handle a variety of fruit and vegetable products such as sweet corn, broccoli/cauliflower, green beans, berries, carrots, onions, peas, leafy greens, mushrooms, potatoes and more!

Pharmaceutical Packaging Line

Jochamp is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging lines with a variety of functions and processes including cartoonization, labelling, case packing and palletizing. These machines can be configured together to achieve fully customized packaging solutions.

Blister Packaging Line

Jochamp blister packaging lines are widely used for packaging capsules, tablets and solid products of all sizes. Our team of professional designers and technicians can design specific machine lines for pharmaceutical packers.

Food Packaging Line

You can have the perfect food packaging line at Jochamp. Our machines are engineered for gentle and precise product handling, ensuring product integrity, optimal sealing, cartooning, labeling, boxing and palletizing. This line handles bottles, cans, cartons, bags and canned products.

Case Packing Line Manufacturer
Case Packing Line Supplier in China

Jochamp is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer in China. Get a comprehensive case line that can improve your manufacturing process here. We offer a variety of packaging machinery that can meet your custom requirements. Leave us a message today!

  • “Now we have a complete boxing line that makes our production more efficient and efficient. It’s high speed, user friendly and heavy duty. This machine definitely takes our manufacturing to a new level of production.!”

  • “I highly recommend Jochamp for your next packing line needs and requirements. Our company benefits greatly from the complete customization the company offers. Our packing lines are clearly made of top quality materials and parts.”

  • “Thanks to Jochamp, we are satisfied with our crating solution. They have great technical support, excellent resource training and service.”

Case Packing Line: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing case packing line requires in-depth understanding of every aspect of this packaging machine.

A reason this guide explores every aspects of case packing machine.

Let’s dive right in.

What Is Case Packing Line?

Case packing line is a machine that can erect, pack, and seal cases in compact footprints.

You can use the case packing line for low to high-speed lines, preforming of the collation, before erecting the case.

case packing line

Types Of Case Packing Systems

When choosing a case packing line, there are numerous types that you can choose from.

You will choose the most convenient type of case packing system that fits your production and budget specifications.

Here are some of the types of case packing systems that you can opt for when choosing the perfect machine.

Side Load Case Packers

You will use the side load case packers to load different types of materials from the side of the carton.

It provides a monoblock solution that can erect, pack, and seal cases in compact footprints.

You will use the side load case packers for high-speed application and delicate handling of different products.

Side Load Case Packer

side load case packers

You can use it for different products such as jugs, containers, boxes, and cartons among others.

How Side Load Case Packers Work

Step One: Preparing the Package

The machine will automatically erect and then form a corrugated case ready for packaging.

Step Two: Preparing the Main Materials

As that happens, the machine conveys the products ready for packaging to the staging zone.

It prepares the materials that you would like to package and places them on the staging zone platform.

Step Three: Loading the Package

As soon as the products are in the right stage, the machine will automatically package the products.

The unique aspect of the loading process is the mode of loading because it loads the packages from the side.

The process id swift and the machine ensures that all the products are handled carefully to prevent damage.

Step Four: Sealing the Package

The machine will fold the open flaps and glue them together to protect them from damages.

Application Of Side Load Case Packers

You will use the side load case packers in different industries such as:

I. Oil refinery industry

II. Food Industry

Direct Load Case Packers

Direct load case packers are suitable for high speed, flexible packing solutions of different products in trays or cases.

It is suitable for direct packaging of different materials into the cases using the traditional but automated packaging system.

Additionally, you can use it to manipulate different or multiple packaging patterns in trays and wrap around cases.

direct load case packer

How Direct Load Case Packers Work

Step One: Preparing The Package

Firstly, the machine will prepare the package that you would like to package.

It will open the package, seal the bottom and erect to the packing position.

Step Two: Preparing The Packaging Materials

Secondly, the machine will ensure that the materials you intend to package are in the right position.

In other words, it will make sure that the packaging materials are in the right packaging position.

Step Three: Packaging Process

You will choose the preferred packaging mode that you would like to use to package the different products.

Due to the flexibility of the machine, it will pick the products and package them directly into the packages.

Step Four: Sealing the Package

Finally, after packaging all the materials directly into the package, it will automatically seal it in readiness for transportation.

Applications Of Direct Load Case Packers

You will use the direct load case packers to change the packaging styles of products in different industries.

It is suitable for use in the food industry. Pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, and manufacturing among others.

Robotic Top Load Case Packers

It is a robotic system that features a robot capable of providing end of arm tooling options to fit your packaging needs.

It provides you with robotic and accurate product and case size configuration and quick changes between different patterns from the top.

Robot Case Packer

Robotic top load case packer

How Robotic Load Case Packers Work

Step One: Preparation Of The Machine

You will prepare the machine and accurately configure the packaging options of interest.

After that, the machine will follow the program and prepare the products and packages in the right position.

