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JOCHAMP is a leading manufacturer of flour packing machines, suitable for small- and large-scale industries. Our machines provide an excellent performance level and can operate for a long time. JOCHAMP is dedicated to providing a solution to match worldwide market needs.

  • Ensures accurate packing
  • High-speed guaranteed
  • Can be customized according to the customer’s specifications
  • Free sample
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JOCHAMP Flour Packing Machine

JOCHAMP is a leading manufacturer of flour packing machines in China. These machines are accessible in any specifications as customer requests. JOCHAMP flour packing machine is equipped with two conveyor attachments for screw feed and auger filler. These attachments provide optimum performance.

JOCHAMP packing machine for flour is utilized for hygienically and safely atta packing. They perform automatic sealing and filling of the box. Our flour packing machines are recommended in the food industry because of their excellent working speed.

Complete Flour Packing Line

Our complete line of automated flour packing machines includes a robotic bag palletizer, open-mouth bagger, stretch wrapper, and bagging scale. No matter what your project, JOCHAMP provides a unique flour packing machine for large or small range production.

We also provide a flour packing machine for high-speed applications. Mainly are double nozzle open-mouth bagger, double net weighs scale, robotic or conventional palletizer, and stretch wrappers. Valve pack baggers, seal and form fill baggers, bulk bag fillers FIBC, and closers/sealers of pinch bottom bags are also available. You can guarantee that the machines from JOCHAMP are fast, accurate, and reliable.

Flour Packing Machine Advantage

JOCHAMP is a well-known provider of a broad range of automated packing machines for flour. These machines are popular in the food industry because of their advantageous features, such as:

  • Flexible machine (can be used for packing grains, liquid, paste, etc.)
  • Hassle-free to operate
  • Time/Increased Productivity
  • Operator-Friendly
  • Consistent performance
Flour Packing Machine Supplier
Trusted Flour Packing Machine Manufacturer

Our packing machine for flour is 100% customized to your unique requirements. Please send us your layout or design and let our team assist your product development.

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