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JOCHAMP is a leading provider of tea bag packing machines for outer and inner granular tea bag packing such as medicinal tea, tea leaves, healthcare tea, etc. We have rich experience in producing custom tea bag packing machine to match your preference.

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JOCHAMP Tea Bag Packing Machine

JOCHAMP packing machine for tea bag is widely used for the packaging of tea, granular cereal, herbs, and ground coffee powder. The machine includes forming, sealing, filling, and cutting. The packing machine for tea bag has extra tags and strand  for favorable handling. They are very hygienic and can automatically packet and add up products into boxes.

JOCHAMP is a one-stop packing solution provider in China that provides reliable tea bag packing machines. These machines can be customized to your specification. If you are interested in our tea bag packing machines, please don’t hesitate to message us right now!

Tea Bag Packing Machine Advantage


Our packing machine for tea bag can be customized to match specific bag sizes. The performance speed of the machine can be adjusted to your preference.


The machines, whether semi-automatic or automatic can minimize human labor costs. It has handy controls that allows the user to handle complete packaging process.


We use stainless steel for the machine parts in compliance with CE and cGMP for sanitation improvement. These materials are safe for handling foods.

Improve Brand Visibility
Improve Brand Visibility

The packing machine for tea bag produces packaging that are attractive and neat which improves brand clarity. Thus, it could raise your marketing initiatives.

Tea Bag Packing Machine Specifications

JOCHAMP provides automatic packing machines for the tea bag. It has the function of auto bag sealing, auto-filling, labeling, auto counting, thread affixing, and many more. Being a leading tea bag packing machine manufacturer in China, we ensure that our machines meet food hygiene standards.

Additionally, our packing machine for tea bags provides numerous advantages, such as high efficiency and low costs. These machines are great for foodstuff and tea industrial companies. They are also an ideal equipment for packaging medicine tea, health-strengthening tea, beauty-slimming tea, and other related fine-particle products.

Tea Bag Packing Machine Specifications

Excellent Bag Packaging Styles

JOCHAMP tea bag packing machine is used to pack herbal tea, black tea, leaf tea, red tea, green tea, and more. These machines provide different bag style options for teabag sealing and filling, which produces the following:

  • Tag and string filter sachet tea bag
  • Encapsulated 3-sides seal plastic teabag pouch
  • Tea bag sachet
  • Filter bag pyramid with tag
  • Without tag pyramid sachet
  • Double-chamber filter sachet

Performance Characteristics of the Machine

  1. Ultrasonic Cutting and Sealing: Produces attractive bags and sealed three-dimensional tea bags.
  2. Automatic Quantitative Measurement: Change the filling process quickly.
  3. Siemen Touch Screen Operation, PLC Control: More humane, simpler, and more stable performance.
  4. Schneider Electrical Components and SMC Pneumatic Components: Extend the machine’s service life.
  5. Electrical and Mechanical Integration Design: Data replacement without stopping.
  6. Packaging Capacity: 2400 to 3600 bags/hour
  7. One Key switch production process for four corners flat bag and triangular conical bag.
  8. Conveyor Chain Horizontal Machine: Connects triangle tea charter.
Performance Characteristics of the Machine

Trusted Tea Bag Packing Machine Supplier in China

JOCHAMP packing machine for tea bags provides durability and high performance. These machines are widely used in all industrial packaging sectors that minimize work volume to a large extent. They also provide numerous advantages, such as energy-saver and outstanding functions of filling and sealing.

JOCHAMP tea bag packing machine is not only limited to packaging tea bags but also for all kinds of products, such as chips, tablets, sachets, and many more. Our team uses durable materials to produce packing machines to pack all sorts of glass, paper, plastic, and wooden materials. JOCHAMP is a leading packaging solution provider in China that provides different packaging needs of our clients.

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JOCHAMP Tea Bag Packing Machine

  • Ultrasonic cutting and sealing for a unique shaped tea bag.
  • Pre-tagged filter material for quick tea bag produced.
  • Can switch between rectangular and triangular shape tea bags using one button.
  • Exceed CE safety standards to provide our customers with CE-certified machines.
  • 80bag/min standard capacity.

