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JOCHAMP provides carton sealing machines that are easy to operate, durable, and light. We have over 15 years of experience in supplying types of machinery in almost all industries, such as:

  • Electronic Industries
  • Food & Beverages
  • Medical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries
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JOCHAMP Carton Sealing Machine

A carton sealing machine, also popular as a case sealer, is a packaging machine that seal and folds the packed carton’s top lids. JOCHAMP manufactures a case sealer that ensures an efficient and reliable solution to close cases when the packaging process is done.

Being a leading manufacturer in China, we aim to provide you with a case sealer that matches your needs. Our carton sealing machines have the ability to pack single standard cases or numerous box sizes. Accessible in both semi-automatic and automatic formats.

JOCHAMP Case Sealing Machine Advantage

Easy to Set-Up
Easy to Set-Up

Just plug the case sealer then it is ready to use. The machine is also accessible with a caster to maximize mobility when it needs to relocate.

Easy to Operate
Easy to Operate

The user-friendly, easy-to-use design reduces the extensive operator training requirements. The carton sealing machines have reliable & high-quality components.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

Carton sealing machine is well manufactured with low maintenance. It has a solid design and comes with reliable parts like rollers, springs, drive belts, and knives.

Reduce Labor Costs
Reduce Labor Costs

The machine allows you to reduce labor costs as it does not require a man labor and allows the employees to be more productive.

Where to Use Carton Sealing Machine

JOCHAMP carton sealing machine is used in packaging material cases like bottles, boxes, containers, and cartons. They are also widely utilized to seal single containers and packages with sprays, powders, liquids, and other related contents. Different industries will get benefits from the JOCHAMP case sealer, including:

  • Cosmetic
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronic
Where to Use Carton Sealing Machine

Productive Benefits of Carton Sealing Machine

Improving efficiency levels and packaging solution productivity is what our carton sealers can do. In most cases, hand taping takes up to 30 minutes. But with our semi-automatic and automated carton sealing machine, the process will be done in just 5 minutes.

Using a case sealer will increase sealing and taping speed while limiting per pack time. It also keeps the packaging line working smoothly. JOCHAMP case sealer comes with a double head design to pack and tap the cartons with no pre-seal carton.

How Carton Sealing Machine Saves Money

  1. The case sealer increases throughput by means of quicker per pack speeds.
  2. Limits handling time that minimizes labor costs.
  3. Hand taping requires more tapes that might spend more money. But with carton sealing machine, it limits excess tape.
  4. The carton sealing machine has side threading cartridges that quickly replace tapes.

Choose JOCHAMP Carton Sealing Machine

Standard Feature

Whether you want to replace the old box taper, upgrade the existing box packaging line, or turn the manual hand taping into an automatic carton sealing machine, JOCHAMP can help you improve your packaging process. JOCHAMP is a leading case sealer manufacturer in China, serving cost-saving machines to different famous brands.

Our carton sealing machine provides consistent and cost-cutting box sealing technology. It allows the operator to handle the number of tapes being used and the time being consumed to seal boxes. JOCHAMP case sealer is manufactured to withstand pressure, temperature, and time tests. Being a leading manufacturer in China, we ensure a standard test process in every machine to check the quality.

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JOCHAMP Carton Sealer

Improve Package Appearance

JOCHAMP carton sealing machine offers a neat and clean solution to accurately seal any cartons. The machine squarely travels across the tape heading thanks to its durable steel guides. Thus, it ensures a straight tape application.

The stable application is bid to the case center to eliminate extra strips requirements of tape. Every tape strip is fastened by a couple of wide-down rollers to ensure an application will not get peeled. A durable seal will keep the cases sealed via transport and limit the risk of damage or contamination of products.

Random Case Sealers

These machines are a case sealing system with the ability to adjust the height of the tape head to the different case sizes. The random case sealers are perfect for any packaging solutions that utilize any box size at the packing line. The machine is available in semi-automatic and automatic running formats.

Uniform Case Sealers

Its tape head requires manual adjustment to seal different heights of boxes. The uniform case sealers are great for a packaging solution that operates in a large batch. They are also accessible in both semi-automatic and automatic running formats.

Why Choose JOCHAMP Carton Sealing Machine

JOCHAMP presents the experience of world technology and gathers foreign and domestic high-tech talents. We reach over 15% of sales on our annual investment in development and research.

Customizable Machinery

JOCHAMP provides you with a cost-effective solution whatever your needs. With our experienced engineering team, we can offer customized solutions in different industries. Our team can help you design packaging solutions.

Quality Service

Our friendly staff will help you assist your needs from project development to the outline, fabricating, and installation of new machines.

