Cheese Packaging Machine Provider

Jochamp cheese packing machines are specifically designed for all your cheese packaging requirements. It delivers smooth, accurate, and high-performance throughput. The unit adopts a PLC system, HMI man-machine interface, complete servo control, and more.

  • Full food-grade product contact surface
  • Specially customized end sealing system
  • Simple to use and convenient
  • Comply with GMP, CE, and ISO9001

Jochamp Cheese Packing Machine

The cheese vacuum packing machine automatically wraps cheese in a pouch. Depending on your demands, boxes can be either half-filled or completely full. It is ideal for small, medium, and large volume cheese production. They are adaptable, dependable, and innovative—and, most importantly, tune in to your unique requirements.

Jochamp cheese packaging solutions offer flexibility, a lovely package, and strong protection. It packed cheese into containers, bags, or wraps smoothly. Available in horizontal and vertical types. We provide a broad choice of parts options. For cheese packaging machine solutions, get in touch with Jochamp.

Types of Cheese Packaging Machines

There are numerous varieties of cheese packaging equipment available. Jochamp cheese wrapping machine comes in two operational modes: vertical and horizontal. Let’s get into more detail.

Horizontal cheese packing machine – it is suitable for packaging any cheese shape. The cheese can be prepared, filled, and sealed in a single step. Fully enclosed operation, safe and clean. Horizontal operational mode is more friendly to cheese and dairy packaging.

Vertical cheese packing machine – can be done with “fill and seal” equipment. It can support various packaging materials such as PVC, OPP, and BOPP. Able to produce bags vertically.

Cheese Packing Machine Main Applications

Jochamp cheese vacuum packing machines are designed specifically for wrapping, bagging, and filling containers. It is suitable for packaging various types of cheeses.

  • Diced cheese, whole cheese, shredded cheese, hard cheese
  • Soft cheese, grated cheese, fresh cheese, cheddar cheese
  • Curd cheese, block cheese, processed cheese, cheese sticks
  • Mozzarella balls, parmesan, and more.
Cheese Wrapping Machine Supplier
Your Best Cheese Wrapping Machine Factory

Jochamp cheese packing machine delivers extraordinary dependable seals. Principal applications include grated cheese, diced cheese, shredded cheese, hard cheese, etc. Meticulous quality control. Contact us today.

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