JOCHAMP tea bag packing machine provides wide packaging scope:

  • Green tea and flower tea
  • Black tea and PU-er Tea
  • Formula tea and Babao Tea
  • Chinese Medicine Pieces and Health Tea

Why Choose JOCHAMP to Custom Your Tea Bag Packing Machine

JOCHAMP will be your reliable partner in your packaging needs because we provide innovative solutions for goal-oriented and efficient packaging. We provide all types of packaging solutions to meet your needs.

Our professional engineering team produces a solution for every specific application. We can customize the tea bag packing machine begins with engineering.

JOCHAMP provides 14/7 technical support to assist every customer’s needs. Our services include commissioning and preventive maintenance.

Tea Bag Packing Machine
Custom Tea Bag Packing Machine in China

JOCHAMP has been a leading provider of packaging solutions in China. Our tea bag packing machine can be customized according to our customer’s requirements. We provide lifetime after-sale service and on-time delivery.

  • The customer service of JOCHAMP is excellent! They are not bothered to answer my all questions when I inquire about the packing machine. I’m also satisfied with the quality of the equipment.

  • The tea bag packing machine we bought from JOCHAMP is very smooth. It is very easy to operate and maintain. Thanks to JOCHAMP.

  • JOCHAMP packing machine for tea bags helps me double my production quantity in my small business. I’m very happy that I choose JOCHAMP for my packing machine needs.

Tea Bag Packing Machine: The Ultimate Buying Guide

This guide will help you choose a reliable and efficient tea bag packing machines. Whether you want to learn about classification criteria, benefits, features, or filling mechanisms – all vital information on tea bag packing machine is right here.

Uses Of Tea Bag Packing Machine

Tea bag packing machine is used to pack tea into bags that can filter.

A cup closer weighing and filling system withing the machine weighs the tea products.

Tea bag can be formed and sealed within the same machine.

Also, the machine can automatically feed in the cotton thread used for holding the bags during use.

Tag paper is also automatically fed into the system.

tea bag packing machine

tea bag packing machine

Tea bag packing machine can also form and seal the envelop bag automatically.

Finally, a system is put in place to eject the packed bag out the machine.

Tea bag packing machine is useful for packing granule tea, herbal tea, pharmacy tea, healthy tea, tea powder, ground coffee etc.

Types Of Tea Bag Packing Machine

High Speed Tea Bag Packing Machine

High speed tea bag packing machine is very fast with a single chamber.

Approximately over 120 bags can be packed within one minute using a high-speed tea bag packing machine.

Various functions are automated within the machine including making filter tea bags, filling the bags, weighing, sealing.

high speed tea bag packing machine

high speed tea bag packing machine

A device that can fill a tea bag paper box is also attached making the machine very convenient and economical.

Another feature for a high-speed tea bag packing machine is that it can also attach a tag and a string to the tea bag.

Some of the benefits include multifunctioning, economical, high speed.

Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine

Double chamber tea bag packing machine matches the two main functions within the machine.

The two main functions include box filling system and the automatic filter bag countering.

Some of the products that can be packed through this machine include fermented tea, loose tea leaf or herbal tea.

A form of dip tea bag making machine that can form tea bags with double chambers in tea bag papers that are rolled.

Tags are hard and are made by rolling cotton threads and stapling them using staples.

Single Chamber Tea Bag Machine

Single chamber tea bag machine is also another type of a high-speed tea bag packing machine handling single chamber.

With this machine, one can handle up to 240 bags in a minute making super-fast.

This machine is suitable for companies that handle high production volumes.

single chamber tea bag machine

All the machine functions are automated eliminating the need for human labor and also offering accuracy and efficiency.

Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

Pyramid tea bag packing machine is designed for packing inner filter and into an envelope.

An outstanding feature in this machine is the added bucket elevator with an envelope packing system.

Compared to single chamber tea bag packing machine, pyramid tea bag packing machine is very slow.

pyramid tea bag packing machine

A speed of approximately 40 bags in one minute.

Packaging material for the filter bag, string and tag is non-woven corn, for the envelope it is either plastic or paper.

High Speed Tea Bag Envelope Packing Machine

High speed tea bag envelope packing machine is one of the fastest single chamber tea bag packing machines.

Being the fastest machine with a single chamber, it can handle approximately 120 bags in a minute.

