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JOCHAMP provides full packing solutions for a variety of industries with over 15 years of expertise. All of our box motion flow wrappers are fully automated and have several patents. We are known for our excellent quality, low rates, secure packaging, and quick delivery. 

  • Optional automatic film bonding function to realize non-stop operation
  • Full servo control, simple operation, improved accuracy, and stability
  • Advanced PLC and HMI man-machine industrial control system
  • More modular design, faster product switching
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JOCHAMP Box Motion Flow Wrapper

A box-motion flow wrapper specifically intended to pack heavy and oversized items in a pillow bag, flow bag, shrink bag, or modified environment packaging, such as meat cuts, poultry, cheese, fresh food industry. This technology allows for versatility while also ensuring high-quality airtight seals. Accurate and versatile, it’s designed to work with a wide range of items and wrapping materials. The box motion flow wrapper is made entirely of stainless steel and has a cantilevered frame for simple maintenance. Due to the general machine’s design, each component can be simply removed for cleaning.

All actions from the infeed conveyor, film unwinding, and sealing mechanisms are synchronized by the Programmable Logic Control (PLC). Achieve your idea of a completely automated box motion flow wrapper packaging line, and get expert planning and design services including automatic alignment, automatic feeding, and product accumulation. It comes with automated film splicing equipment to save time while changing films and boost productivity. Send your inquiry now.

JCD-630 Box Motion Flow Wrapper

Advanced automatic flow wrapper. Named for its reciprocating end seal operation mode. Friendly to heavy or larger products.

  • Optional residence time for end seals to ensure better air tightness
  • Wider range of products highly supported
  • Synchronization of end seal and film movement, more beautiful sealing effect
  • Independent PID temperature control system
  • Easy adjustment and switching of products
  • More accurate and stable operation
  • low noise


Max.Production Capacity80 bags/min
Packing shapeRound bar,rectangle and so on.
Size of ProductsL180~400mm
Packing MaterialHot Sealing Complex Film
Max.Film Width630mm
Gross Power4.5kW
Power Supply3-phase AC380V 50Hz
Overall Dimension5300mm ×1250mm ×1450m

Optional residence time for end seals to ensure better air tightness

Wider range of products highly supported

Synchronization of end seal and film movement, more beautiful sealing effect

Independent PID temperature control system

Easy adjustment and switching of products

More accurate and stable operation

low noise

Thick body, less running vibration

Overload protection system, the cutter will automatically rebound when the product is cut

Full 304 stainless steel cover, corrosion resistance, easier to clean

Tool-less operation structure for easier maintenance

Product contact surfaces for food hygiene and drug safety

Two sets of cold and hot middle sealing system to ensure the sealing is firm

PLC control system with HMI man-machine interface

Maximum speed 400ppm

Passed CE, ISO9001, SGS quality system certification

Free sample packaging test

Siemens, Schneider, SMC, SICK and other internationally renowned brands of electrical appliances and accessories

Standard machine in stock, ready to ship. Customized machine as fast as 15 days delivery time

competitive price

Thermal transfer date printing

Automatic feeding system

exhaust structure

Web/vertical/horizontal sealing

Flat/wavy cut style

End seals with hanging holes

export finishing machine

metal detector


Remote system inspection, maintenance and upgrades

Automatic film bonding structure

Allow for Longer Durations of Sealing

The end seal jaws of box motion flow wrappers employ real box motion to provide extended sealing periods. Because of the longer dwell time, they can seal thicker wrapping materials, resulting in a higher-quality seal. Since they can produce airtight seals, they are more suited for taller items, heavier products, and modified atmosphere packaging.

  • End seals can have an optional residence period to improve airtightness.
  • Temperature control system with independent PIDs.
  • End seal and film movement are synchronized for a more attractive sealing appearance.
  • Product changes and adjustments are simple.
  • Operation is more precise and steady.
Allow for Longer Durations of Sealing
Main Features of Box Motion Flow Wrapper

Main Features of Box Motion Flow Wrapper

  • Servo control: Servo motors are used to accurately regulate the motions of each component. It’s responsive and simple to use.
  • Diverse packaging: A set of equipment may be used for a range of packaging methods and can package items of various sizes.
  • No material standby: Empty containers are avoided, and the cost of packing materials is reduced.
  • Troubleshooting: To save time and energy, clearly designate the location of the alarm, which may be instantly disabled.
  • Stable and noise-free: The machine’s silent functioning is due to its exact design and construction.
  • Durable structure: The components have been meticulously constructed to reduce wear and are not readily destroyed even after extended usage.
Expert Box Motion Flow Wrapper Supplier in China
Expert Box Motion Flow Wrapper Supplier in China

JOCHAMP has the capacity to deliver high-quality box motion flow wrapper equipment in a complete manner. We specialize in the design, manufacture, sale, R&D, and construction of box motion flow wrappers for various industries.