Step Two: Packaging And Sealing

The machine will carefully and accurately package the materials into the empty packages.

As soon as it is complete, the machine swiftly moves the packages to the sealing section.

It will seal the package, label it well, and then prepares it for distribution.

Applications Of Robotic Load Case Packers

You will use the robotic load case packers in different industries such as the food industry to load cases.

It also comes in handy in the oil refinery industry and the detergent industry.

Top Load Case Packers

You will use the top load case packers to load the package into an erected case from the top.

It is suitable for packaging different products such as cartons, glass bottles, flow packs, flexible pouches, sachets, and bags.

top load case packer

top load case packer

Working Principle Of Top Load Case Packers

Step One: Preparation Stage

The whole process begins with the preparation of the machine as well as the packaging materials.

You will configure the machine which will automatically erect and open the packages and seal the bottom.

It will ensure that the packages are open from the top for proper loading from the top.

Step Two: Packaging Of Products

Secondly, the machine will package all the products into the packages from the top.

It will carry and carefully place the products into the open package from the top.

Step Three: Sealing The Package

After filling the package, the machine will carefully fold the flaps and seal it in preparation for storage.

Applications Of Top Load Case Packers

You can use the top load case packing machine in different industries to package cases at high speed.

It is useful in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, and the cosmetic industry among others.

Robotic Case Packers

It is a single or multiple case packing system with robots that can be configured to meet specific packaging needs.

It opens up new packaging options and opportunities thus bridging the gap between the current packaging automation systems.

How Robotic Case Packers Work

Step One: Transporting The Packages

First, the whole packaging process begins with the transport of all the materials into robotic cells.

After that, it will erect the cartons in preparation for the packaging process.

Step Two: Initiating The Packaging Process

Secondly, the machine initiates the packaging process according to the configuration or the programming schedule.

With the assistance of the EoAT, the machine quickly loads the cartons using the robot handles.

Step Three: Sealing And Labeling

Finally, the machine will seal the cartons by closing and gluing the open flaps before labeling.

The complete package will exit the packers for storage and later distribution.

Applications Of Robotic Case Packers

You will use the robotic case packers to package different products such as pens and pencils, books, drinks among others.

It will also come in handy in major industries such as automotive industry, food and beverage industry, and pharmaceutical industry.

High Speed Case Packer

You can also opt for the high-speed case packers which erect, load, and seal the packages at a higher speed.

Despite working at high speeds, the high-speed case packers are very accurate and provide the best packaging solutions.

How High-Speed Case Packers Work

Step One: Preparation Stage

The machine will automatically begin the packaging process by pacing the packages at the packing zone.

After that, it will place the products at the packaging zone as well at very high speeds.

Step Two: Packaging And Sealing

It will proceed with the packaging process by picking and placing the materials into packages.

It performs all the functions accurately at a very high speed thus saving on time.

Finally, it will seal the boxes before gluing and labeling in preparation for storage and distribution.

Applications of Case Packing Line

You will use high speed case packers to package different materials into cases in various industries.

Some of the industries include food and beverage industry, cosmetics industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Wrap Around Case Packer

Wrap around case packing is a system that uses pre-cut flat sheets of corrugated blanks.

It has a case saving potential as the minor and major flaps seal sideways instead of sealing from the top.

wrap around case packer

How Warp Around Case Packers Work

Step One: Opening And Placing Material Into The Packages

Firstly, the machine will open the packages and place the relevant materials into the open packages.

As that happens, the machine moves the products on conveyor belts through the system.

Step Two: Wrapping The Package

Secondly, the machine will wrap the packages by folding the carton around the products and seal it accordingly.

Finally, it will label the package before storing and distributing at a later stage.

Applications Of The Wrap-around Case Packers

The machine is suitable for packaging products such as toothpaste, matchboxes, glasses and other simple products.

Benefits Of Case Packing Machine

Well, one of the reasons that should compel you to use the case packing machines are the benefits it provides.

Here are the main benefits that you will draw from using the case packaging line.

Multiple Formats

There are numerous types of case packing lines that you can use to package different types of products into different packages.

Most of the machines within the case packing lines are flexible enough to change parts according to production requirements.

High Speed Of Operation

Since it is an automatic system, the machines load, package, and seal the entire system within a few seconds.

In other words, it operates at a high speed as it packs all the cases into the designated units accurately.

Branding Opportunities

You can use the case packing line to label or brand your products hence increasing the marketability of the products.

It is capable of printing labels and names on the packages thus providing an all-in-one packing system.

Cost Effective

You will save a lot of money in the packaging system of different products because of the high packaging performance levels.

It is capable of packaging at high speeds while reducing damages, thus saving on the production cost.

Sustainable Packing Solution

The system also uses natural, reusable, and environmentally friendly materials hence reducing environmental pollution.

Additionally, it minimizes waste of products thus maintaining a clean packaging system that eliminates contamination on the products.

