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Jochamp offers high-quality auger filler packing machines that have an accurate filling, low noise operation, and fast packing speed. All of the auger filler packing machines we offer can be customized as per customers’ requirements to fulfill their exact needs.

  • Highest quality at competitive prices
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • More than 15 years of manufacturing experience
  • Approved by the ISO, SGS, CE, & cGMP

Jochamp Auger Filler Packing Machine

The auger filler packing machines or also known as auger fillers are perfect for filling and packing fine powder materials such as spices, chemical powder, flour, baking soda, talcs, and many more. They can be used for volumetric filling of non-free-flowing or free-flowing powder and paste products. Moreover, they can dispense various materials through an auger screw that is rotating to transport the materials forward.

Furthermore, the auger filler packing machines can for various types of bags such as block bottom bags, pillow bags, vacuum bags, gusseted bags, and more. They have excellent stability, high accuracy in filling, excellent corrosion resistance, and fast packing speed. They are safe from contact with food and drug.

Jochamp auger filler packing machines are also fully customizable. We can produce packing machines in accordance with your specifications to help your business grow! Contact us for your inquiries.

Jochamp Auger Filler Packing Machine Advantages


Since stainless steel is used in the fabrication of auger filler packing machines, they are easy to sanitize. Therefore, they are very hygienic. Also, the material is food-grade and suitable for the packaging of food and drugs.

High Corrosion Resistance
High Corrosion Resistance

The whole body, surface, and other components of the auger filler packing machines are made from 304-grade stainless steel. As a result, they can resist corrosion and have a longer life.

Easy to Operate
Easy to Operate

The auger filler packing machines consist of many advanced technologies that make the operation easy such as touch-screen HMI, servo motors, high-quality PLC control system, and many more.


Jochamp auger filler packing machines have low energy consumption due to their advanced temperature control system. Since they are energy-saving, you will save money on your energy bills.

What is Auger Filler Packing Machine?

The auger filler packing machines can help you reserve your products. They are composed of Z-shape bucket feeder, automatic weighing filling machine, automatic vertical packing machine, vacuum packaging machine, platform, and more. They are used for:

  • making different types of bags
  • filling
  • sealing
  • packing
  • printing dates, batch numbers, codes, and labels
  • counting weight
  • vacuuming

Jochamp Auger Filler Packing Machine Characteristics

The auger filler packing machines have many useful characteristics such as:

    • Uses HMI or human-machine interface with a touch screen – to have more powerful functions and make the operation easy
    • High-quality servo motor that drives the auger shaft – to ensure they have superior packaging accuracy, metering accuracy, filling accuracy, and stable operation
    • Advanced and high-quality PLC control system – to guarantee performance stability and maximum control
    • E-class explosion-proof mixing motor – to prevent dust explosion
    • Level control mechanism that is linked to the raw material supply system – for automatic supplementing filling materials
    • Dust-proof mechanism – the internal transmission and surface of the filler have a dust-proof mechanism to stop the dust from damaging the machine parts
    • Adjustable speed and filling quantity – the consequent filling quantity and rotating speed of the auger shaft can be micro-adjusted and monitored for stability and filling accuracy; the adjustments are done by a feedback system that is counting the pulses from the rotation of the auger shaft

Various Types of Tooling

  1. The auger filler packing machines have a wide range of changeable tooling that can be used depending on the materials that you are handling. Some of the tooling includes:
    • Straight feed – This tooling is ideal for granular or flaky products that are not free-flowing and can’t be compressed such as instant coffee, psyllium husk, etc.
    • Self-feed – This is suitable for products that can be compressed such as fine powders and thick pastes.
    • Free flow – This type of tooling is suitable for materials that flow easily. They are ideal for hard and granular products such as salt, beads, and more.
    • Liquid tooling – This is suitable for creamy and liquid materials such as creamy cosmetics, lotion, honey, and many more.
    • Double knife tooling – This is suitable for soft processed foods such as salads, cooked rice, etc.

Jochamp - Auger Filler Packing Machine #1 Manufacturer

Jochamp has been manufacturing many different models of auger filler packing machines for more than 15 years. Our packing machines are recognized for their high accuracy, excellent quality, and high performance. We are manufacturing them in accordance with the requirements from ISO, CE, cGMP, SGS, and other quality standards internationally.