This machine is usually more efficient and convenient when used together with a double chamber tea bag packing machine.

High-speed tea bag envelope packing machine is normally linked at the end of the double chamber tea bag packing machine.

Main function of this machine is to pack the already packaged tea filter bags into envelopes.

Round Tea Bag Packing Machine

Round tea bag packing machine, just as the name suggests, makes round filter tea bags.

A type of a single paper filter bag packing machine making tea bags that are round from materials like non-woven corn.

Approximately over 30 bags can be handled in a minute using this machine and it is suitable for companies of low throughputs.

Coffee Packaging Machine

round tea bag packing machine

Some of the benefits of round filter tea bags is that they have a good infusion and release effect.

Also, they are quite convenient for mugs and round cups.

Herbal Tea Bag Packing Machine

Herbal tea bag packing machine is designed to handle herbal tea.

This is designed depending on the weight of the product matching it with a volumetric cup filler or electronic weigher.

herbal tea bag packing machine

herbal tea bag packing machine

Green Tea Packing Machine

Green tea packing machine is made specifically to handle the packaging processes of green tea.

Green tea bag packing machine can be one of the following double chamber, single chamber, pyramid or flat tea bags.

green tea packing machine

green tea packing machine

Benefits Of Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine

Automatic tea bag packing machine can handle tea filters of varying shapes including round, flat, pyramids etc.

Another advantage is that the machine price is low compared to other machines.

Also, the spare parts don’t cost much.

A PLC control with an HMI interface is provided for simple and easy operation.

Maintenance of the machine is quite easy and simple.

A compact design makes it stable and also occupies a smaller working space.

An automatic ultrasonic heat seal system makes the sealing process very accurate and precise.

Generally, an automatic tea bag packing machine is fast and efficient eliminating the need for human labor.

Types Of Tea Bags

Square Tea Bags

Square tea bags can be perfect square or rectangular in shape.

Usually, they are very efficient especially when being package through an automatic tea bag packing machine.

Some of the benefits of square tea bags include easy crushing and limited space, used for tea powder or tea leaves.

square tea bag

square tea bag

Square tea bags mostly come with attached tag and string for easy handling by consumers.

However, some companies don’t attach a string and a tag to their square tea bags.

Pyramid Tea Bags

Pyramids usually give the tea bag a triangular shape.

This shape is meant to allow room for the tea products to move with the bag during usage to give a better flavor.

Pyramid tea bags are suitable for tea product that is loose.

One benefit of a pyramid tea bag is that the tea leaves within the bag can stretch and easily release more flavor.

Pyramid tea bag

pyramid tea bag

Another advantage is that they can accommodate more tea leaves compared to the square tea bags.

Pyramid tea bags are suitable for packaging a mixture of broken and whole tea leaves such as herbal tea.

Some pyramid tea bags come attached with a tag and a ring while others come without the two.

Special Tea Bags

Special tea bags come in various shapes such as round or the shape of a heart.

Such shapes are meant to attract a group of consumers or to help them differentiate their favorite tea from the rest.

Also, such shapes are suitable for promoting your tea products.

Tea Bag Packaging Machines Filling Mechanism

Volumetric Cup Filler

Volumetric cup filler is preferred because of its accuracy when filling cups with the specific amount of tea.

A volumetric cup filler is a perfect solution for inaccuracies experienced during bag filling by hands.

Tea products like tea powder, fanning, tea dust and other similar products are easily handled using a volumetric cup filler.

Spiral Feeding Filler

Spiral feeding filler uses a spiral weigher to weigh tea products.

This kind of filling device is used for weighing products like tea leaves or coffee beans.

A spiral tea bag filler uses a conveyer belt to move the product through a scale.

The machine is recommended for handling loose or delicate tea products.

Linear Weigher

Linear weigher is designed to detect the target weight for every lot loaded before feeding them into the hopper.

Consistency and accuracy are assured when using a linear weigher to handle products like tea powder or fragile tea products.

Multi Heads Weigher

Multi heads weigher is designed to offer high accuracy and high speed when handling tea or other products.

This can be used for handling large products in the form or slices, granular, dried fruits, coffee etc.