Box Motion Flow Wrapper: The Ultimate Guide

With high quality box motion flow wrapper machine, you can optimize all your packaging needs. In this guide, you will find all information you are looking for about box motion flow wrapper. So, keep reading to learn more about box motion flow wrapper machine.

Advantages Of Box Motion Flow Wrap Packaging

Some of the main advantages include:

Fast Change Over

Flow wrapping box packing makes it simple to switch between different packing sizes.

Conveyor systems that are integrated are easily adjustable guides that quickly change width as needed.

Corrugated cores are used in flow wrap film rolls to make switching between film sizes straightforward.

box motion flow wrapper

The onboard computer systems can store multiple pack specifications, changing small lengths and belt speeds at a button.

It Reduces the Cost Of Packing

Competition is severe in many businesses, so being able to outbid rivals on price is crucial.

Utilizing a box flow wrap packing solution typically helps to lower costs and improve the effectiveness of packaging procedures.

Assist In Food Product Preservation

Box flow wrap packing offers a tight seal against oxygen, helping to preserve and safeguard a variety of products.

Technology for gas injection can also be utilized to create a protective environment to lengthen the life span of products.

Additionally, box flow wrapping aids in limiting a product’s movement inside its packaging, reducing disruption or damage.

Box Flow Wrap Packing Is Customizable

A box Product that is flow-wrapped offer fantastic chances to improve branding.

Customers can see your products thanks to clear flow wrap sheets.

These transparent films are ideal for producing packaging and can boost product visibility and retail sales.

It Increases Throughput

Box Flow wrap packaging provides a fast, automated substitute for conventional wrapping techniques.

It is the ideal packaging option for goods that must be packaged at up to 100 packs per square minute.

Applications Of Box Motion Flow Wrapper

Some of the applications include:

Pharmacy And Medical

Syringes, blisters, and hemodialysis filters are just a few examples of pharmaceutical products that need to be produced with the utmost care.

This is to ensure the best possible product hygiene and quality control, as well as a secure airtight seal.

Biscuits And Confectionery

The production of light and fragile goods like cookies, crackers, and wafers requires protection from damage and excessive moisture.

This presents various challenges for biscuit and confectionery product manufacturers.


It does provide bakery makers with the highest standards of sanitation, user-friendly operation, and easy maintenance, making them the best alternative for individual, multi-packet items.

Refrigerated And Frozen Food

There is an increasing demand for box motion flow wrapping machines to assist manufacturers in managing fresh food supply chains effectively and efficiently.

Hardware And Tool

This machine gained the advantage by acquiring packing equipment for nuts, washers, and other storage items.

Parts Of Box Motions Flow Wrapper

Infeed Conveyor

Depending on the type of box flow wrapper, products are loaded onto a chain with pushers or lugs either automatically or manually.

Products can be moved in the flow wrap machine so the pushers can seal them in the infeed conveyor.

A Self–Centering Film Reel Holder

By aligning the machine’s center line with the film reel’s center, centering film reel holders eliminates the need for the operator to make mechanical adjustments.

Back Stand

It’s constructed of one or two spindles or reel holders. The back stand typically comes with several alternatives to ensure flexibility in use.


Products can pass through it to be wrapped with a layer of sealing substance. The base of the structure is where the material’s outside edges are joined together.

A Film Cutting Device

It reduces the number of packages that are rejected and improves the splicer’s efficiency in operation.

Splice Converter Detection

It recognizes markers on the reel and rejects them at the discharge belt.


It usually enables the automatic joining of two film reels. It frequently connects the empty end of one film reel with the start of a brand-new rotation.

A Self-Pusher

To wrap the products, they frequently move the products into the former in a forward direction.

A Powered Roll Feed

It is a driven roller that supports the movie’s movement and is located on the back stand.

Fin Wheels

It allows for the sealing of the two mating edges when they are passed through it.

To allow entry into the jaws for the end seal, the fin strip that has been sealed frequently folds over inside the package utilizing the additional fin wheels.

Rotary Heat Sealer

The package will be airtight and well protected from damage, courtesy of the rotary heat sealer’s superior film sealing.

Box Motion Flow Wrapper Sealing Mechanism

Cold seal film and heat seal film are the two main types of sealing used in box motion flow wrappers. The seal is typically based on factors including the required speed, the product’s characteristics, and the material.

A water-based cohesive covering called cold seal film is used to seal paper and film packing materials.

A self-sealing glue known as a cold seal needs pressure to set. A cold seal does not require heat at any point, as the name suggests.

Another technique is heat seal film, which uses a set of compression seal heating bars and a combination of heat, time, and pressure to form a seal.

The melting of a layer of plastic and the joining of the two layers of the film occurs when the jaws come together.

How Box Motion Flow Wrapper Machine Works

Usually, this machine has a working principle whereby:

Using a film to wrap the products, the wrapper in a flow wrap machine packaged the goods.

In order to guarantee system effectiveness, flow wrap machines typically have an infeed conveyor, a forming area, a filling feed assembly, a discharge area, and a cutting head.

The flow wrap machine’s components all depend on one another for the system to function.