At Jochamp, we follow strict quality control. From raw materials to finished products, every manufacturing process is monitored and controlled by our expert QA specialists. For that reason, you can be confident in the quality and performance of our auger filler packing machines.

Moreover, we offer the auger filler packing machines with a one-year warranty. We can also give you guidance on how to install and maintain them. Regular after-sales care is also provided at Jochamp.

Jochamp can also produce auger filler packing machines that are specifically suited to your business needs. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our auger filler packing machines and services.

Jochamp Auger Filler Packing Machine

coffee powder packing machine

The auger filler packing machines can be used for volumetric filling and packing of various non-food and food products such as:

  • Free-flowing powders such as granulated sugar, table salt, and more
  • Non-free-flowing products such as talcum powder, milk powder, flour, and so on
  • Thick paste products such as glazing compound
  • Non-free-flowing flaky and granular products such as instant coffee, oregano, psyllium husk, etc.
  • Hard granular products such as beads, coffee beans, sand, sugar, and many more
  • Soft processed foods such as cooked rice, stews, salads, and more
  • Creamy and liquid granular such as lotions, honey, creamy cosmetics, oil, etc.

The auger filler packing machines have a lot of amazing features such as:

  • Low energy consumption
  • High packing speed
  • Low noise operation
  • Stainless steel systems
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Variety of bag styles such as vacuum bag, block bottom bag, gusseted bag, quad seal pack, pillow bag, and many more
  • User-friendly interface
  • High accuracy and stability

Why Choose Jochamp Auger Filler Packing Machine

Wide Range of Applications

The linear weigher packing machines are great for weighing and packing a variety of products such as semi-free flowing products, free-flowing products, and more. They are suitable for food and non-food items. Moreover, they are very energy-efficient and can weigh and pack accurately and quickly.

Easy to Operate

The linear weigher packing machines consist of a touch-screen PLC control system for easy use and operation. It is also manufactured with an advanced heat seal film pulling system, a high-sensitive fiber-optic photosensor, and other components. These machines can be customized to your specifications. Even one person can operate the machine.

High-Speed Features

Our range of linear weigher packing machines is commonly used for precision weighing, counting, and packing chunky products, sliced products, grain, confectionery, globose, frozen products, and other irregular shape products. They have high packing speed, stable performance, low noise operation, and low energy consumption.

Energy-Saving and High-Performance Machines

The weighing and packing machines are energy-saving and high-performance machines that can feed, weigh, fill, seal, pack, and operate procedures. They are made from 304-grade stainless steel. As a result, they have high corrosion resistance. Also, they hardly need any labor.

Automatic Packaging Machine
Jochamp | Reliable Auger Filler Packing Machine Manufacturer

Many different models of auger filler packing machines are available at Jochamp to suit your needs. All of them are approved by the SGS, ISO, CE, and cGMP. To complete your specific needs, we can custom manufacture the auger filler packing machines to your specifications.

  • “It is a pleasure working with the professionals at Jochamp! Their customer service and auger filler packing machines have superb quality. Also, they have on-time delivery. Thank you, Jochamp! I know I can rely on you.”

  • “I just want to thank Jochamp for our pleasurable experience together! All of your team are very professional and friendly. You also custom manufacture the auger filler packing machines based exactly on our requirements. I will surely recommend you to others!”

  • “Thank you so much Jochamp for making sure that we are 100% satisfied with your auger filler packing machines! They are safely delivered and have no defects. We tested them and we are satisfied with their performance and quality. Therefore, we will gladly recommend you to anyone who needs high-quality auger filler packing machines!”

Auger Filler Packing Machine: The Ultimate Guide

If you want to learn how auger filler packing machine works, where to use the machine or specifications; you will find all information right here.

Whether you want to compare auger filling with volumetric, or net weight dosing techniques – this guide provides a blueprint to becoming an expert in packaging industry.

Let’s dive right in.

What Is Auger Filler Packing Machine?

An auger filler packing machine is a critical machine in packing liquid and semi-liquid products.

Its function is to direct fluid and semi-liquid products into the packaging material.

You can find this valuable machine in various food, chemical, and agricultural industries.

