How much Water per Tea Bag

Tea bags come in varying shapes and sizes and carry with them many variations of leaves used to brew tea. Although tea is a widely adapted drink, how it is prepared varies from one place to another and the same goes for the tea bag. The quantity of water used varies and is what determines how strong or weak your infusion will be.

Recommended Quantity of Water for Brewing Tea

Here are some of the recommended water levels for different types of teabags and teas for brewing the perfect cup of tea.

Type Tea Bag Approximate Water Quantity
Paper teabag
1 cup of water which is the equivalent of 8 ounces
Classic tea bag 1 and a half cups of water or 12 ounces
Signature tea bag
Two cups of water which equates to 16 ounces
Black Tea
200 ml of water or 6.7 ounces
White Tea
175 ml of water which is the same as 5.9 ounces
Green Tea
150 ml of water the equivalent of 5.1 ounce
Oolong Tea
180 ml of water which equates to 6.0 ounces
Herbal and Tisane Teas
220 ml the same as 7.4 ounces

Factors Determining Amount of Water for Tea Bag Brewing

Brewing Tea
Brewing Tea

Some of the factors that you should take into account when determining the amount of water

  • The type of tea encased inside the tea bag is a major factor to consider. Some teas have a stronger flavor profile compared to others and these varieties often need more water to prepare a cup. Others are naturally mild and will therefore require a smaller quantity to make a perfect infusion.
  • Another factor that should not be overlooked is your personal preference. Everyone has a unique taste and you can therefore adjust the water levels to create a cup of tea that best suits your taste. When it comes to tea there is no one way fits all
  • The steeping time will influence how strong or weak your brew will be. A short time will result in a lighter brew and prolonged periods will result in a strong brew
  • The size of the tea bag is another important feature. The size of the bag can also guide you on the amount of water required. The larger the tea bag the more water will be required.


It is important to note that the recommended water quantities for the different teas are mere guidelines to help you create your perfect cup of tea. However, we are all individuals who have unique tastes and preferences, and as such our idea of a perfect cup may differ. You can adjust the quantity of water or the steeping time to brew your ideal cup.

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