We can also assist with all the necessary requirements of after-sale services. Our well-trained technicians are always ready for service. We can guarantee all our machines including the carton sealer are backed by a tough machine warranty program.

Experienced Staff

We have a professional after-sales and sales team seeking to supply high-end quality automated carton sealing machines, on-time after-sales service, and strong technical support for customers.

Carton Sealing Machine
Customized Solution for You!

JOCHAMP provides an efficient, simple carton sealing machine to match your needs. With 15+ years of experience, we always strive to focus on delivering top-quality machines to different industries.

  • We have been looking for a carton sealer to maximize uptime and consistently seal every box, and JOCHAMP carton sealer is the best choice. Up to the present, we relied on JOCHAMP every time we need to expand our facility.

  • It was a great experience working with JOCHAMP. They are very supportive since day one. Thank you, JOCHAMP for providing us reliable carton sealing machine.

  • The JOCHAMP carton sealing machine helps us to achieve our goals of minimizing labor costs. It really helps us increase our production from 1,600 to 2,300 boxes each day. Increasing profits while decreasing costs –  it’s worth investing in this machine!

Carton Sealing Machine: The Ultimate Guide

I know you are probably looking for high quality and reliable carton sealing machine. A reason this guide explores all fundamental aspects of carton sealing machine. Whether you want to learn about design, features, working principle or advantages – all information is right here.

What Is Carton Sealing Machine?

A carton sealing machine is a machine that is used in sealing cartons using different types of sealing adhesives.

Sealing of these cartons not only ensures security but also ensures quality assurance of the products in the cartons.

Using a carton sealing machine not only makes your work easy but also improves the efficiency of your sealing process.

carton sealing machine

 More so, using a carton sealing machine is fast, reliable, cost-effective, and time-saving.

Production output using carton sealing machines is high making this ideal the best solution for most businesses and fulfilling market demand.

Types Of Carton Sealing Machine

Carton sealing machine enhances the security of your goods and also reduces labor costs. Your goods will be under protection whether goods are for storage or shipping, goods are safe from contaminants and even pests.

In the market today, there are different type of carton sealing machines that have different functionality to suit your business needs.

Carton sealing machine varies from uniform to random carton sealing machine.

Moreso, there is a variation in the sealing effects and the sizes of packages that these cartons sealing machine operates with.

The following is a list of available types of cartons sealing machines. They include;

Manual Carton Sealing Machine

A manual carton sealing machine does not by itself seal the cartons but rather an operator flaps the top and bottom for sealing.

The manual sealer only holds the cartons to ensure the sealing tape is well applied to the carton.

manual carton sealing machine

manual carton sealing machine

Semi-automatic Carton Sealing Machine

With a semi-automatic carton sealing machine there is a need for operator assistance to close the flaps on top and bottom for sealing.

case sealing machine

semi automatic carton sealing machine

Once the flaps are closed the operator will move the carton to the sealing machine for sealing one carton after another.

Fully Automatic Carton Sealer

With a fully automatic carton sealer, there is no human effort required to accomplish the sealing process.

The machine will flap both the top and bottom of the carton and apply the necessary adhesives.

automatic carton sealer

It’s however important to consider the kind of adhesive you are using because not all will yield the best results.

This will help you reduce the wastage of the tapes.

Top And Bottom Carton Sealing Machine

The top and bottom carton sealing machine has the capability of sealing both top and bottom of the carton.

top and bottom carton sealing machine

top and bottom carton sealing machine

This machine is ideal as it reduces tape expenses and wastage.

It provides a uniform sealing improvement on the appearance of the carton.

Uniform Case Sealer

A Uniform case sealer is suitable for cartons that are of equivalent sizes.

With a uniform carton sealer, the operator will have to constantly adjust the width and height in case of a new size of carton comes along the way.

semi automatic hot elt case sealer

uniform case sealer

Uniform carton sealer comes in different sizes and varying speeds depending on your production requirements.

This machine is adjustable to accommodate boxes of different sizes.

Random Case Sealer

A random case sealer is suitable for sealing boxes that vary in size.

It has the capability of adjusting the height of the tape head to accommodate different sizes of cartons.

random case sealer

A random carton sealer machine is more advanced when it comes to technology and also mechanical parts making them more costly than a uniform sealer.

Carton Edge Sealing Machine

Carton edge sealing machine is suitable for sealing edges of the cartons from top to bottom.

carton edge sealing machine

Carton Strapping And Sealing Machine

This machine is used to strap and seal cartons for safe delivery of different products.

The main aim of these machine is to ensure that goods inside the carton are in good condition at all times.

Carton Sealing Tape Machine Vs. Carton Glue Sealing Machine

Ideally, both carton sealing tape machine and carton glue sealing machine facilitate in sealing of cartons but they are not the same.

