Noodle Packing Machine Manufacturer

Avail of high-efficient noodle packing machines at Jochamp. We supply automated machines suitable for large-scale and small-scale packing applications. It packs various solid food products, shortens your production lead time, and increases your sales.

  • High speed and high accuracy
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Corrosion resistant machine
  • Customizable machine for your needs
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Jochamp Noodle Packing Machine

Jochamp manufactures high-quality noodle packing machines. This machine can create noodles in a variety of packages, including cup/barrel, bag/pillow, and bowl. It works as a low-cost pillow-type flow wrapper that transports instant noodles via an infeed conveyor into a film tube made by a bag forming. Equipped with a high-quality servo motor for fast and reliable operation. Safe for food contact, high speed, and high efficiency.

As an industry leader, Jochamp can customized packaging styles for instant noodles based on your company’s packing method requests, noodle cake features, and factory size. Our machines will increase your productivity, lower maintenance, and cost-effective. We strive to supply high-end products and dependable services.

Noodles Packing Machine Outstanding Features

  • Equipped with an innovative changeable bag maker to accommodate various packaging requirements
  • Adjustable feeding mode allows to easily alter the machine’s feeding location while it’s running.
  • Employs an innovative microcomputer controller and a man-machine interaction mode
  • Designed with a sliding horizontal sealing mechanism
  • Intelligent temperature management
  • Powerful fault self-diagnosis function
  • User-friendly display, simple setup
  • Precise temperature control

Custom Your Noodles Packing Machine at Jochamp

Noodle packing machine can be customized in structure, operation control touch screen control and servo motor device system. Its automated function smartly reduces the labor work. It can be modified based on the desired application needs of packing. Our machine is manufacture using modern technology that can provide fast and accurate operation. This can produce low and high-volume of production. Stable operation, low failure rate, and easy maintenance.

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