Auger Filler Packing Machine

Auger filling packing machine

Advantages Of Auger Filling Machine

The key benefits you get when using an auger filling machine are:

  • Consistent filling of your powder

The working of an auger filling machine breaks down any lumps present in your powder before dispensing it.

This ensures a consistent powder flowing through your machine, which is vital in quality production.

  • Auger filling machine is cost-effective

The price of an auger filling machine is relatively cheaper than the other machine types. It also has a lower production cost and a high output.

Also, this helps in maximizing your profit while lowering the overall expenditure.

  • An auger machine allows for integration with other machines

You can easily integrate your auger machine with other machines for faster and more efficient production.

Integration can reduce the cost of purchasing machines that can function the same as your auger filling machine.

  • Environmentally friendly machine

The operation of an auger filling machine takes place in a controlled environment. This minimizes environmental pollution, making it a safe machine to use.

Parts Of Auger Filler Packing Machine

A functioning auger filler packing machine has the following parts:

The main benefits that you get when using an auger filling machine are:

Drive Assembly

You classify different components as drive assembly of your auger filler packing machine.

Here, you will find a motor, transmission system, brakes and clutch system, and two main drives.

The drives are an auger drive and an agitator drive. The function of the auger drive is to control the rotation and speed of your auger screw.

An agitator drive controls the counter-rotation and speed of your agitator blade.


There are three main hoppers present in your auger filling machine, each with its function.

You have a primary hopper whose function is to introduce the powder into the machine for further processing.

A primary hopper is of stainless steel, making it easy to clean and preventing contamination of your powder mixture.

This hopper is on top of your machine and features a funnel-like shape.

You also have a monitorable hopper which consists of stainless steel and transparent plexiglass. You use this hopper to monitor the powder level inside your machine.

Easy monitoring lets you know when to add the powder into your machine through the primary hopper.

The last type of hopper is the split hopper. This type is common in modern auger filling machines, especially when using more than one powder.

A split hopper allows you to introduce the powder through the different split hoppers. This reduces contamination while allowing for easy cleaning of your machine.


Your auger filling machine usually has two blenders that are inside the machine. The blender facilitates the even distribution of the powder inside the machine.

The blenders are constantly rotating, which facilitates the distribution process.

Control System

This consists of various controls which facilitate the operation of your auger filer packing machine. Such include controls for speed, power, and rotational direction.


Three main components make up the tooling of your auger filler packing machine.

These components are usually interchangeable depending on the product you are using.

Again, the tooling consists of an auger screw, an agitator tube, and a funnel.

Besides, the function of the auger screw is to rotate vertically within the hoper as it feeds the powder product into the machine’s funnel.

Here, funnel’s function is to hold the auger screw as it rotates vertically. It offers stability while ensuring the machine functions appropriately.

The last component is the agitator blade, whose function is to facilitate feeding the powder into your auger machine. It facilitates the uniform feeding of your product.

Auger Filling Machine Working Principle

The working principle of your auger filling machine depends on the efficient working o the different parts.

You start by setting the suitable parameters for your auger filling machine by checking on the control system.

Parameters that you can set on the control system include setting the machine on, rotation speed, and operating temperature.

Once the machine starts operation, you have to feed the hopper with the powder. The feeding process depends on the type of machine you are using.

If you are using a manual machine, you have to fill your hopper, which can be time-consuming physically.

An automatic filling machine is faster since it utilizes a conveyor belt which ques the powder as it fills your hopper.

The next stage is the filling stage which utilizes the powder in the hopper. The hopper allows the powder to flow into the auger screws for accurate filling.

As the filling occurs, an auger drive rotates the auger screw at a certain speed. This helps in feeding the powder into the hopper tube or funnel.

The rotation of the agitator blade in an anti-clockwise direction helps in aerating and homogenizing the powder.

This process breaks and lumps present in your powder, ensuring you have a smooth powder.

The rotation of the agitator blade ensures there is consistent powder filling on the auger flights.

Fully Automatic Vs. Semi-automatic Auger Filling Machine

The advantage of a fully automatic auger filling machine is its efficiency. This is due to the minimal interference in the operation of your machine.

