How to make Tea with Tea Bags

Today, you are going to learn how to brew to make tea using tea bags. Trust me – once you have your favorite tea bag flavor, the process is straightforward.

Let’s dive right in:

Steps on how to make Tea with Tea Bags

Step 1:Boil Water

Take clean water, boil it either in a kettle then heat it until it reaches a rolling point. However, it can have different temperatures depending on the type of tea being prepared.

Step 2: Heat the Teapot or Cup

Heat the cup by putting hot water in it, this is to enable it to keep up the temperature of the tea as it steeps.

Step 3: Put the Tea Bag

Depending on the size of the tea pot, put the tea bag in case it is small place one tea bag but when it is big put two or more tea bags.

Step 4:Run Hot Water

At this point, you can pour hot water into the tea bag. You can do this until the tea bag submerges completely in water.

Step 5: Steep the Tea

Steep Tea Bag
Steep Tea Bag

According to your preferred temperature steep the tea. This will ensure you get the best flavor.

Step 6: Remove the Tea Bag

You will only remove the tea bag once it mixes properly in water. Some might require less time about 3 to 5 minutes while some might need more time.

Step 7: Enjoy Tea

Your tea is ready. You can have the tea either plain or add milk according to what you want.

Once done with steeping throw out the tea bag in the trash.


Making tea using tea bags can be prepared depending on the type of tea, you can also add flavor or do plain as discussed above.

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