Thus you should always conduct a background check before operations. The process should be carried out continuously and at a high rate.

The following steps are how the machine works:

  • A product in-feed conveyor typically organizes each item in a line into a forming box first.
  • After that, a continuous tube of film throughout the products can be formed by the forming box.
  • Then, the items are separated using a cutter and rotary heat sealer before being separately sealed into their intended wrappers.
  • After being sealed and packaged, the items exit the flow wrap machine and are placed in boxes in preparation for delivery.
Features To Look For In Box Motion Flow Wrapper.
  • Usually, The temperature of the sealing unit should be under PLC control.
  • Transparent jaw guards include an interlock to guarantee security.
  • It features a specific design bag forming that makes it possible to modify the size of packages.
  • The flow wrapping machine is typically operated by.
  • It has double-frequency inverter controls that control the speed and bag length.
  • A long-lasting electrical panel to assure performance.
Box Motion Flow Wrapper Vs. Shrink Wrapping Machine

Flow box motion wrapper as the product passes along the horizontal conveyor belt. It is often wrapped and sealed at both ends.

Unlike shrink wrapping, the product is typically covered in a transparent film and heated. The goods will be fully encased in the film shrink.

The box motion flow wrapper offers the advantages of less waste material, airtightness, and minimum movement compared to the other hand shrink wrapping machines.

shrink wrapping machine

 It is also more affordable and increases storage space.

Production Capacity Of Box Motion Flow Wrapper

Manufacturers often operate between 2500 to 500,000 packs, while there is space for more significant amounts.

Always get in touch with the manufacturer and go over your choices if you require more than the usual amount.

Is Box Motion Flow Wrapper An HFFS


Box motion flow wrapping machines are typically HFFS and can flow wrap a variety of materials at high speed with any col-seal or heat seal.

HFFS box motion flow wrapper

How Rotary Jaw Flow Wrappers Compare To Box Motion Flow Wrappers

The rotary flow jaw wrapper usually employs revolving end seal jaws to create high speeds for Flow Wrappers.

Single, twin, triple, and quad jaw combinations are also available.

The Rotary Jaw Flow Wrappers come in a variety of sizes, from simple machines to fully automatic production lines.

Rotary jaw flow wrapper

But the box flow motion wrapper uses actual box motion on the jaws of the end seal to extend sealing times.

The product has a superior quality seal because of the extended dwell period, allowing them to seal thicker wrapping materials.

Because they can create airtight seals, they are more suited for taller products, heavier products, and modified atmosphere packaging.

How Back Seal Flow Wrappers Compare To Box Motion Flow Wrappers

Backflow seal wrappers are made to have the film supplied from a reel at the machine’s bottom or underbelly.

As a result, trays no longer need to hold loose goods—ideal for huge, fragile, or irregular things that need to be conveyed by the film.

back seal flow wrapper

 For the flow box motion wrapper, extended sealing periods are achieved by using natural box motion on the end seal jaws.

They can seal thicker wrapping materials with a higher quality seal because of the extended dwell period.

Due to their ability to create airtight seals, they are better suited for taller, heavier, and modified atmosphere packaging.

Box Motion Flow Wrapper Maintenance Process

Ideal for huge, fragile, or irregular things that need to be conveyed by the film. You should pay attention to the following items in the maintenance plan:

  • Ensure Flow box motion wrapper inspections regularly.
  • Constant monitoring and examination of worn-out components are needed for the machine.
  • Always ensure motion box flow wrapper lubrication is done more often.
  • Make sure that high-wear parts are in stock.
  • Combining labor-intensive maintenance duties with simpler, task-based operations.
  • Ensure that Well-trained flow wrap box motion wrapper operators should perform these duties regularly.
  • Ensure the manufacturer can view the flow wrap equipment remotely and troubleshoot issues without physically going to the location.
Sealing Temperature Of Box Motion Flow Wrapper

In a flow box motion wrapper, sealing temperatures are frequently regulated variably based on the rate of packing and the thickness of the material.

The fin seal temperature is set at 140 ° C. for CPP/OPP film or PP film with a thickness of approximately 50 micrometers and a pace of 60 bags per minute.

This machine’s end seal temperature is typically fixed at around 14 degrees.

Requesting flow wrap machines with an additional set of high temperatures is crucial if you need high-speed packaging.

Cold Vs. Hot Sealing In Box Motion Flow Wrapper Machines

Sealing types are the main determining factors for sealing types, sealing strength requirements for the product, material cost, speed, features, and production capacity.

Both of these sealing methods are appropriate, while the cold seal often uses a water-based cohesive layer to seal the product.

As implied by the name, the technique applies pressure to the seal and does not involve heat.

On the other hand, heat must be applied during the product sealing process when using a flow box motion wrapper.

The material will essentially melt from the heating, and the sealing will work appropriately under the machine’s pressure.

The packing rate and the material’s thickness are typically used to manage the sealing temperatures in a flow box motion wrapper.

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