Parts Of Case Packing Line

Case packing line consists of various parts or systems that work together to package different types of products.

Here are the main parts and systems that make up the entire case packing line.

PLC System

The machine has a program logic control system that you will use to automatically engage the machine into different work modes.

It is capable of accurately programming the machine to provide accurate packing results of different types of materials.

Machine Sensors

You will depend on the machine sensors to detect faults, and proper levels within the packing line.

It is also capable of sensing danger on the machine hence protecting the users and the machines from damage.

Loading System

The loading system comprises of the hopper where you will load the packages and loader that will load the cases.

You can program the loading system to change parts and fill cases accurately at different packing speeds.

Sealing Unit

The case packing line has a sealing unit that ensures that the cases are properly sealed from external interference.

It is capable of sealing the packages accurately with minimal room for damages of the products or the cases.

Transport System

The machine has different transport units such as conveyor belts that carry the cases from one station to another.

You can also control the speed by which the transport unit moves to provide enough time for the packing system.

Labeling System

You will use the labeling unit to print different labels on the cases to increase the marketability of the products.

Through the PLC system you can accurately program and print all the necessary details on the cases.

Case Packing Machine Working Principle

The working principles of the case packing machines vary depending on the machine that you use.

Generally, there is a universal working principle that covers the general steps for all the case packing machines.

Here are the main steps that the machines follow to accurately pack products into cases.

Receiving The Products

Firstly, the case packing line will receive the products that it will place or package into cases.

In many cases, the machine is connected to the product production line, thus enabling proper product supply.

Apart from that, you have to load the system with enough cases or packages to ensure a smooth packing line.

As soon as the products arrive, the case packing line will bundle them together to ensure enough product quantity.

Loading The Cases

Secondly, the machine will load the products into the cases.

It begins the process by erecting the cases and placing them in a loading position.

It ensures that the bottom part of the cases is properly sealed to prevent the products from falling.

After that, it will pick the products and load them into the cases wither from the top or sideways.

You have to ensure that the PLC system controls the quantity of products loaded into the machine.

Sealing And Labeling The Cases

Thirdly, the machine will close the opened cases to protect the products from external interference and damages.

Depending on the type of product, the machine will either place an aluminium wrap or pad before closing the case.

After securing the products inside the cases, the machine will place a seal on the cases.

Finally, it will place a label on the cases and prepare it for collection.

Features Of Case Packing Line

When choosing a case packing line, you have to look at specific features of the machine that determines the working conditions.

The following are the features that you should pay attention to when purchasing the case packing line.

Level Of Automation

You can either choose between the semi-automatic or the fully automatic option of the case packing line.

To increase levels of efficiency and packing speed, you should consider the fully automatic option.

Speed Of Operation

You should also note the number of products that you would like to package within a specific time frame.

In this case, you should consider a flexible case packing line that allows you to control the packing speed.

Innovative Technology

Case packing lines have numerous innovative technologies that enhance the packaging process by improving precision and packaging speed.

You must note that the more innovative technology features on a machine, the higher the price you will pay.

Stainless Steel Frame

You are sure of using the machine for a very long time considering the fact it has a stainless-steel frame.

The stainless-steel frame allows for a steady machine placement and enhances durability as well as sanitary packaging conditions.

GMP Design

You will have a case packing line with a GMP design that allows you to easily operate the machine.

It gives the workers an easy time to pick and place the cartons and products at the most appropriate positions.

Operator Interface

You should consider a case packing line with a control system and an operator interface to enable proper control.

Most of the machine with the above features come complete with a color touchscreen and intuitive designs.

Mechanical Adjustments

You should also consider a machine with robust slides that have graduated scales and numeric indicators.

Apart from that the machine should also come with format settings and size changes on the human machine interface.

Safety Features

You must place the safety of the machine and the users under consideration when purchasing a case packing line.

The machine should have safety features such as sensors and alarm system that warn of impending danger.

Fully Automated Case Packing Line Vs Semi-automated Case Packer

Among the numerous types of case packing lines, you can also differentiate them on the automation levels.

In other words, you can either choose the fully automated system or the semi-automated system.

Here are the differences between the fully and semi-automated case packing lines.

Semi-Automatic Case Packing Line

It is a type of packing line that has the manual function as well as the automatic function.

You will do some of the packing functions by hand and complete the other functions automatically.

On that note, it is slower than the fully automated case packing line because some functions are manual.

Fully Automatic Case Packing Line

It is a type of system where most if not all the functions are automated.

In other words, manual input is very minimal because most of the actions are fully automated.

Additionally, it operates at a higher speed than the semi-automatic case packing line.

automated case packer

Applications Of Case Packer For Bottles

You can use the case packer to pack bottles in different industries.

Here are some of the industries that use case packers for bottles.

  • Food Industry
  • Beverage and Alcoholic drinks Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Oil Manufacturing Industry

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