You only have to set the right parameters and allow your machine to function. Efficiency results in high and quality output.

fill by weight auger filler

semi-automatic auger filling packing machine

The operating cost of a fully automatic auger filling machine is relatively lower than a manual machine.

Remember, the purchasing cost of a manual auger filling machine is lower than the fully automatic one.

However, this type relies on human intervention, negatively impacting its production process.

Human intervention is prone to errors, which lowers the quality of your powder. The production process tends to be slow due to machine downtime.

What is Auger Filler Packing Machine

automatic auger filling packing machine

Slow production reduces the overall output of your machine, which reduces your profit margins.

A manual auger filling machine is not ideal for large-scale production due to the limited quality and volume of production.

Applications Of Auger Filling Machine.

The use of an auger filling machine is common in various industries due to its efficiency and quality of output.

Typical industries which use this machine are:

Food Industry

The use of this machine in the food industry helps minimize food contamination. This is possible since powder production takes place within the machine.

This prevents contamination from external factors that can affect your food product quality.

Food products you need this machine are dairy products, biscuits, spices, and coffee.

Chemical Industry

Chemical production usually releases poisonous gases, which are harmful to humans.

However, you can prevent this by using an auger filling machine with an enclosed system.

In your auger filling machine, chemicals that you can use include herbicides and pesticides.

Plastic Industry

Production of the various plastics requires an enclosed system that prevents the powder plastics from escaping into the environment.

You can use an auger filler packing machine to produce polypropylene powder which is the main ingredient in the plastic industry.

Metal Industry

You can use an auger filler packing machine for packaging metal powders such as copper and iron powder.

Its use is also common in the packaging of aluminum powder which is vital in producing solid fuel for rockets.

Net Weight Auger Filler Vs. Fill By Weight Auger Filler

The main difference between a net weight auger filler and a fill by weight auger filler is its function.

A net weight auger filler requires you to weigh the powder before processing it in your machine.

The weight of the overall package usually includes the weight o your powder and that of the packaging material.

net weigher auger filler

net weigher auger filler

 A net weight auger filer is ideal for packing bulky powders and usually uses a heavy packaging material.

A fill by weight filler usually weighs the powder during the filling process in your packaging material. The overall weight of the package is the required weight of your powder.

The packaging material is usually light to accommodate the weight of your powder product.

fill by weight auger filler

fill by weight auger filler

 Fill by weight auger filler is ideal for lightweight packaging powder.

Benefits Of Multiple Auger Filler

The main advantage of a multiple auger filler is it allows for bulky filling of your product.

This is because the machine consists of various filler funnels which fill your products with different packaging materials.

It is also cost-effective since you don’t have to purchase numerous filer machines to fill your products.

multiple auger filler

multiple auger filler

You only require inserting the packaging materials on the fillers and letting them fill.

It is also possible to have different filler funnels which can handle different products during the packaging process.

Besides, net effect of this is you have an increased output which enhances your profit margin.

Again, the installation process is similar to installing other types of auger filler packing machines. It is also relatively cheaper than the other machines.

You have a lower operating cost of this machine since you don’t require an extra workforce to operate it.

Volumetric Filler Vs. Auger Filler Packing Machine

Volumetric filler works by filling the packaging material from the bottom of a cup at the center of your machine.

The pressure of this machine allows for bulky filling of your products into the packaging material.

Volumetric filler is ideal for packaging powder products.

volumetric filler

volumetric filler

The filler packing machine vertically fills the packaging material. This allows for its use in liquid filling products.

Features Of Fill BY Vibration Auger Filler

A vibration auger filler features a mechanism that allows the powder to settle uniformly in the packaging material.

The advantage of this is it is easier to package less dense powder.

Remember, the vibration auger filler comes in either single or multiple filler funnels. This facilitates easy filling of the powder products.

It is simple and easy to install the machine than the other types.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Auger Filler Packing Machine

You have to consider the following before purchasing an ideal auger filler packing machine:

Purpose Of Your Auger Filler Packing Machine

Auger filler packing machines are ideal for filling powder, liquid, and lotion products into different packaging materials.

These machines have different features to accommodate the type of product you want to package.

The advantage is that complex machines can accommodate more than one product.

You, therefore, have to understand the purpose of purchasing this machine before deciding which one to buy.

