Toothpaste Packaging Machine Supplier in China

JOCHAMP is a professional manufacturer of toothpaste packaging machines that designed to meet the need of the toothpaste industry. It is the ideal machinery to handle different types of toothpaste brands from sealing, packaging, filling, etc.

  • Provide high speed during the operation process
  • Very convenient to used
  • Equipped with advanced drive technology
  • Guarantee Stable and reliable

JOCHAMP Toothpaste Packaging Machines

The toothpaste packaging machines can orientate eye marks, automatically feed tubes, used for filling paste cream into a plastic tube, aluminum sealing tubes, and more. It is designed with advanced overseas technology and integrates GMP requirements.  This machine offers easy operations, fair structures, accurate filling, stable running, and low noise during operations.

JOCHAMP is a leading supplier of this toothpaste packaging machines for more than 15 years, and we offer an ideal machine for your business applications. We can offer to customize from designing your desired machine up to manufacturing.

If you need to customize a toothpaste packaging machine for your business, Don’t hesitate to message us!

Types of Toothpaste Packaging Machines

The Semi-auto Toothpaste Packaging Machine offers outstanding cost performance and user-friendly operation, making it an ideal choice for laboratories and small businesses. Its efficient design enables operators to use the equipment independently with minimal training.

With its semi-automatic functionality, this packaging machine strikes a balance between affordability and productivity, making it particularly appealing to small-scale operations. It efficiently packages toothpaste, ensuring precise and consistent filling and sealing.

The Semi-auto Toothpaste Packaging Machine’s reliability and ease of use make it a valuable asset for laboratories and small businesses seeking to streamline their packaging processes. Its affordability and practicality enable these establishments to improve production efficiency and meet market demands while ensuring the quality and presentation of their toothpaste products.

The Automatic Toothpaste Packaging Machine is equipped with advanced features, including an empty tube storage system and automatic feeding mechanism. This intelligent equipment efficiently automates the entire toothpaste packaging process.

The empty tube storage allows for a continuous supply of empty tubes, minimizing interruptions in the packaging process. The automatic feeding mechanism precisely loads the tubes onto the packaging line, ensuring seamless and consistent operation.

The machine’s automation further enables it to handle various tasks, including filling the tubes with toothpaste and securely sealing them. This efficient process guarantees precise and hygienic packaging of toothpaste products, maintaining their quality and integrity.

With its advanced capabilities and seamless automation, the Automatic Toothpaste Packaging Machine significantly boosts production efficiency, making it an essential asset for toothpaste manufacturers and enhancing the packaging of their products for distribution and retail.

Automatic Cartoning Machine

The Toothpaste Carton Packaging Machine is designed to complement the Automatic Toothpaste Packaging Machine, forming a complete and efficient toothpaste packaging production line. The Toothpaste Carton Packaging Machine is equipped with an automatic feeding system, allowing it to seamlessly connect with the Automatic Toothpaste Packaging Machine.

Once the toothpaste tubes are filled and sealed by the Automatic Toothpaste Packaging Machine, they are automatically fed into the Toothpaste Carton Packaging Machine. The Toothpaste Carton Packaging Machine then proceeds to load the toothpaste tubes into cartons, precisely and efficiently.

This integrated production line streamlines the entire toothpaste packaging process, optimizing workflow and enhancing productivity. The seamless connection between the two machines eliminates manual intervention, reducing the risk of errors and increasing production speed.

The Toothpaste Carton Packaging Machine, when combined with the Automatic Toothpaste Packaging Machine, offers toothpaste manufacturers a reliable and streamlined packaging solution, ensuring neatly packaged toothpaste tubes ready for distribution and retail.

Characteristic of Toothpaste Packaging Machines

The toothpaste packaging machine is well equipped with different characteristics such as:

  • PLC controller system to provide more stable functions
  • It can stock ten dispose
  • Can change a different variety of toothpaste in a minute
  • Have a servo motor drawing film
  • Have vertical temperatures control for various mixed film
  • Able to pack, seal, print date, and make bag in one operation


Features of Ointment Tube Filling Machine

Why Choose Toothpaste Packaging Machine from JOCHAMP

As a manufacturer, we can provide nonstop toothpaste packaging machine solutions for your business. JOCHAMP consistently carry out innovation and brings development, management promoting benefits, and high-quality machine for you. We can also offer OEM and ODM services to make desired toothpaste packaging machine for your needs. Our toothpaste packaging machines are available in a variety of designs and specifications for your business.


Skyrocket your Business with JOCHAMP Toothpaste Packaging Machine

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing packaging machines for toothpaste products, we can assure you that you can get high-quality toothpaste packaging machines for your business. Our team can provide free sample tests, excellent customer service, with one-year quality assurance and lifetime services. 

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