Raisin Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

JOCHAMP packing machine for raisin with check weighers and filling solutions are designed to increase the production speed and improve uptime for your raisin and other production lines. With JOCHAMP’s simplicity in mind, we are committed to providing quality service and products.

  • Lifetime after-sales service
  • 15 years of R&D experience
  • One-stop solution provider of automated packing
  • CE, ISO9001, SGS Certified

Jochamp Raisin Packing Machine

JOCHAMP raisin packing machine is made with stainless steel which is a very efficient and durable material. We also offer a blister packing machine that is very ideal for packing various products. With our high degree of machine automation, some production companies can benefit from the minimization of labor costs.

We have obtained the decided best regulation for each of our machines by pertaining the latest engineering software advances to our machines. This application can provide a faster and more profitable production.

Function of Raisin Packing Machine

Raisins can be accurately and quickly filled and packed with JOCHAMP food filling systems. Our raisin packing machines have the capacity of handling the most challenging packing application easily. Our packing machines can cater to a wide variety of raisin packing, including:

  • Three-sided pouches
  • Pillow bags
  • Single-serve cups
  • Flexible & stand-up pouches

Raisin Packing Machine Feature

  • Advanced PLC System: This system allows the raisin packing machine to operate easily.
  • Automatic Checking Function: No Pouch, no seal, no fill. This feature will prevent the raw materials or packing materials waste.
  • Safety Device: The safety device allows the machine to stop at unusual air pressure.
  • Electrical Motor: It allows the bag’s width to be adjusted by pressing control button.
Raisin Packing Machine Manufacturer in China - JOCHAMP
Raisin Packing Machine Manufacturer in China - JOCHAMP

Yes, running a business may be a complicated matter. An automated packing should be considered. With the JOCHAMP packing machine, we probably help you to hit the large number faster, reduce risk, and increase your revenues. Don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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