Learn How to use Tea Bags For Eye Infection

The eye is one of the senses that is considered to be exposed since it enables one to see nature. Over the years, tea bags have been used to treat eyes due to their holistic nature.

Benefits of using Tea Bags for Eye Infections

Tea Bag for Eye Infection
Tea Bag for Eye Infection

The importance of utilizing tea bags as cold impress is.

Cold Compress

Decreasing the dark circle below the eye

Cold tea bags can be compressed in the dark area to enable the blood vessels under the eye to contract.

Contraction of tea bags below the eye

The presence of tannins in a cool tea bag enables it to decrease the swelling of the eye.

Soften pink eyes

The mucous membrane is enriched with inflamed and expands to form pink eyes which will need a cold tea bag to decrease dryness.

Relieving small injury

For an eye that has been affected by hard objects or hit by anything, cold tea can be placed on it for about 10 minutes.

Warm Compress

The importance of utilizing tea bags as warm compress is;

Lower blepharitis;

Compressing warm water for about a minute can be used to lower blepharitis in the eye since it does away with oil gland inflammation of the eyelid.

Nurse a style;

Using a warm tea bag to compress the eye for 10 to 15 minutes may treat a stye by freeing the pus.

Types of Tea Bags Recommended For Eye Infection

Tea Bag to Treat Eye Infection
Tea Bag to Treat Eye Infection

Green tea bag

Swelling of the eye can be decreased by green tea bags since it has flavonoid content and caffeine.

Rooibos tea bag

Irritation of the eye can be decreased by using a rooibos tea bag since it has anti-inflammatory content in it.

Chamomile tea bag

The presence of flavonoids in chamomile tea bags helps to lessen inflammation and was also used in older days to cure blocked tear ducts.

Earl grey tea bag

We have blood vessels that contract due to the presence of caffeine in black tea which helps to get rid of dark eyes.

Types Of Eye Infections You Can Treat Using Tea Bags.

Inflamed or swollen eyes

The presence of flavonoids and caffeine in green and black tea bags’ main purpose is to make the blood vessels contract to decrease inflammation.

Dark circle below the eye

By compressing black or green tea bags below the eye.

Conjuvitis/Pink eye;

Chamomile or calendula tea bags can be used to treat pink eyes by reducing inflammation and irritation.

Chamomile tea bags and calendula tea bags get rid of surplus fluid clearing out the eye and soothing the eye from swelling.


The presence of tannin components in black tea bags contains antibacterial hence reducing irritation of the eye.


When hot black tea bags are compressed in the eye it helps in treating blepharitis by preventing oil glands from clogging.


Red eye is known to bring discomfort and irritation in the eye but rooibos and chamomile tea bags are commonly used to decrease its redness.

How to use Tea Bags for Eye Infection

  • Put 2 or more tea bags in hot water then steep it
  • Squeeze out the tea bags out of the water
  • To work on it as a warm compress hold it back for it to cool
  • To work on it a cold compress and chill it in a refrigerator
  • For about 15 minutes put a tea bag on your eyes while closed
  • Put on it softly using your fingerprint
  • Redo just as required
Treating sty with tea bag
Treating sty with tea bag

Precautions when using Tea Bags for Eye Infection

  • Make sure your tea bags are clean before use this enables you to stay away from contaminating your eye.
  • Desist from using powerful teas especially the ones with flavours as this may irritate the eye.
  • Stay away from using hot tea since it can burn your eyes while using it.
  • Apply the tea bag slowly to your eyes this is to prevent unnecessary irritation.
  • Tea bags should not be placed in contact with the eyes to avoid redness and irritation.


There are different types of tea bags recommended for eye infections like rooibos tea bags chamomile tea bags and green tea bags as discussed above.

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