Features Of An Auger Filler Packing Machine

Certain features are critical in the functioning of your machine. However, extra features facilitate the functioning, and thus, you need to consider them.

For instance, adjustable pads can help you install your machine on uneven floors.

The stainless steel frame is easy to clean and non-reactive, allowing significantly consumable packaging of products.

You also have to check on the complexity of the control systems. A simple control system is easy to use and does not require high operating costs.

Filling Capacity Of An Auger Filler Packing Machine

Auger filler packing machines are available in different filling capacities.

The best way is to check on your current and future filling requirements and select the best machine to accommodate your needs.

Auger Filler Packing Machine Price

Price is the ultimate consideration before you buy an auger filler packing machine. A lower price does not necessarily mean you purchase the machine.

However, consider all the features you want in an auger filler packing machine before settling on the price.

You also have to consider the credibility of your seller or manufacturer before you buy the machine.

Troubleshooting Auger Filler Packing Machine

You can troubleshoot your auger filler packing machine using the following methods:

Agitator Speed Issues

When the agitator of your auger filler packing machine has speed issues, you can consider checking on the control system.

You have to adjust the speed control if it is either high or low.

You also have to check on the auger screw and tighten it to the correct position.

Product Swirling Inside The Hopper

This is a common problem that occurs inside the hopper. It is usually due to the failure of the agitator blades to cut through your powder.

You need to check on the different agitator blades, stirring, and scrapper blades. Replace them if they are not in a suitable condition.

You also have to check the temperature of your powder before using it. Warm temperatures tend to cause sticking on the blades minimizing their rotation.

Conveyor Belt Issues

Conveyor belt issues are mainly due to friction and sticking of debris in between the parts. You can solve this by frequently cleaning the machine.

You have to pay attention to the moving parts and remove any remnants of the previous production. You also have to lubricate your machine using an approved lubricant.

Power Issues

This is an issue that arises from the poor connection of the power cables. Power issues can occur when there is a disconnection within the power cables.

It mainly causes the machine not to function appropriately. The best way to solve this is to ensure a proper connection between the cables.

You also have to ensure no damage to the cables for smooth power transmission.

Improving Efficiency Of Auger Filler Machine

Among the several ways of enhancing the efficiency of your auger filling machine are:

Using A Horizontal In-feed Screw

This technique aims to ensure the powder levels in your hopper remain the same throughout the operating process.

This is through the use of level sensors in the auger hopper.

It operates by detecting the powder level in the hopper, decreasing, and initiating a fill-up process to maintain the powder level.

Adjusting The Auger Speed Accordingly

Rotation of the auger tooling plays a critical part in the functioning of your machine. You, therefore, have to set the right speed for the agitator and the auger.

This is possible by adjusting the speed parameters in the control system.

Improving The Hopper Filling Level

Having varying filling levels compromises the quality and weight of the final product. You can enhance the efficiency of your machine by adjusting the auger tooling.

You also have to frequently clean and maintain the auger tooling to facilitate its working.

Cleaning Your Machine

Frequent cleaning is vital in improving the efficiency of your auger filler packing machine.

Cleaning helps remove debris that can accumulate on the various parts and reduce the functioning of your machine.

Removing the debris also prevents contamination of your next production line. You, therefore, have to clean your machine after every packing to avoid contamination.

How To Maintain Auger Filler Packing Machine

Proper maintenance of your auger filling packing machine can enhance durability and efficiency. Among the common ways you can maintain your machine include:

Cleaning Your Auger Filler Packing Machine

Removing debris from your machine facilitates its functioning while minimizing contamination of your powder product.

When cleaning, you have to follow your manufacturer’s guidelines.

You must clean all the parts of your auger filer packing machine.

Lubricating The Different Parts Of Your Machine

Lubrication helps prevent friction of the various moving parts like the conveyor belts.

Friction can quickly cause wear and tire, which increases the maintenance cost of your machine.

It is recommended that you use the proper lubricant when lubricating your machine.

Replacing Worn-out Parts Of Your Machine

Replacing worn-out parts maximizes the functioning of your auger filler packing machine.

However, you need to replace these parts with the original parts from your manufacturer or a reliable dealer.

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