The differences come in the methods of application and type of materials used during the sealing process.

The glue sealer machine uses a heat-triggered synthetic resin that is deposited on the carton you want to seal.

carton sealing tape machine

carton sealing tape machine

For tape sealer machine it uses pressure-triggered plastic which is made of a polymer as the main adhesive component.

Carton glue sealing machine provides more firm structural strength which is suitable for heavy cartons.

Glue sealer machines provide a stronger bond on the cartons which makes it possible to last for a longer time.

A tape sealer machine is more ideal with high-security options for operators than a glue sealer which uses molten glue.

carton glue sealing machine

carton glue sealing machine

A carton sealing tape machine is ideal for slower and less case erecting.

How Carton Sealing Machine Work

To enhance the efficiency of the machine, the carton sealing machine normally operates under the following principles. They include;

Tape Sealing

Tape sealing on cartons involves using tapes to seal up the cartons using the carton sealing machine.

This tape is normally an adhesive tape which is so easy to use and apply.

Tape sealing is suitable for the top and bottom sealing of cartons.

Ideally, when using tape sealing, it’s important thing is to ensure the machine is driving the motor for efficient results.

Glue Sealing

Glue sealing is not so common in many businesses. However, it is there with different types of glues used in sealing the cartons.

In most cases, hold and cold glues will be used for sealing cartons using the carton sealing machine.

Cold glue is composed of elements of dextrin or vinyl resin.

The working principle of cold glue is the evaporation of the water content for the glue to provide an effective seal.

Hot melt glue consists of vinyl ester or ethylene acetic as its main components.

This kind of glue is applied to the cartons in a molten state and then it’s cooled off to provide the seal on the cartons.

The glue doesn’t take long before solidifying to form the seal.

Uses Of Carton Sealing Machine

A carton sealing machine is a diverse machine that can be used in different industrial applications such as;

  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Medical industries
  • Electronic industry
  • Beverages industries
Benefits Carton Sealer

Carton sealing machine comes with immense benefits to suit all your business requirements. Some of these benefits include;

It’s More Flexible

It’s easy to make adjustments to any packaging lines without necessarily making any immediate changes.

More so, a carton sealing machine is capable of holding different cartons with variance in length, width, and height.

Also, it’s easy to use different qualities of tapes to seal the cartons.

Low Maintenance Costs

There are fewer maintenance costs required when using a carton sealing machine for your business.

This machine is made up of fewer parts that are easily wearable thus minimizing wear and tear.

It Has A Simple Design

The structural design of the carton sealing machine is less complex making it possible to use the machine even after installation.

The machine has threading cartilages which allow easy installation of tapes to allow sealing cartons.

With a carton sealing machine, all the parts of the machine can be easily replaced and accessed making it easy to use.

Its More Economical

Cartoner sealing machine saves on the cost compared to adopting a manual carton sealing means.

When it comes to power consumption, the carton sealing machine consumes less power saving on additional costs.

Using a carton sealing machine is very simple and easy to operate thus there will be little or no training on the operation of the machine.

Product damages are minimal that may be a result of gluing and stapling of the cartons during the sealing process.

Increase In Output

There is an increased rate in terms of production (the rate at which cartons are sealed). With increased production, it means more output hence increased income for the business.

There is also increased production without increasing human power to operate the machine.

Features To Look for In Carton Sealing Machine

The following are some of the most common features to look out for in a carton sealing machine.

They include;

  • Emergency push button for safety purposes.
  • Belt guards that provide security to the operator.
  • Powerup and bottom drive set that facilitates carton size changeover.
  • High speed, this depends though on the type of carton sealing machine you acquire.
  • Electrical interlock safeguards.
Maintaining Carton Sealing Machine

With the introduction of carton sealer machines in many businesses, there have been immense improvements in most business setups.

If the carton sealer machine is in a good position, then, you are guaranteed effective performance.

However, it is important to keep your carton sealing machine in the right condition.

The following are some of the maintenance measures for the carton sealing machine. They include;

Routine maintenance: routine maintenance is a regular procedure that you perform on the carton sealing machine to ensure it’s always in the right condition.

You can opt to carry out your routine maintenance daily or weekly.

It involves, lubricating the machine, and cleaning and changing worn-out parts on the carton sealing machine.

Preventative maintenance: preventative maintenance is conducted periodically (from time to time) to ensure the minimal malfunctioning of the carton sealing machine.

Preventative maintenance helps in ensuring that all the parts of the carton sealing machine are well functional.

Improvement Maintenance: improvement maintenance helps in the overall performance, efficiency, and quality of the machine.

This involves changing different components of the carton sealing machine to ensure that the machine is operating well at all times.

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