How To Choose Tea Bag Packaging Machine

Consider Level Of Automation

Various tea bag packing machines are available in the market including fully automatic machines.

Your choice should be guided by the level of automation your company needs or the cost of a fully automated machine.

Consider Bag Sizes

Every company has its own set of parameters when it comes to the size of tea bags to be handled.

Tea bag packing machines offer adjustable bag sizes.

Before purchasing a machine, consider the bag size range.

Consider the Type of Tea Product

A tea bag packing machine can package various types of tea products including green tea, herbal tea, powder or dust tea.

Consider purchasing a machine that will be able to handle the kind of tea product you deal with.

Heat Settings

Some tea bag packing machines have heat settings that are fixed while others can be adjusted depending on the clients’ specifications.

Consider the Machine Cost

Tea bag packing machines are generally cheaper compared to other machines.

However, machine price will be determined by the features within a machine and the quality of the machine.

Consider the Output

Machines like round or pyramid tea bag packing machines can only handle 30 to 40 bags per minute.

High speed tea bag packing machines can handle up to 120 bags per minute.

Therefore, choose a machine that will handle your production volumes.

Sealing Mechanism In Tea Bag Packaging Machine

Heat Sealing

Heat sealing can be achieved through three main methods including direct sealing, impulse sealing and ultrasonic sealing.

Heat sealing is usually achieved through the use of heat generated by a current impulse on a heater to heat the device surface.

The heat produced can melt and seal bags or other containers made up of thermoplastic layers.

Parts Of Tea Bag Packaging Machine

PLC with an HMI Interface

For easy control and monitoring of the process.

Filter Tea Bag Forming System

This is the part that automatically forms and seals the filter tea bag.

Weighing System

Tea bag packing machines use a weighing methods like volumetric cup filler, or spiral filling to weigh and fill the bags with tea.

Cotton Thread Feeding Station

Cotton thread is used for making the strings that are attached to the tea bags for holding during usage.

Tag Paper Feeding Hopper

To feed in the paper tags that will be attached to the strings.

Envelope forming and sealing station

Tea bag packing machine also forms and seals the envelope bags automatically.

Ejection Station

At this stage, the product is ready for distribution and the conveyer belt moves the product out of the system.

How Tea Bag Machine Works

First, the machine has to be switched on then parameters are set through the PLC control.

Followed by loading of all the items that would be needed for the process into hoppers including, cotton thread, corn material etc.

The next step is to form and seal the filter tea bags at the filter tea bag forming station.

Weighing of the tea products is done through an automatic weighing system put in place.

The product is filled into the filter tea bags automatically.

Through the conveyer belts, the filter tea bags are moved to the string and tag attachment station.

Also, the machine can automatically feed in the cotton thread used for holding the bags during use.

Envelopes are formed automatically and the filter tea bags are packed into them followed by envelope sealing.

Finally, the conveyer belt moves the products out of the machine ready for distribution.

Tea Sachet Packing Machine Vs. Tea Bag Packaging

Tea Sachet Packing Machine

Tea sachet packing machine is suitable for packing herbal or powder tea products in sachets.

Packing is done in styles like 4 side seal, 3 side seal, stick sachet or alien sachets.

A fully automatic multifunction sachet packing machine can make sachets, measure products, fill, seal, print date, cut and count.

Tea Bag Packing Machine

Tea bag packing machine is suitable for packing all tea products including herbal tea, granule tea, pharmacy tea, ground coffee etc.

Types of tea bags used include pyramid tea bags, square tea bags and special tea bags.

An automatic tea bag packing machine is designed to form and seal filter tea bags, form and sea envelope bags.

Other functions include filling products into bags, packing bags into envelopes, ejecting bags from machine.

Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine Vs Manual Tea Bag Packing Machine

Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine

Automatic tea bag packing machine is a high-speed machine that can handle up to 120 bags in a minute.

All the machine functions are automated and human labor has been eliminated.

Some of the functions done by the machine include filter tea bags making and sealing, envelope forming and sealing etc.

Manual Tea Bag Packing Machine

Manual tea bag packing machine is an easy-to-use packing machine that can handle freely flowing tea products and granules.

Functions such as bag making are not done by the machine.

Bags are preformed, the machine only weighs that products and packs them into bags.

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